Making The Band - Recap

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The episode begins at a park where all the parents are discussing how smart their kids are. Jimmy and Sabrina are also there but they aren’t saying much. Jimmy mentions that Sabrina and he don’t socialize with other parents in the park mostly because they find them annoying. But “today” they were on a mission. He says it all started a few weeks ago when they were planning Hope’s birthday party. The scene flashes back to a few weeks ago. Burt tells Jimmy that if he wants to plan an affordable party he has to look locally instead of calling up “those fancy places that can afford a website”. They all figure out that Hope doesn’t have any friends because Jimmy and Sabrina do not like other parents.

Turns out, Jimmy too didn’t have any friends growing up because Burt and Virginia didn’t like the other parents. They realize they have to get Hope some friends, which is why they are at the park meeting with other parents. They hand the other parents an invitation to Hope’s birthday party. At home, Burt and Virginia are readying everything for the party. Virginia is glad that they organized everything without spending much. “We should be party planners for poor people” Virginia says. Just then, a washed up rock star named Smokey comes to stay with the Chances for a week. Turns out, Smokey is trying to makes amends with all the people he has wronged over the years and Burt was one of them.

Burt and Virginia are really excited Smokey is going to stay with them. Later during the party, Burt and Virginia tell Jimmy and Sabrina that living with a rock star isn’t as fun as they thought it would be. Burt says it’s as boring as watching the weather channel. Jimmy and Sabrina then chat with a few of the parents who are at the party. They find the parents annoying and even weird but do their best to be cordial. The Chance family discovers that because they hardly spent any money for the party everything including the food and the entertainment is absolutely below par. “You guys gotta fix this” Jimmy tells Burt and Virginia. Burt and Virginia request Smokey to help them entertain the kids.

They tell Smoky that they will be his band. Smokey agrees. Smokey then sings for the kids and Burt plays the guitar. The others too chip in as backup singers. The kids apparently enjoy the singing. “We did it. We are rock stars” Virginia whispers to Burt. “This was awesome. This must be what it feels like to be high on drugs” Burt whispers back. “Not even close” Smokey says overhearing their conversation. The parents and the kids love the entertainment. Jimmy and Sabrina though still can’t get over the fact that the parents are really annoying and conclude Hope can make friends in college. Burt and Virginia suggest to Smokey that they could start a band of their own and could perform at kid’s birthday parties.

Smokey is initially reluctant and says his days of making music are behind him but in the end he agrees. Next, Smokey and the rest of the band are shown performing at a birthday party. The band ends up being a huge hit and they get offers to perform from all over. Burt and Virginia are at long last living the rock n roll fantasy they had dreamed of their whole lives. Kids everywhere love Smokey and his band and they even end up having a fan following. Later, some rich guy flies the band in his private jet to perform for his kid. Turns out, he saw their performance on the internet and loved it. Burt and Virginia are really excited and tell each other that they are living their dream.

On the way, the jet encounters a storm and experiences severe turbulence. They are all worried they are going to die and confess to all the wrong things they have done in life. Virginia and Burt are sad that they shall never get to see Hope grow up. The others continue revealing their dirty little secrets. The pilot comes out of the cockpit and tells everyone much to their relief that they are going to make it. Burt and Virginia tell Smokey they can’t travel the world with him anymore because they have a life in Natesville with their granddaughter that is too important to miss out on. They thank Smokey for giving them the “rock n roll experience”. The episode ends at this point.