Sex, Clown and Videotape - Recap

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The episode begins with a fly sitting on a sandwich kept on a table in the kitchen of the Chance household. Burt tires to catch the fly, but doesn’t succeed. Virginia comes in and on seeing Burt asks him “are you still trying to catch that fly?” She asks Burt to “just kill it” as “flies carry deadly diseases”. Burt says he was voted least likely to hurt a fly in high school and doesn’t want to spoil that reputation by killing the fly. Burt then manages to catch the fly by cupping his palms. He walks outside and lets the fly go. The fly immediately is trapped in a spider’s web, much to Burt’s chagrin. Jimmy on the other hand has begun sleepwalking again.

She tells Sabrina he used to do it as a kid. A few sleepwalking incidents of his childhood are then shown. Sabrina says they need to find some way to “fix this”. Burt finds out that Virginia is still hoarding, although she had told him she has stopped. Basically, she lied to him. The two, go to the locker where she has hoarded all her stuff. She sees that her locker is open. The maintenance guy says the locker is no more hers as she didn’t pay its rent. The guy says, all her stuff in the locker would be put up for auction. “You want your stuff back…you owe $700” the guy tells the two. If they don’t pay the amount the stuff would all go to the highest bidder.

In the locker, Virginia sees a clown doll they used to use to scare Jimmy as a child. Hidden in the ass of the clown is their sex tape, which they had put there years ago, so Jimmy wouldn’t find. Virginia says they have to win the clown in the auction, to get the sex tape back. Jimmy in the meantime is trying a sleep apnea mask to prevent him from sleepwalking. Jimmy goes to sleep with the mask on, but in the morning discovers that he has sleepwalked again, as he finds himself lying on a park bench. Virginia decides to sell their family van, so they have enough money for the auction. Burt though, is attached to the van and is averse to selling it.

Basically, they had sex in the back of the van a number of times, and Burt still cherishes those memories. “I can’t do it; we are not selling the van. We have to find something else to sell” Burt says. Virginia then comes up with the auction money by selling Barney her “Pigurines”, which are basically porcelain dolls depicting pigs doing various things. Later at the auction, Virginia and Burt are surprised to see Frank. Turns out, he knows about the sex tape and is there only for the tape. Frank came to know about it, when he overheard Jimmy tell Sabrina about it, at work. Frank is really raising the stakes and Burt asks him where is got “that kind of money” from. He says he won $800 at a demolition derby and therefore money isn’t an issue.

Virginia in the end comes to an understanding with Frank and wins the auction. Basically, she says she will allow him to watch the sex tape, but only once and that too at her house and with his pants on. Virginia checks the clown and turns out it’s not the clown with the sex tape in it. She is absolutely dismayed on discovering this, as she lost $500 in the auction and also her figurines. Burt reluctantly sells the van to Frank, so he can get Virginia’s figurines back. Jimmy on the other hand decorates his new home with all the stuff his parents threw out from his room. He does the decorating while sleepwalking.

In the morning, Sabrina finds Jimmy sleeping in the living room and sees that the living room has all his old stuff, placed in the same fashion as in his old room. Burt and Virginia in the meantime find a bunch of mail in the storage unit and arrive at the address mentioned on the mail, to return it. The couple whose mail it is has the sex tape and immediately recognizes Burt and Virginia. The couple basically bought the clown doll at a church rummage sale. Maw Maw had given away the doll for the sale, without informing Burt and Virginia about it. The couple tells Burt and Virginia that the tape saved their marriage, not only because of the sex in it, but also because they could see in the tape what a beautiful relationship Burt and Virginia have.

They basically learned from the tape, how an ideal relationship should be. Virginia sells the tape to the couple for $800 instead of asking them to return it, so she can buy Burt’s van back. Sabrina and Jimmy decorate their bedroom to look like Jimmy’s old room, by putting all his old stuff in it, as Sabrina figures out this would stop Jimmy’s sleepwalking. Burt on the other hand gets his van back, Virginia gets her figurines back and the couple once again watches the sex tape. The episode ends at this point.