Yo Zappa Do (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Barney, Sabrina, Frank and Jimmy waiting for the wedding gift Barney has ordered for the newlyweds. He says that it is extravagant but they are family to him. The gift arrives and it is a tiny handmade closet. Barney is surprised that he paid $50 to ship this miniature. Well, actually he paid for the tracking system and also the sexy voice which he could hear at the delivery. Hmmm. Burt and Virginia are trying to set up the room for Jimmy and Burt is unable to assemble the fan as the manual is in Spanish. He ends up receiving numerous shocks and Virginia is clicking pictures for Jimmy’s scrapbook.

Finally, Burt decides to get help. Sabrina, Jimmy and Hope are watching a TV show that features Trevor. Trevor is Barney’s ex-wife’s son and he had a thing for Sabrina and a tiff with Jimmy. And now he is on TV! Burt and Virginia go hunting for day labor. They meet Ricardo among the other laborers. Ricardo was a famous baseball player and also Sabrina’s mother’s ex-boyfriend. He has a condition with his back and that did not allow him to satisfy the needs of the sport or Sabrina’s mother. He is now looking for work. They bring him home and he names to get the fan fixed. He calls himself family as he was dating Sabrina’s mother and now Sabrina is a Chance. Burt is touched and he lets Ricardo stay with them. Jimmy and Sabrina tell Barney about Trevor’s success.

Barney is not too happy about the fact that his ex-wife hasn’t kept him in loop about her son; albeit she married twice after she left Barney! Sabrina tells Barney that Hope is too crazy about the little girl in the show. Barney decides that he can fly them to Hollywood to meet Trevor and Hope can meet that girl in person. Also, this could be their honeymoon; a gift from Barney after the armor fiasco. Sabrina agrees and they leave to get the tickets. But Jimmy tells frank that he is scared of flying. He tells him that he cannot tell this to Sabrina. Besides, he doesn’t want to ruin the honeymoon. At home, Burt and Virginia wake up to a terrible stench. It smells like a dead body. They think it is Maw Maw and rush out. But Maw Maw is sitting outside their room.

She tells them that this terrible stench is from Ricardo’s cooking. They go to the kitchen and they lift up the lid to see am eye. Virginia thinks that the eye just winked at her. Ricardo arrives and tells them that he is cooking sheep’s head. He then says that he is going to cook them a grand “feet” at night. Well, it is pig’s feet! Oh no!! Sabrina, Hope and Jimmy arrive at Howdy’s to pick up Barney. Jimmy is still scared and then he tries to convince himself that all will be fine. But Frank gives him a drink spiked with tranquilizers. Jimmy falls off to sleep at that instant. Sabrina, Jimmy and Barney arrive at the Chance’s to get some pillows and bed sheets as Barney is driving them to Hollywood. The flight tickets were non-refundable as Barney used some points to book them.

Maw Maw says that she too is going with them as she wants to scatter her husband’s ashes in the ocean so that fishes can choke on it; it was her husband’s wish as he hated fish. Barney thinks it is a sweet idea to take Maw Maw. Well, the others says that they too would go; including Ricardo. They start their journey and Ricardo is singing non-stop. Sabrina is unable to bear it and so she gulps down the same drink Frank had given Jimmy. They then pick up a hitch-hiker who creates a lot of trouble and he is thrown out of the car. Finally, they arrive in LA. Ricardo jumps out of the car and goes his way, asking people the office where he could sign up to become famous. Barney decorates the room for the newlywed couple with roses; just as he had promised Sabrina the first day he met her.

Burt and Virginia give some tops and they all leave for Trevor’s. Sabrina tells Jimmy that no matter what they say, they will do the crazy thing they always spoke about. They then wear costumes and are about to start the “act” when there is a knock at the door. Everyone is back! They tell Jimmy that they had an issue at Trevor’s. Trevor has a new pet, a chimp and when they reach the mansion, Trevor tells them that they cannot stay with him as the chimp takes up most of the place. So, they now have to stay in the honeymoon suite with them! The next day, Sabrina tries to get the room for them by telling everyone that the hotel is serving breakfast and there is Danish.

Jimmy too hurries to go downstairs. But Sabrina stops him. Maw Maw wants to watch TV. They then see Ricardo on television as the weatherman. They are shocked. Next, they go as audience to Trevor’s show. During the show, Cecey doesn’t do her part well. And Hope who always imitates her is the Director’s new choice. So, now Hope is going to be a star. The episode ends at this point.