The Old Girl - Recap

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The episode begins and Jimmy is tending to an injury on Hope’s hand. Turns out, “Hope got bit by a cow in the Natesville petting zoo”. The zoo is run by a butcher shop and to avoid a messy lawsuit the butcher gave the Chance family 500 pounds of beef. Hence lately, the family has been eating nothing but meat. Sabrina comes home from the gym and tells everyone that she has made a new friend at the gym named Rachel. She shows Jimmy, Rachel’s photo on her cell phone. Jimmy is terrified on seeing the photo and so is Burt. “Your new friend is my ex-girlfriend” Jimmy tells Sabrina. He recounts how when he was 18 he met her.

They tried to make a long distance relationship work but in the end Rachel broke up with him and wrote him a letter saying she had met someone else. Jimmy was depressed for days because of the breakup. “That Rachel is a demon child from the jowls of hell and we don’t want her in our lives ever again” Virginia tells Sabrina. Just then the doorbell rings and Sabrina says “that’s gonna be a problem because I invited her over for meat”. Sabrina asks Jimmy to not worry because she feels he is man enough to face Rachel without it affecting him. Jimmy agrees with Sabrina and gets ready to face Rachel although Burt and Virginia feel Jimmy isn’t up to it.

Jimmy tries to resist the temptation to question Rachel about the breakup but can’t stop himself. Rachel is caught completely off guard and doesn’t know what to say. She then sees a portrait of the Chance family and says “I see that you are still cozy with Lance and Sally”. Jimmy is confused as to why Rachel is calling Burt and Virginia, Lance and Sally. “You know them?” Jimmy asks visibly surprised. “Ya I know them. They are the whole reason we broke up” she replies. Jimmy yells out for his parents. They awkwardly walk into the living room. Virginia then begins explaining the whole thing.

Virginia recounts how since childhood Jimmy liked girls who were always out of his league and when the girls realized there were smarter richer guys “out there” Jimmy “was kicked to the curb”. Jimmy as a result had his heart broken many times and they as his parents were left to pick up the pieces. Burt and Virginia then one day decided they couldn’t let Jimmy’s heart get broken ever again. Hence, they started making sure they kept Jimmy away from girls who were out of his league. They continued with this plan of theirs well into Jimmy’s teens. When Rachel came along they felt Rachel too was way out of Jimmy’s league. They therefore went to the college where Rachel was studying to spy on her.

They themselves pretended to be students. Virginia befriended Rachel as Sally, who late in life had decided to get an education. Virginia found out that Rachel was really faithful to Jimmy and loved him. Virginia and Burt were still not convinced and were worried Rachel would possibly in 6 months time break Jimmy’s heart. Virginia and Burt decided to break Jimmy’s heart at that point itself before it “gets more broken”. They even decided that Rachel would be better off with another guy called Richard who was in Rachel’s class. They joined Rachel’s college full time so they could put their plan into effect. Virginia began working on getting Rachel more interested in Richard and similarly Burt worked on getting Richard interested in Rachel.

Their plan worked and Richard and Rachel slowly began liking each other. They also made sure they intercepted any package Jimmy sent Rachel and vice versa. At the end of it though, their plan backfired and it was revealed that Richard had a thing for Virginia. Rachel too felt Virginia had a thing for Richard which why she always kept talking about him. Richard wasn’t easily discouraged and tried to make a move on Virginia. Virginia hit him with a purse and it fell to the ground. From it popped out a coffee mug with Jimmy’s photo on it along with other Jimmy related things. Rachel was shocked to see this. She concluded Virginia was hooking up with Jimmy which is why she was encouraging her to cheat on Jimmy.

In order to break Rachel and Jimmy up, Virginia agreed that what Rachel was assuming was correct. Virginia in the end admits to Jimmy that she forged a breakup letter from Rachel and sent it off to him in the mail. Rachel on hearing the whole story is completely outraged. She says they are insane and storms out. Sabrina is sad that her new BFF has broken up with her. The episode ends at this point.