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Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Bonaparte's Restaurant

First aired: Apr/27/2004
Guest star: Tim Gray (Himself (Head Chef)), Sue Ray (Herself (Restaurant and Bar Owner))

In the premiere, Gordon Ramsay reads the riot act to Bonaparte's, a failing Yorkshire restaurant with the wrong menu, spoiled ingredients and poor management. Included: Ramsay chews out the unprepared staff and the overwhelmed owner before revamping the eatery into a bistro.

2 :01x02 - The Glass House

First aired: May/04/2004

The Glass House Restaurant in Ambleside, Cumbria, is visited.

3 :01x03 - The Walnut Tree

First aired: May/11/2004

The Walnut Tree Restaurant in Wales gets a makeover.

4 :01x04 - Moore Place

First aired: May/18/2004

Gordon offers advice to the befuddled owners of Moore Place, a Surrey restaurant hampered by an outdated menu, indifferent service and a purple paint job.

5 :02x01 - La Lanterna

First aired: May/24/2005

An Italian restaurant losing money gets the Ramsay treatment in an effort to turn La Lanterna into a profitable eatery.

6 :02x02 - D PLACE

First aired: May/31/2005

A fashionable café that serves fusion cuisine gets the Ramsay touch when the dysfunctional staff threatens to self-destruct.

7 :02x03 - Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack

First aired: Jun/07/2005

Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack in Brighton, England, is in serious financial trouble due to a scarcity of customers.

8 :02x04 - La Riviera

First aired: Jun/14/2005

A return to the Inverness, Scotland, restaurant La Riviera to see if business has turned around.

9 :02x05 - The Glass House Revisited

First aired: Jun/21/2005

10 :02x06 - The Walnut Tree Revisited

First aired: Jun/28/2005

11 :02x07 - Moore Place Revisited

First aired: Jul/05/2005

12 :02x08 - Bonaparte's Restaurant Revisited

First aired: Jul/12/2005

13 :03x01 - Oscar's

First aired: Feb/21/2006
Director: Christine Hall
Guest star: Maura Dooris (Herself), Lenin Dooris (Himself)

The outspoken chef visits an Irish family-run restaurant in Cheshire. Owner Maura has sunk her life savings into the struggling establishment. Gordon identifies a badly thought-out menu and family squabbles as part of the problem, but more pressing are the personal issues affecting head chef Lenin.

14 :03x02 - The Sandgate Hotel

First aired: Feb/28/2006
Director: Christine Hall
Guest star: Lois Hamilton-Slade (Herself), Peter Hamilton-Slade (Himself), Stuart White (Himself)

Ramsay comes to the aid of a seaside hotel in Kent. Owners Lois and Peter have no previous experience, and are now managing an establishment with four different food outlets. Head chef Stuart, also a beginner, is struggling to cope with four menus at once, while the front-of-house staff show little sense of a chain of command, resulting in haphazard service.

15 :03x03 - Clubway 41

First aired: Mar/07/2006
Director: Christine Hall
Guest star: Dawn Brindley (Herself), Dave Jackson (Himself)

Ramsay comes to the aid of a Blackpool restaurant that's been praised by the town's tourist board but largely ignored by the general public. Gordon has to sort out a disorganised menu, a chef who can't handle the demands of the kitchen and a badly demoralised staff before the business can become a success.

16 :03x04 - La Gondola

First aired: Mar/14/2006
Director: Paul Ratcliffe
Guest star: Steve Straughan (Himself), Stella Fedrigo (Herself), Daniela Bayfield (Herself)

The outspoken chef visits a hotel that was one of Derby's most popular restaurants in the 1970s and 1980s. However, the establishment's glory days are long behind it and now owner Daniela Bayfield is struggling to make a profit. Gordon soon realises the problem is that the decor and menu haven't been updated in decades.

17 :04x01 - La Parra de Burriana

First aired: Nov/14/2006

For the first time, Gordon goes abroad to the La Parra de Burriana Restaurant in Spain.

18 :04x02 - The Fenwick Arms

First aired: Nov/21/2006
Guest star: Brian Rey (Himself), Elaine Howden (Herself)

In another first, Gordon takes on a pub; The Fenwick Arms in rural Lancashire.

19 :04x03 - Rococo

First aired: Nov/28/2006

Gordon visits a market town on the Norfolk coast; King's Lynn. Where he tackles an upmarket restaurant in the rococo style.

20 :04x04 - Morgan's

First aired: Dec/05/2006
Guest star: Sarah Dunn (Herself), Sheree Murphy (Herself), Lesley Owen (Herself)

An intimate restaurant in a prime Liverpool location is failing to attract the trendy local clientèle and has put the antiques dealer-turned-restauranteur owner approximately £100,000 in debt.

21 :04x05 - La Riviera Revisited

First aired: Dec/12/2006

22 :04x06 - Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack Revisited

First aired: Dec/19/2006

The Runaway Girl

First aired: Jan/30/2009

The Dovecote Bistro

First aired: Jan/30/2009

23 :05x01 - Ruby Tates

First aired: Oct/30/2007

Gordon attempts to help a man transform his fish restaurant in Brighton into a success in just two weeks.

24 :05x02 - Piccolo Teatro

First aired: Nov/06/2007

Rachel is running a struggling business in Paris. Gordon attempts to help her turn the business around.

25 :05x03 - The Fenwick Arms Revisited

First aired: Nov/13/2007

Gordon revisits Brian and Elaine on year on to see how they are now doing with their restaurant. He finds out that they are still having problems that Brian is considering giving it all up.

26 :05x04 - La Parra Revisited

First aired: Nov/20/2007

Gordon revisits the Costa del Sol to see how Laurence is doing after he offered him help in a previous series. Laurence has decided to open a second restaurant and once again Gordon offers him more advise.

27 :05x05 - The Priory

First aired: Nov/27/2007

Gordon makes the trip to the town of Haywards Heath in Sussex to offer Scott advise with his restaurant. Gordon attempts to help him turn his business around into a thriving success.

28 :05x06 - Fish 'n' Anchor

First aired: Dec/04/2007

Gordon makes the trip to Wales to help ex-boxer Mike and his wife Caron transform their restaurant called The Fish & Anchor. Currently they are losing around £1000 per week.

29 :05x07 - Curry Lounge

First aired: Dec/11/2007

Gordon visits the Curry Lounge in Nottingham this week to offer advise to it's owners and turn the business around.

30 :05x08 - The Granary

First aired: Dec/18/2007
Guest star: Nigel Nieddu (Himself), Martin White (Himself)

Gordon attempts to help Nigel Nieddu turn around his restaurant in Hampshire. He opened it four years ago but despite having the place refurbished it is still running at a loss.

31 :06x01 - La Galleria 33, pt 1

First aired: Unknown/Unaired

Chef Ramsay goes to Boston’s North End to pay a visit to La Galleria 33, opened in 2006 by sisters Rita and Lisa. The two siblings grew up in the Italian neighborhood and worked at their father’s very successful restaurant, L’Osteria, which was established in 1985. They branched out and opened their own establishment only 100 feet away, hoping to feed off their father’s success.

32 :06x02 - La Galleria 33, pt 2

First aired: Unknown/Unaired

Picking up where the premiere episode left off, Chef Ramsay is in Boston’s North End at La Galleria 33, a restaurant run by sisters Rita and Lisa. The establishment is fraught with issues – Rita smokes and Lisa drinks on the job, and their unprofessional behavior has lost them the respect of the staff. The food, which is prepared by Rita’s ex-husband Doug, is horrific. Chef Ramsay finds it to be frozen, bland and evidently made without passion. Can Chef Ramsay save this downtrodden Italian restaurant?

33 :06x03 - Mama Maria's

First aired: Unknown/Unaired

Chef Ramsay heads to Brooklyn, New York, to tackle the problems of Mama Maria’s, a 55-year-old restaurant. The owner, John Esposito, left high school at the age of 14 and has been working at his parents’ business, Sal’s Pizzeria, ever since. The shop became so successful that in the 1990s the family purchased the space next door and named it Mama Maria’s after John’s mom, who passed in 2002. But when he also lost his dad, John became overwhelmed with running the two establishments, and business began to slide.

34 :06x04 - Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine

First aired: Unknown/Unaired

Chef Ramsay heads to Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, home to Ms. Jean’s Southern Cuisine which opened 12 years ago by retired special education teacher Jean Gould.

35 :06x05 - Barefoot Bob's

First aired: Unknown/Unaired

Chef Ramsay heads to the beachside eatery Barefoot Bob’s in Hull, Massachusetts, but quickly finds himself in a hellish situation. Mark and Lisa, a husband and wife team, opened the grill in the summer of 2004 but have a practically empty restaurant in the winter months.

36 :06x06 - Olde Hitching Post

First aired: Unknown/Unaired

Chef Ramsay heads to the historic Olde Hitching Post in Hanson, Massachusetts. In 2005 restaurateur Tom Kessaris bought this town fixture to pass on to his oldest daughter, Andrea, but although Andrea was initially excited to fulfill her dream of having her own eatery, her father has never relinquished control to her. He says that she doesn’t know what it takes to run the place. Janice, the manager, acknowledges that he won’t allow his daughter to take charge. The owner is also tough on the staff, who feel that he doesn’t make the best decisions.

37 :06x07 - Levanti's Italian Restaurant

First aired: Jan/09/2014

Chef Ramsay heads to Beaver, Pennsylvania, and finds a brother-and-sister team at war in Levanti’s Italian Restaurant. Dino Fratangeli opened the establishment in 1998 using his father’s life savings. He was not prepared for the immediate success of the business, so his sister, Tina, sold her own flower shop business and went to work helping Dino. But when another restaurant opened down the street, things went south quickly for the brother and sister.

38 :06x08 - Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room

First aired: Jan/16/2014

Gordon Ramsay travels to a Mediterranean restaurant in Monrovia, California, and within minutes is caught in the middle of the constant fighting among its staff, who have no problem arguing in front of the paying customers. The establishment has been owned and operated by Sam Najjar and his family since 1997.

39 :06x09 - Nino's Italian Restaurant

First aired: Jan/23/2014

Chef Ramsay heads to the coastal community of Long Beach, California, to save a 54-year-old family restaurant. Immigrant proprietors Inge and Vincenzo ran the restaurant with the intention of ensuring it was the best it could be, but with the onset of dementia at age 88, Vincenzo has separated himself from the eatery.

40 :06x10 - Mill Street Bistro, Part 1

First aired: Jan/30/2014

Gordon Ramsay heads to the heart of farm country in Norwalk, Ohio, where he encounters Joe Nagy, the most pretentious restaurant owner he’s ever met. Joe opened the Mill Street Bistro Bar five years ago after being laid off from his job in food sales. He claims he has the best restaurant fare from New York to Los Angeles, but his staff says he is delusional. He claims the food is fresh, farm-to-table, but his employees know the truth. Many of the products are frozen, and the steak comes from a wholesale club.

41 :06x11 - Mill Street Bistro, Part 2

First aired: Feb/06/2014

Chef Ramsay’s visit to Mill Street Bistro Bar in Norwalk, Ohio, continues, and his head-to-head argument with proprietor Joe Nagy is in full force. After a flare-up over raw onions in the carmelized onion soup, Chef Ramsay opines that Joe is so bound up with ambition, he’s not seeing the heart of the problem.

42 :06x12 - Yanni's

First aired: Feb/13/2014

Chef Ramsay travels to Phinney Ridge, Washington, to pay a visit to Yanni’s Greek restaurant, run by Peter and his family. Peter’s father opened the place in 1984 and passed the torch to him in 2007.

43 :06x13 - Prohibitions Grille

First aired: Feb/13/2014

Chef Ramsay heads to the Prohibition Grille in Everett, Washington, a Southern steak house opened in 2008 by professional belly dancer Rishi Brown, who had absolutely no restaurant experience before opening the doors. Instead of learning the business, she hired 30-year veteran Chef Rocky to run the kitchen, but his laziness has led to issues with the quality of the food and complaints from the customers. However, Rishi completely trusts Rocky and is unaware of the problems going on.

44 :06x14 - Chappy's

First aired: Feb/20/2014

Nashville, Tennessee, is the home of country music and also Chappy’s restaurant, a Cajun eatery owned by John “Chappy” Chapman and his wife Starr. The couple opened their first eatery in Mississippi, and it was a huge overnight success. But when it was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, the duo was forced to relocate to Nashville.

45 :06x15 - Amy's Baking Company

First aired: Feb/27/2014

This week Chef Ramsay travels to Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2006 Samy Bouzaglo invested over $1 million in the restaurant so that his wife Amy could explore her passion for the culinary arts. But it has been a difficult road. Amy insists that local bloggers have lied and said her food was disgusting, resulting in a loss of business. In defense of his wife, if a customer complains, Samy tells them to leave the restaurant and not come back. In the meantime, Amy goes by the motto “The customer is not always right.”