Yo Zappa Do (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with the Director of the show congratulating Hope for getting a part in the show; Hope is going to become a star now. The Director also wants one of the parents to become a part of the show so that they could be a helping hand for the kid. So, it is Jimmy, the father, who is going to be on the show. Trevor walks in and tries to insult Jimmy saying that he could never match up to him. The Director wants some urine samples of Hope for tests. Well, anyone can give theirs as long as they are clean. Maw Maw is on her way to scatter Wilfred’s ashes in the ocean. Barney decides to go along for help. Burt is clicking pictures of all the free food kept on the table. Virginia arrives and she poses for the pictures too.

But soon Burt runs out of film and he goes to the store to get one. But he soon realizes that it is a fake shop when he sees that everyone around him are wearing costumes and walking on the street. But then he notices a plant that is not a fake at all. But it is in a mess and so he decides to trim it. Next, Maw Maw and Barney arrive at a house where Marianne lives. Marianne is the woman Wilfred cheated on Maw Maw with. Marianne’s granddaughter opens the door and she has a beard. She had to declare that she is a woman and this is a medical condition. Maw Maw asks for Marianne. The granddaughter knows that her grandmother slept around a lot and the entire family is aware of it. But now, she is dead. Maw Maw is happy and she laughs.

Meanwhile, Burt has finished with his trimming and just then an old man drives up to him in his golf car. he has a conversation with Burt which makes him laugh and cry at the same time. He thinks that Burt is a true artist and so he asks Burt to come by to his office. Looks like he wants Burt to branch out! But Burt also needs to carry a pitch with him for the job. The courtyard needs some makeover. Next, Virginia gets some clothes for Hope. They are knock offs of big brands. She feels that acting is all about appropriate brand placement. Sabrina thinks otherwise. Virginia says that for an actor to get noticed, they need branded clothes. Burt goes for his interview and the board finds his initial presentation interesting and so they ask him to continue.

Hope is all dressed up and Sabrina is surprised to see that Virginia is trying to advertise her personal product by making Hope wearing a cap with her company’s name written on it. Jimmy arrives wearing his costume. It is a huge butt that he is wearing and it makes him look like an ass; well literally. But anyway, he decides to play along. Burt’s presentation was liked by the old man who had practically rejected every pitch that he heard before. Everyone claps for Burt. Barney goes to Marianne’s house and the granddaughter opens the door again. He tells her that he felt guilty for bringing back the memories of a horrible grandmother which made a beautiful woman like her sad. The granddaughter blushes and asks him to come in.

Maw Maw is hiding behind the bushes and is watching. Barney keeps the granddaughter busy while Maw Maw sneaks inside the house and lures Marianne’s old husband into a room. Barney and the granddaughter make quite a connection and they kiss! During the show, Trevor makes fun of Jimmy and takes a lot of pleasure in kicking him every now and then. The Director tells Sabrina that Trevor likes to improvise. But then it turns out that Hope too likes to improvise and Trevor ends up being laughed at. Barney and his new found bearded woman decide to continue in the room upstairs. But Maw Maw arrives saying that the sex she had with Marianne’s husband wasn’t great; but revenge sex is always great.

Maw Maw then tells the granddaughter that Barney was distracting her while she was having revenge sex with her grandfather. The granddaughter is pissed and she takes her grandmother’s ashes and throws it on Maw Maw. Maw also takes Wilfred’s ashes and throws it at the woman. An ash fight ensues and Barney gets caught in between and chokes on the ashes; but the women continue with their fight. Next, the studio President arrives and sees that Burt has done a fine job. But then he needs the approval of the focus group who works for big channels like Fox, NBS etc. well, each one has their comment and Burt tells them that whatever they said did not make any sense.

He is happy to go back to Natesville and make gardens that he feels is nice. But before he leaves, he kicks one of them in his groin for cancelling a show he liked. At the studio, the director tells Virginia and Sabrina that Hope is being replaced. Trevor did not want Hope on the show. So, the Chance family is back on their way to Natesville. Everyone is upset that they did not make it big in Hollywood; but they are also happy that they did get to do what they wanted; even if it was just for a day. The episode ends at this point.