Season 10

135 :10x01 - Real World/Road Rules Challenge Uncensored

A look at past challenges and the Inferno II. Features interviews with cast members and a look at never before seen footage from challenges that were scrapped.

137 :10x03 - Juice It Up

This mission has not only money for the team bank accounts on the line but a lifesaver that can be used to save someone from the Inferno. The game is "Juice It Up" which involves running on stilts to a fruit tree grapping the fruit and bringing it back and juice in a cup. Everything is going really well for the Good Guys until Jodi knocks over the cup and has to go back for more grapefruit. The Bad Asses end up winning and banking another $10,000. Mike wins the Lifesaver for the Good Guys saving himself from the Inferno and CT wins for the Bad Asses. Jon talks to his team and tells them he wants to be the new nominee for the Inferno and everyone agrees and hopes Jon will come back a winner. Later, the Inferno mission is introduced called "Hang Tough" a chicken fight styled game done in the air. Jon tries his best but Dan ends up winning this won sending Jon packing.

138 :10x04 - X Marks The Spot

Robin confronts Tonya about her fling with Mark (Robin's ex) and Tonya says it was nothing but Robin thinks Tonya is a slut and a liar. Tonya discovers that Beth is the one that told Robin about the Mark thing and promptly goes and wakes her up to yell at her. Beth doesn't want to talk about it and Tonya takes Beth's clothes in the pool. Beth doesn't want to stay in the house anymore with ends up staying in a hotel the night before and the next day doesn't want to go to the challenge. The Bad Asses finally convince her to come and arrive to discover that to discover their mission which is called "X Marks the Spot." The teams are paired up two by two and one partner has to drop the other into a target in the water below. No one has much luck in this mission with only with only the Bad Asses getting Rachel into a target and banking another $10,000. The teams hold their meeting to elect Inferno nominees with the Bad Asses choosing Robin one of the Good Guys stronger girls and the Good Guys choosing Tina.

139 :10x05 - Run For Your Money

Dave Mirra gives the cast their next mission a plane will go over ahead and dump dollar bills on the ground it is the team's jobs to catch as much as they can. The rest of the Bad Ass team wants to get rid of Beth and decide to give as much money as possible to Tina as they collect it. Hoping that Tina would be able to win the lifesaver. Over at the Good Guys Robin gets Jamie and Shavonda to give her some of their money as well which pisses Brad off. After all the money has dropped the game is called then Dave tells the teams their is a twist each person has to collect their own money with no help from anyone within 5 minutes. Tina has a ton of money and almost no way to count it all and if it is not counted correctly they will be disqualified. Beth counts her money up and on purpose gives an incorrect amount to screw the Bad Ass team. The teams turn their money and amounts in and Tina and Robin both end up disqualified for miscounting and will both be going to the Inferno. The Good Guys finally win a mission putting some much needed their bank account. Later, Robin and Tina head to the Inferno Mission called "Shark Attack" where both girls have to pull half their body weight to a flag located at the other end of the Inferno. Robin starts off well but soon flaulters and Tina wins this Inferno.

140 :10x06 - Shirt Off My Back

Beth decides that she no longers wants to be apart of the challenge and leaves which the Bad Asses believe will be better for their team in the long run. The next mission is "Shirt Off My Back" where all the team members stand on a balance beam above a pool of water and pass articles of clothing to the person next to them going boy/girl order. The Bad Ass team gets the bright idea of having Dan jump in the water which means he will be next to a guy and make it easier to exchange clothes or so they think. Of course after they do this Dan realizes it was a mistake since the water makes his clothes sticky and harder to take off and put on. The Good Guys finish first and put another $10,000 in their bank account helping them catch up to the Bad Asses. The teams meet to decide their inferno nominees the Good Guys choose Karamo while the Bad Asses reach an arguement over their decision. Karamo wants to put Landon up but the rest of the team wants Mike again. Mike ends up being their nominee and once again is not shocked by this since he feels he will probably be up every time and Karamo is pissed that he is up and he didn't get his choice of competitor to go up against.

142 :10x08 - Fill In The Gaps

This weeks mission is called "Fill in the Gaps." They have a huge wall with tons of holes and water pouring out of it. The teams job is to use their body parts to cover up as many holes as possible getting the best time. The Bad Asses end up winning this one again with the best time. At the team meeting the Bad Asses decided to choose another strong girl from the Good Guys and go with Jodi but over at the Good Guy meeting the team decided that if Jodi or Julie is and chosen they will go with Veronica and if they choose Shavonda or Jamie is chosen they will go with Tonya. At the reveals the Bad Asses go first and announce Jodi as their nominee and Jodi announces they will go with Veronica. The Bad Asses realize something fishy is up and immediately call out Jodi when they learn the truth blaming the whole thing on her. Jodi gets upset that everyone is blaming her for the whole idea though it was more Julie's idea then anything.

143 :10x09 - Zip Up

A lifesaver is on the line for Jodi and Veronica. Veronica believes the Bad Asses should through the mission (like teams Veronica has been on before have done) so she can get the lifesaver but most of the Bad Asses aren't feeling that idea especially that the Lifesaver winner will also get a Plasma TV. This mission is called "Zip Up" and each team member takes a turn going up an a rop that is set at an incline and they have two minutes to get as far as possible. The Good Guys end up winning the mission and CT and Landon take the lifesavers and tvs. At the Inferno mission involves being wrapped up live a mummy and having to twirl out and reach a flag to win. The game starts and Jodi immediately lets her nerves get to her and falls to the ground not helping is the Bad Ass team yelling at Jodi and Veronica wins the Inferno. Jodi makes a tearful goodbye to her team.

144 :10x10 - Never Ending Climb

Abe tells Dan he is sick of people thinking he and Mike are allies and Dan tells Abe that Tina is causing most of the stir. Thier mission is called "Never Ending Climb" which is a huge contraception and collecting 40 beads the quickest. While stragize Rachel, Veronica and Tina take over which pisses off some of the other Bad Asses. Over at the Good Guy Julie is freaking out about heights and her team tells her she will do well. The Bad Asses face some pentaly's and end up with a total team time of 31:37 and the Good Guys win the mission with a total time of 27:11. The teams then meet for their nominations and most of the Bad Asses want to go with Mike again but Dan and Abe are sicking of picking him but the rest of the team eventually prevails. At the reveal Mike isn't surprised and says it will be a rematch of the Gauntlet where Mike won and sent Abe home.

145 :10x11 - What A Drag

Everyone is out enjoying themselves at a local club when on the way back to the house Mike gives Brad a wedgie and Brad just goes off on him. Mike tells him it is a joke and not to freak out. The next mission is called "What a Drag" where each team member drives a car then has to stop as close to the finish line as possible with out hitting a bunch of glasses. Hitting the glasses will result in the slowest time plus 5 minutes. At Landon' s turn he hits the glasses causing him to receive a penalty at the end the Bad Asses know they have won since no one received a penalty. Mike and once again CT receive the lifesaver so the Good Guys have to choose someone to replace Mike at the Inferno and decided to through the other guys names into a hat. Brad's name is drawn out and the other guys tell him he can beat Abe. Later, the teams arrive at the Inferno which is a basketball type of game where Abe and Brad will take turns getting a ball in a barrel while the other person does everything possible to stop him. Abe goes first and scores three balls and it is Brad's turns and Abe trash talks along with pushing shoving and the like and Brad only scores two balls sending Brad home. Abe gets caught up in the heat of the moment and starts yelling at the Good Guys and Darrell gets pissed and tells Abe if he mouths off again he will kick his ass.

146 :10x12 - Riddle Me This

The teams are out partying and both Landon and Derrick have had a little to much to drink and begin to wrestle with each other and Derrick ends up cutting his ear which requires stiches. At the house Landon passes out drunk when Derrick arrives back from the hospital see Landon passed out (also the others have taken the opportunity to write numerous things on his back) takes a shaver and shaves off a chunk of Landon's hair. When Landon discovers this the next day he decides it is time for a new hair cut and shaves just the sides off giving himself a mohawk type thing. The next mission is called "Riddle Me This" and involves the teams having to answer a riddle of how to get a cow, hay stack and a wolf across the lake by only taking one at a time and not having the two left eat each other (not literally they are pinatas) and they also can only row with their hands/arms. Julie quickly realizes the answer and tells the other that first they have to bring the cow over then go back and get the hay stack then take the cow back over and get the wolf and then go back for the cow. The Bad Asses have no one that can really be the brian of the operation and yell and argue with each other and end up just coping the Good Guys but still spend more time yelling at each other. When they realizes their is no hope to win without trying to cheat they try and block in the Good Guys boat but it doesn't work and the Good Guys win. At the nomination meetings Rachel interpets the Good Guys meeting because she doesn't want what happed last time to happen this time. At the reveal the Good Guys begin to reveal their nominee and Veronica stands up like it is for sure going to be her but the Good Guys go with Tonya and the Bad Asses chose Julie. Tina likens the Inferno nominees to the Devil vs. Jesus.

147 :10x13 - Time To Ride

Tonya notices that suddenly Rachel, Veronica, and Tina are being nice to her since she could win the life shield and send one of them instead. Their next mission is called "Time To Ride" which consists of mimi-harley bikes they have to drive across one of two paths. One path is a straight shot to the finish but is much narrow and the other is longer but wider. Mike, Abe, Veronica, Jamie Shavonda and Rachel are DQed and Julie wants to be a hero and take the short way but her team is trying to convince her to take the long way since is Julie falls off she will give them more DG's then the Bad Asses but Julie won't listen and keeps saying the "Path to God is Straight and Narrow." Julie takes her turn and falls in and basically hands the mission to the Bad Asses pissing off her other team mates. Derrick ends up with the best time barely edging out Tonya and takes the life shield and Landon wins for the Good Guys. The Inferno mission arrives and is called "Patchwork" where the two are suspended in the air and have to rip patches off each other, the Bad Asses are hoping Julie will win and send their team mate Tonya home but Tonya wins by one patch sending Julie packing.

148 :10x14 - If Memory Serves

At the house the cast is having a belly flop contest. Just about all the guys are in on it and Tonya joins in and makes the best splash out of all. CT realizes that the Good Guys will probably want to keep all their players and will pick Dan for the Inferno. CT could care less if Dan goes home since it will give him a bigger piece of the prize money. The next day the cast meets up for their mission called "If Memory Serves" which involves memorizing a bunch of things in a room then recreating the room. The catch is only one person from each team can have a close up view the rest have to stand behind a line. Jamie is choosen as Team leader and the Bad Asses chose Dan but Dan is a little skeptical on the whole thing but does his best. They are given two minutes to memorize everything then have 10 minutes to put the room together. The Bad Asses for once are semi working together until Abe and Dan disagree on where the menu is and Dan ends up trusting Abe's decision. Both Jamie and Dan can't remember the order of the table at the front of the room. The points are tallied up and out of a total of 79 the Good Guys get 61 and the Bad Asses 53. Good Guys are closing in on the gap which scares the Bad Asses. At the reveal the Bad Asses shockingly enough don't choose Mike this time instead going for Landon, who seems surprised. The Good Guys choose Dan.

149 :10x15 - Crab Grab

Landon infroms Darrell that he will be going to the life shield and if he wins he will send Darrell in. Darrell isn't going to give up that easily plans on taking the life shield himself. Over on the Bad Ass side CT wants to know that if Dan wins the life shield who will be send in. CT knows it will be him since he believes Dan doesn't like him. Dan tells him he has no problem with him. Their next mission is "Crab Grab" each team member will be buried up to their necks in sands with crabs running along side them. They must free themselves from the sand and grab 10 crabs from a crate and bring them back to their own individual crate. The Good Guys decided to help each other out of the sand but Darrell is more focused on making sure he gets the life shield. While over the Bad Ass side their is more fighting then anything going on but eventually everyone is out of the sand and it comes down to Shavonda and Veronica and the Good Guys end up winning tieing up the bank totals for the first time in the game. CT and Darrell win the life shields and Dan and Landon will enter the inferno that night. The Inferno mission is called "pegged" a big wall and has numerous holes the players most use their pegs to climb the wall reaching the top and pulling their flag. Both do well but Landon eventually takes the lead and wins sending Dan home.

150 :10x16 - Heart Rate Bungee

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151 :10x17 - Handsome Reward

The time has arrived for the final mission called Montezuma's Revenge the teams will participate in a triathlon style competition where they have to paddle a a boat for 2K, bike 10K and then run 5K and arrive at the Inferno house and solve a puzzle to unlock the keys entering the main part of the house where the Inferno missions were held. The Bad Asses lack of team work strikes right away when they have trouble paddling their boat and team members start falling in and the Good Guys take the lead and big the bike portion of the race. The Good Guys have trouble with their chains on their bikes and fear the Bad Asses might catch up. Mike wants to have as much time as possible to complete the puzzle which could make or break the game. The Bad Asses don't seem to have any trouble with their bikes but the Good Guys have moved on to the running portion where having less people seems to be an advantage. Tonya and Tina have trouble running and some of the guys have to carry them on their shoulders. The Good Guys arrive at the puzzle that involves people who had been voted off during the course of the game. The Good Guys finish the puzzle before the Bad Asses even get their and run into the Inferno to claim the $150,000.

152 :10x18 - To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip from the Inferno II

Members of the cast reunite to discuss what happened during the Inferno. Hook-ups, fight and drunken nights are the topic.
Type: Reality
Genres: Action, Adventure
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 01, 1998
Episodes Order: 14
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