Mother's Day - Recap

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The episode begins with Burt and Virginia trying to jog Maw Maw’s memory. It is mother’s day and they think that it will be the best mother’s day gift for Maw Maw if they tried to help her remember that she really had a mother. Maw Maw tells them that she did not have a mother. Virginia tells them that Maw Maw’s mother’s name was Norma June. They find an old record and play it. Maw Maw dances to the song and tells them that this reminds her of her father. She says that her father used to play this song all the time and they used to dance.

Jimmy wants to borrow a nice looking box from Virginia. He shows her the necklace Hope made for her mother at day care. Virginia is very excited and she wears the necklace and tells Jimmy that she will never take it off. Jimmy tells her that the necklace is for Sabrina and that he was going to give it to her during dinner. Sabrina arrives and tells Jimmy that she tried finding her mother and has learned that she is somewhere around the Great Wall of China with a guy named Ping. Next, Burt is at Howdy’s and buys few things. Barney realizes that Burt is about to take a road trip. Burt tells him that he is going to Hager’s town to click some pictures of the house Maw Maw grew up in. Barney offers to go along with him. Burt and Barney reach the house and Burt clicks some pictures.

He notices that someone is inside the house. He shouts out to the resident and says that he would like to come inside and click some pictures. Moments later, a really old woman walks out holding a rifle in her hands. She says that she is Norma June Mayfair. She looks like an OLDER version of Maw Maw. Norma June’s memory is as bad as Maw Maw’s and she thinks that she died 20 years ago. She is now waiting for her angel to come and pick her up. At home, Virginia is still upset about the necklace and she starts asking Sabrina’s questions about Hope. Jimmy figures out what his mother is up to and he tells her to stop with her trivia. On the other hand, Burt and Barney pose as angels and tell Norma that they have come to pick her up. She tells them that she knows that they aren’t angels because their breath is stinking of beef.

Burt then sings the song “Glowworm” and Norma remembers that her husband used to play that song. She now thinks that she might have had a husband. She goes along with them. Next, Burt and Barney arrive home with Norma and everyone is shocked to see the 104 year old woman. Maw Maw comes out of the room and the mother and daughter immediately recognize each other. Instead of a hug, they attack each other. Everyone wonders why they hate each other so much. Maw Maw tells them that 78 years ago, her mother had given her 25 cents to buy oil, but the shopkeeper cheated Maw Maw. Maw Maw then went to watch a movie. Norma thought that Maw Maw cheated her of her 25 cents and asked her to get out of the house. That was the last they saw each other. Maw Maw hands Norma her 25 cents and they reconcile.

They hug each other. At the dinner table, Virginia is still upset about the necklace. Sabrina realizes that something is wrong. Hope arrives and gives Sabrina the necklace. Virginia storms out of the room. Next, Barney checks on Norma June and find her lying dead on the bathroom floor. He calls Burt and Burt confirms that Norma is dead. They call the paramedics to take the body, but he doesn’t want anyone in the house to know about it; especially Maw Maw because he doesn’t want to spoil the mother’s day. They go to Maw Maw’s room and ask her if she had a mother and she says no. They are relieved and take the body away. In the yard, Sabrina walks up to Virginia and gives her a necklace. Virginia says that Hope made that necklace for her and she should keep it.

Sabrina tells her that this is the necklace she made for Virginia because over the past few years, Virginia has been more than a mother to her. Virginia feels that Sabrina is simply trying to make her feels better. Sabrina then asks her few questions about herself and we see that Virginia indeed knows a lot about Sabrina. Sabrina’s mother calls and there is loud music in the background. Sabrina then asks her mother those same questions and Virginia is shocked that Sabrina’s mother doesn’t know a thing about her daughter. Virginia is now convinced that Sabrina meant what she said and accepts the necklace. At the dinner table, Maw Maw recognizes the taste of the pasta sauce. It is her mother’s recipe.

She remembers that she had a mother, they had a falling out and they made up, but she doesn’t remember when that happened. Virginia sees that Norma isn’t at the table and Burt tells her that he will explain things later. Once again Sabrina receives a call from her mother. We learn that it is Shelly. Earlier, it was Shelly who called as her mother. Sabrina did this to cheer Virginia and clear up their differences. Shelly feels bad for Sabrina because her mother didn’t call her up. Sabrina says it’s ok, she is with her family. She goes back to the table. The episode ends.