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Series 1

1 :01x01 - My Late Lamented Friend and Partner

Private detective Jeff Randall is hired by Fay Sorrensen to get evidence that her husband is cheating. Jeff collects the evidence, but is unavailable to meet with Fay for payment. Partner Marty Hopkirk goes instead, but before he can meet with Fay she dies in the tub. The doctor rules her cause of death to be a heart attack, but Marty thinks otherwise. Before he can convey his suspicions to Jeff he, too, dies, hit by a car as he is crossing the street to go home. Following the funeral, a devestated Jeff finds himself at the cemetery in the middle of the night where he encounters Marty's ghost. Marty has returned to tell Jeff it was not an accident, but murder. Marty can only help Jeff at night because of an ancient curse that says, "Afore the sun shall rise anew each ghost unto his grave must go."
Guest Stars: Dave Carter (1) as Electrician | Makki Marseilles as Minos | Tom Chatto as Doctor | Anthony Sagar as Hotel Proprietor | Harry Locke as Night Porter | Dolores Mantez as Happy Lee | Anne Sharp as Fay Sorrensen | James Donnelly (1) as Detective | Harold Innocent as Assassin | Ronald Lacey as Beatnik | Frank Windsor as Sorrensen |
Uncredited: Harry Fielder as Passerby
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Ralph Smart

2 :01x02 - A Disturbing Case

Jeff's argument with ghost Marty is caught on tape by Jean and her sister Jenny. They conclude Jeff needs psychiatric help. Jeff lands in a hospital run by a psychiatrist who uses hypnosis to get patients to willingly hand over their valuables to a robber. Marty must get Jeff out of the hospital before the doctor can "edit the ghost" out of Jeff's mind.
Guest Stars: David Bauer as Dr. Conrad | Judith Arthy as Jenny | William Mervyn as Mr. Whitty | Charles Morgan (1) as Arthur Phillips | Patrick Jordan as William Smart | Adrian Ropes as Police Sergeant | Michael Griffiths as Inspector Nelson | Gerald Flood as Dr. Lambert
Director: Ray Austin

3 :01x03 - All Work and No Pay

After objects fly around her apartment, Jean gets the feeling that her late husband Marty is trying to contact her. Two "scientific" spiritualists, George and Henry Foster, rigged her apartment in hopes of getting her to come to work for them. The private detective business is not paying, so Jean decides to go to work for the Fosters, unaware of the fact that they have murder on their minds.
Guest Stars: Michael Rathbone as Man in Laundromat | Noel Davis as Pawnbroker's Clerk | Adrienne Corri as Laura | Dudley Foster as George Foster | Alfred Burke as Henry Foster
Director: Jeremy Summers

4 :01x04 - Never Trust a Ghost

Marty witnesses a murder, but by the time he can convince Jeff to leave his date and investigate, things are not as Marty saw. The man he saw murdered, a government employee named James Howarth, is alive and threatening to call the police on Jeff. Marty knows what saw, but he cannot convince Jeff to investigate because Jeff is afraid of losing his P.I. license -- and because a "ghost expert" friend has convinced Jeff that ghosts live in a world of hallucinations.
Guest Stars: Brian Oulton as Dr. Plevitt | Edina Ronay as Sandra | Philip Madoc as Rawlins | Donald Morley as Inspector Clayton | Caroline Blakiston as Karen Howarth | Peter Vaughan (1) as James Howarth
Director: Leslie Norman

5 :01x05 - That's How Murder Snowballs

He said he would kill me. Those were the dying words of a mind reader as something went horribly wrong during a performance of the act Fernandez and Abel. The gun in their act that is normally loaded with a blank shell this time has a real bullet. The police arrest Abel, the other half of the act. Jeff, who was at the performance, thinks someone else planted live ammunition on Abel so Fernandez would die. To investigate he gets a job at the theater as a "solo" mind reader - with Marty's help.
Guest Stars: James Belchamber as Mark | Marie Makino as Old Lady | Stuart Hoyle as Kim | John Cazabon as Doctor | John Styles as Ventriloquist | Simon Barnes as Man With Cards | Grazina Frame as Gloria Marsh | Tony Thawnton as Fernandez | David Jason as Abel | Arthur Brough as Snowy | Patrick Holt as Barry Jones | Harold Berens as Tony Lang | Valerie Leon as Kay | Michael Griffiths as Inspector Nelson
Writer: Ray Austin

6 :01x06 - Just for the Record

Jeff and Jean get assigned as escorts to various Miss World beauty contestants. Jean is given the task of showing Miss London around her hometown. Miss London has an unusual interest in the Parliamentary Hall of Records. Marty discovers that she is part of a plan to steal some valuable documents from the Hall of Records.
Guest Stars: Ken Watson as Police Sergeant | Jan Rossini as Miss Moscow | Danny Green (1) as Lord Surrey | Kevin Smith (2) as Photographer | Clifford Cox as Attendant | Kathja Wyeth as Miss Budapest | Jack Woolgar as Old Man | Michael Beint as Senior Official | Nosher Powell as Lord Dorking | Olivia Hamnett as Anne Soames (Miss London) | Ronald Radd as Pargiter
Director: Jeremy Summers

7 :01x07 - Murder Ain't What It Used to Be!

Paul Kirstner, a long-time underworld figure, arrives in London from America with a good deal of baggage in tow, including the ghost of his one-time partner, Bugsy Spanio. Kirstner, responsible for Bugsy's death 35 years earlier, hires Jeff to look after his daughter. Bugsy, meanwhile, tries to force Marty into getting Jeff to kill Kirstner in retaliation for what Kirstner did to Bugsy.
Guest Stars: Charles Lamb as Hotel Porter | Patrick Connor (1) as Harry | Raymond Adamson as Jack Lacey | Sue Gerrard as Susan Kirstner | Joyce Carey as Mrs. Maddox | David Healy (1) as Bugsy Spanio | Alan Gifford as Paul Kirstner
Director: Jeremy Summers

8 :01x08 - Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying?

A clairvoyant member of a robbery gang knows Marty is around. He uses this knowledge to full advantage, feeding false information to Marty (who, in turn, gives it to Jeff). Jeff gives the bogus information to Inspector Large, clearing the way for the robbers to strike elsewhere. Because Marty knows too much about the robbers, he must be disposed of, so the gang plays on Jean's emotions to get her to cooperate in an exorcism of Marty.
Guest Stars: Paddy Ryan as Larry | Romo Gorrara as Reg | John Richmond as Lord Manning | Philip Weston as Second Constable | Robbin John as Constable | Terry Plummer as Pete | Peter Hughes as Butler | Richard Caldicot as Doctor | Charles Lloyd Pack as Cecil Purley | Ivor Dean as Inspector Large | Alexandra Bastedo as Carol Latimer | Jane Fraser (1) as Hellingworth
Director: Ray Austin

9 :01x09 - The House on Haunted Hill

The Randall and Hopkirk office has two jobs simultaneously. Jeff is hired by an insurance company to investigate a missing diamond shipment. Marty is given the other assignment, to investigate whether a real estate agent's prospective property, Merston Manor, is truly haunted.
Guest Stars: William Kendall as Colonel Jarrett | David Sinclair as Smith | John Kidd (1) as Simpson | Terry Duggan as Jackson | Carol Rachelle as Miss James | Garfield Morgan as Carlson | George A. Cooper as Webster | Keith Buckley as Lattimer | Duncan Lamont as Langford | Dermot Kelly as Henry Mace Horsfall | Peter Jones (1) as Frederick P. Waller | Jeremy Burnham as Walter Previss | Judith Arthy as Jennifer
Director: Ray Austin

10 :01x10 - When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things?

Marty appears on Jeff's desk in the office, but Jeff does not respond. He does not hear or see Marty, nor does he act like he cares that his ghostly partner has suddenly vanished. Worse, Jeff is making advances toward Jean. Marty thinks Jeff is working too hard on his latest case, investigating stock leaks from the Towler Corporation, so he uses a psychiatrist's hypnotized patients to try to reach Jeff. The attempts fail; worse, Jeff kills the Towler Corporation executive who hired him.
Guest Stars: Perry Stephens as Sir Timothy Grange | David Stoll as Tilvers | Rosemary Donnelly as Diana | Philip James as Holly | John Garvin as Tully | Basil Dignam as Hepple | Bessie Love as Mrs. Trotter | Reginald Marsh as James Laker | Keith Barron as Jarvis | Clifford Evans as Sir Oliver Norenton | Ivor Dean as Inspector Large | David Downer as Hinch
Director: Jeremy Summers

11 :01x11 - The Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo

Marty's aunt hires Jeff and Jean to escort her to Monte Carlo. She has perfected a "foolproof" mathematical system that allows her to win at roulette. When she arrives, different groups get word of her system and attempt to steal the notebook she carries with her.
Guest Stars: Clive Cazes as Claude | Richard Pescud as Hotel Receptionist | Hans De Vries as Hibert | Colin Vancao as French Croupier | Eva Enger as Young Lady | Christopher Eedy as Bell Boy | Michael Forrest as Verrier | Nicholas Chagrin as Andre | Roger Croucher as Terry | Brian Blessed as Lawsey | Mary Merrall as Clara Faringham | John Sharp (1) as Sagran | Nicholas Courtney as Max | Roger Delgado as Tapiro | Veronica Carlson as Suzanne
Director: Jeremy Summers

12 :01x12 - For the Girl Who Has Everything

Millionaire Kim Wentworth thinks her house, Crake Castle, is haunted, so she hires self-proclaimed "ghost hunter" James McAllister to find the ghost. McAllister (who cannot detect Marty standing next to him) offers Jeff a share of his fee to prove that the "ghost" at the castle is a phony. Jeff takes the job -- then McAllister is murdered.
Guest Stars: Basil Clarke as Coroner | George Lee as Police Sergeant | Carol Dilworth as Girl With Dog | Eric Dodson as Vicar | Carol Cleveland as Laura Slade | Paul Bertoya as Jean-Claude | Marjorie Rhodes as Mrs. Pleasance | Michael Coles (1) as Larry Wentworth | Freddie Jones (1) as James McAllister | Lois Maxwell as Kim Wentworth
Director: Cyril Frankel

13 :01x13 - But What a Sweet Little Room

A woman hires Jeff to find her wealthy missing aunt. The aunt's only hobby was going to a seance once a week. When the woman who hired Jeff is supposedly killed by a drunk driver, Jeff decides to continue looking for the missing woman. He discovers a connection between the seances and a financial consultant, the last person to see the missing aunt.
Guest Stars: Anne De Vigier as Julia Fenwick | Raymond Young (1) as Rawlings | Betty Woolfe as Martha | Chris Gannon as Salesman | Joby Blanshard as Police Inspector | Cyril Renison as Andrews | Norman Bird as Elliot | Doris Hare as Madame Hanska | Michael Goodliffe as Arthur De Crecy | Frances Bennett as Anne Fenwick
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Ralph Smart

14 :01x14 - Who Killed Cock Robin?

The estate of bird lover Mrs. Wentworth Howe has been held in trust for ten years, as her will stipulated that her money would not be distributed to surviving family as long as any of the birds in her aviary remained alive. When one of the birds is shot dead, Jeff is hired to investigate if a family member might be getting impatient for their share of the estate. Jeff soon has a bigger problem on his hands as family members gathered at the Howe mansion are murdered.
Guest Stars: Michael Goldie as Gimbal | Susan Broderick as Carol | Leslie Schofield as Peter | Philip Lennard as Johns | David Webb as Police Sergeant | Tenniel Evans as James Howe | Maurice Hedley as Colonel Chalmers | David Lodge (1) as Beeches | Gabrielle Brune as Gabrielle Howe | Jane Merrow as Sandra Joyce | Cyril Luckham as Laverick
Director: Roy Ward Baker

15 :01x15 - The Man From Nowhere

While in the bathroom Jean hears a noise. She goes to investigate and discovers a man lying on her sofa, making himself at home, claiming to be the reincarnation of her late husband, Marty. Jeff knows this isn't true, but how can he convince Jean, who finds herself believing the man's claims?
Guest Stars: James Bree as Mullet | Neil McCarthy as Griggs | Michael Gwynn (1) as Hyde Watson | Ray Brooks as Sheldon ("Marty Hopkirk") | Patrick Newell as Mannering
Director: Robert Tronson

16 :01x16 - When the Spirit Moves You

A boast about the ability to acquire an unlimited amount of bearer bonds puts con artist Calvin Bream in hot water with a ruthless criminal. In an effort to get himself off the hook, Bream poses as an American looking to hire Jeff as a bodyguard. While Jeff becomes entangled in the bearer bond scheme, which leads to murder, Marty makes an interesting discovery: whenever Bream is drunk, he can see Marty.
Guest Stars: Penny Brahms as Girl in Luxury Flat | Bill Reed (1) as Parkin | Anthony Marlowe as Cranley | Michael Gothard as Perrin | Kieron Moore as Miklos Corri | Richard Kerley as Plain Clothes Police Sergeant | Reg Lye as Manny | Peter J. Elliott as Wilks | Anton Rodgers as Calvin P. Bream | Ivor Dean as Inspector Large
Director: Ray Austin

17 :01x17 - Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave

Marty finds his headstone knocked over at the cemetery. While investigating, Jeff is hit with a shovel and knocked out by a man dressed in 18th century garb. His head injury is treated by the owner of the mansion located next to the cemetery, a man with an agoraphobic son living in the basement. When the son is kidnapped, Jeff finds a connection to the strangely-dressed man who hit him.
Guest Stars: Beverly Winn as Valerie | Andrew Sachs as Commentator | Geoffrey Hughes as Harper | Nigel Terry as Harry Mandrake | Patricia Haines as Martha | Bernard Kay (1) as Dighton | George Murcell as Mandrake | Michael Sheard as German Commentator | Cyril Shaps as Dr. Cholmond
Director: Cyril Frankel

18 :01x18 - Could You Recognise the Man Again?

Upon leaving a party, Jeff and Jean discover a body in the back of Jeff's car. They identify the man who put the body in the car as George Roden, a member of a notorious crime family. As the trial approaches, Jean suddenly vanishes. Jeff knows that the Rodens have her, and that if he testifies Jean will die. Marty tries to find Jean before Roden walks free for lack of evidence, but every time he concentrates on Jean, he ends up at their empty apartment.
Guest Stars: Walter Sparrow as Tramp | A.J. Brown as Judge | Michael Gover as Harry | John Arnatt as Uniformed Inspector | Bruce Beeby as Chalmers | John Harvey as Prosecuting Counsel | Tricia Chapman as Tina | David Gargill as Shop Assistant | Dudley Jones as Ben Craddock | Roland Curram as Jennings | Ivor Dean as Inspector Large | Madge Ryan as Mrs. Roden | Stanley Meadows as George Roden | Dudley Sutton as Mort Roden | Richard Kerley as Sergeant Hinds | Norman Eshley as Mike Hales | John Bryans (1) as Ralph Sorrell | Billy Milton as Loftus
Director: Jeremy Summers

19 :01x19 - A Sentimental Journey

Jeff is hired to go to Glasgow, pick up an item worth £10,000, and return it to London. He is against taking the job, especially because two rival criminal bosses are involved. He becomes more suspicious when the "item" turns out to be the blonde girlfriend of one of the criminals. When they arrive in London she vanishes, leaving Jeff hunted by both criminals who think he double-crossed them.
Guest Stars: Billy Cornelius as Albert | Michael Bird (1) as Sleeping Car Attendant | Tracey Crisp as Dandy Garrison | Larry Taylor as Man in Phone Booth | Anthony Baird as Hamilton | Victor Maddern as Detective Sergeant Watts | Drewe Henley as Tony | William Squire (2) as Sam Seymour
Director: Leslie Norman

20 :01x20 - Money to Burn

Just at a time when Jeff could use some money an old friend shows up with a money-making proposition. Not so much money "making" as money "taking": he suggests to Jeff that they steal old notes that are en route to the incinerator. Jeff watches from a distance to see if his friend shows up and ends up in jail charged with the crime when the police prove he was in the vicinity and his alibi falls through. Worse, he refuses to tell Marty what happened, leaving Marty unable to help.
Guest Stars: Linda Cole as Anne-Marie Benson | Olga Lowe as Angela Kendon | John Hughes (1) as Bank Worker | Tom Bowman as Security Man | Don Vernon as Choreographer | Roy Desmond as Kevin O'Malley | Norman Beaton as Policeman | Roger Avon as Uniformed Policeman | John Glyn-Jones (1) as Chemist | Richard Kerley as Sergeant Hinds | Sue Lloyd as Elizabeth Saxon | Ivor Dean as Inspector Large
Director: Ray Austin
Songs: Kevin -- I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

21 :01x21 - The Ghost Talks

Jeff breaks his legs on a case. Confined to his hospital bed, he has to listen to Marty tell about the agency's "greatest case." While Jeff had been away in Scotland, Marty became entangled in a spy case where he was tricked into stealing a list of MI5 agents for a foreign agent.
Guest Stars: Peter Cellier as Long | John Boxer as Doctor Musgrove | Geoffrey King as Sir Basil Duggan | Ian Butler as Page Boy | Jack Lambert (2) as 2nd Man in Steamroom | Martin Carroll as Groves | Hilary Wontner as 1st Man in Steamroom | Thomas Heathcote as Chief Ispector Horner | Alan MacNaughtan as Major Brenan | John D. Collins as Jackson | Jack MacGowran as Joe Hudson | Marne Maitland as Captain Rashid | James Culliford as Parker
Director: Cyril Frankel

22 :01x22 - It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water

Just before taking a simple assignment -- collect invitations from family members for a private 80th birthday party for Joshua Cracken at Cracken's estate -- Jeff and Marty have an argument during which Jeff tells Marty to stop haunting him. Once the guests at the Cracken birthday party begin mysteriously dying, Jeff wonders if he should have run Marty off so quickly.
Guest Stars: Earl Green as Ramon | Dick Bentley as Mesmero | John A. Tinn as Sung Lee Cracken | Graham Armitage as Young Stage Director | John Hallam as Johnny Cracken | Meredith Edwards (1) as Hodder | Neil McCallum as Rev. Henry Cracken | Liz Fraser (1) as Fay Cracken | Felix Aylmer as Joshua Cracken | Michael Ripper as Punter
Director: Leslie Norman

23 :01x23 - The Trouble with Women

A murdered man falls dead against Jeff's car while Jeff is on a cheating husband stake-out. The next day a woman comes to visit him, insisting that the dead man was mistaken for her husband. She looks to hire Jeff to track her husband. Jeff takes the job, but Marty is suspicious. When the man is found dead, Jeff is implicated in his murder.
Guest Stars: Frederick Treves as Inspector | Howard Goorney as First Ghost | Neal Arden as Second Poker Player | Keith Grenville (1) as P.C. Russell | Harry Hutchinson (2) as Second Ghost | Arnold Diamond as First Poker Player | Gwen Nelson as Mrs. Halloway | Paul Maxwell as Alan Corder | Denise Buckley as Susan Lang | Edward Brayshaw as Paul Lang | Robert Russell (3) as Harry | Nik Zaran as Brin
Director: Cyril Frankel

24 :01x24 - Vendetta for a Dead Man

Eric Jansen breaks out of a prison psychiatric unit with revenge on his mind. The object of his vengeance is Marty Hopkirk, the man responsible for his imprisonment. When he discovers Marty is dead, he picks an alternate target for his rage: Jean, Marty's widow.
Guest Stars: Sue Vaughan as Blonde Girl in Car | Henry Davies as Police Sergeant in Car | William Dysart as Police Inspector | Colin Rix as Police Driver | Ron Pember as Fairground Concessionaire | Richard Owens as Police Sergeant Bodyguard | Timothy West as Sam Grimes | Ann Castle as Mrs. Cavallo-Smith | Barrie Ingham as Emil Cavallo-Smith | George Sewell as Eric Jansen
Director: Cyril Frankel

25 :01x25 - You Can Always Find a Fall Guy

When Jeff arrives home at 8:00 a.m. he finds a nun sitting at his dining table. She says she needs to hire him to investigate a man who has stolen from her convent. When the "convent" turns out to be an electronics company, Jeff discovers the nun is part of an elaborate set-up to make him the lead suspect in the theft of company documents.
Guest Stars: Ingrid Sylvester as Receptionist | Michael Graham (1) as Anaesthetist | Maggie London as Nurse | Edward Caddick as Patient | John Walker as Mechanic | Tony Steedman as Surgeon | Clifford Earl as First Detective | Jeremy Young (1) as Douglas Kershaw | Garfield Morgan as Edwards | Patrick Barr as Yateman | Juliet Harmer as Miss Holliday
Director: Ray Austin

26 :01x26 - The Smile Behind the Veil

Marty notices something unusual at a funeral near his grave. When Jeff "accidentally" (with Marty's help) stumbles upon the couple who were at the funeral, he understands why Marty was suspicious: evidence points to murder; plus, there are two people claiming to be the dead woman's brother.
Guest Stars: George Howe as Brooks | Michael Radford as Male Hiker | Clare Jenkins as Female Hiker | David Forbes as Police Constable | John Bott as Dyson | Robin Hawdon as Grant | Peter Jesson as Hooper | Freda Jackson as Mrs. Evans | Gary Watson (1) as Donald Seaton | Hilary Tindall as Cynthia | Alex Scott (1) as Seaton | Peter Lawrence (2) as Policeman
Director: Jeremy Summers
Warning: Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1969) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 1969
Ended: March 13, 1970
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