Burt-Mitzvah: The Musical - Recap

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The episode begins with Burt and Virginia walking in with Hope’s car seat. Sabrina wonders why they have put, ham in the car seat. Virginia says that she wanted to make sure that the ham reached home safe. She wants the holiday dinner to be perfect because Burt’s parents are going to be joining them for dinner. The doorbell rings and Burt welcomes his parents, Ralph and Christine. They tell them that they have something very important to discuss. Christine tells Burt that two weeks ago, she went to a bar mitzvah and met her cousin. They then paid a genealogist and found out that Christine is Jewish, and as tradition goes, Burt too is a Jew. She wants him to embrace his new religion and get “bar mitzvahed”.

Burt is reluctant and Christine plays the “emotional” card. She tells her son that if he cares for her, he should agree for the bar mitzvah. Burt agrees to think about it. Virginia tells them that they should stay back for the great Easter feast that she is planning to prepare. Christine tells her that they no longer celebrate Easter. Instead they celebrate the Passover. Virginia doesn’t even know what it is. At night, Burt and Virginia discuss about the way their lives might change. Burt thinks they should take one step at a time and asks themselves, “What would Jesus do?”

The next day, Jimmy and Burt go to a kosher restaurant looking for answers. Jimmy tells the restaurant owner that his father recently found out that he is Jew and now he would like to learn about their rules and traditions. Everybody at the restaurant breaks out in a song and tells Burt the things that “make a Jew, a Jew”. Jimmy finds it cool. Burt returns home and tells Virginia about the things he learned at the restaurant. He says that he has finally decided to get “bar mitzvahed”. Christine is happy that her little boy is finally going to become a man. Next, Burt joins a class to prepare for the bar mitzvah and he is having a tough time learning Hebrew.

Christine, Maw Maw and Virginia go to Howdy’s to shop for the Seder dinner. Virginia doesn’t know anything about the Seder dinner and she cannot figure out what to buy. Once again, everybody in Howdy’s breaks into a song, and tells her how to prepare the dinner. At home, Christine tells Burt that they have invited all their friends for the bar mitzvah and there is going to be a huge crowd present. Burt is really nervous. He tells Jimmy that he has a lot to learn and that he might not be able to do this. He thinks that he should hide in the attic to avoid this whole thing. Jimmy tells his father that he shouldn’t quit. He says that if Burt doesn’t become a man, he too will not be able to become one.

It is Jimmy’s turn to explain things to his father and this time it is the “Rock n Roll style” and the song is “You’re going to rock the Torah”. Next, it is Burt’s bar mitzvah and Sabrina and Virginia hand him an envelope they received from one of the guests. There is a lot of money inside the envelope and Burt is happy. Sabrina tells Burt that a kid gets a lot of money on this day. Burt notices his parents standing at the door, and sees that his father pocketing the money that he was supposed to get. He walks up to them and tells his father to give him the money. Ralph refuses to do so and Burt tries to snatch it from him. Christine tells Burt that this cannot be his money because he is not Jewish. They made all this up to raise some money for their cruise.

They tell Burt that their entire lives they have spent thousands of dollars for several weddings, graduations and bar mitzvahs and they have never had a chance to get back some of it, since Burt and Virginia didn’t have a proper wedding. Ralph tells Burt to play along and not ruin their plan. Virginia thinks that Burt should expose his parent’s devious scheme in front of their friends. Burt thinks otherwise. He says that for the first time, he is going to finish what he started. He is determined to finish bar mitzvah. He gives a short speech and begins to read from the Torah. It takes him three hours to finish it. The hall is empty and the entire family is exhausted.

Jimmy is proud of his father and Sabrina finds the whole thing funny since Burt is not even Jewish. The Rabbi hears this and is shocked. Burt tries to explain his parent’s scheme, but the Rabbi says that Burt has wasted a LOT of his time and hence he doesn’t want to even hear about this. He says “Shalom” and leaves. Since the Jewish thing is officially over, Virginia suggests that they should go back home and enjoy some honey glazed ham. The episode ends.