Season 1

1 :01x01 - Ghostbusters

The first challenge kicks off with The Real World: Boston cast taking on the The Road Rules: Islands cast.

2 :01x02 - Sheer Madness

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3 :01x03 - Zorbing

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4 :01x04 - Urban Rap Jumping

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5 :01x05 - The "Real" Real World

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Season 2

6 :02x01 - Money Changes Everything

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7 :02x02 - Bed Sores

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8 :02x03 - Getting Drunk

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9 :02x04 - The Joint is Jumping

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10 :02x05 - Shall We Play a Game?

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11 :02x06 - Handsome Reward

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Season 3

12 :03x01 - Stratos-Fear

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13 :03x02 - Demolition Derby

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14 :03x03 - Wheel of Wrestling

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15 :03x04 - Snake Wrangling

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16 :03x05 - Redneck Games

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17 :03x06 - Mud Football

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18 :03x07 - Swamp Buggy Racing

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19 :03x08 - Sweet Revenge

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21 :03x10 - Stir Crazy

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22 :03x11 - Handsome Reward

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Season 4

23 :04x01 - Ring of Fire

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24 :04x02 - Blimp Water-Skiing

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25 :04x03 - Wharf Games

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26 :04x04 - Improv Games

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27 :04x05 - Rollerball Games

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28 :04x06 - Ayanna's Departure

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29 :04x07 - Wheel of Wrestling

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30 :04x08 - Human Foosball

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31 :04x09 - Sub-Standard

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32 :04x10 - Cheer Leaders

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33 :04x11 - Tight Rope Walk

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34 :04x12 - Tough Guy

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35 :04x13 - Extreme Sports

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36 :04x14 - Couple Fashion Show

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37 :04x15 - Grossout Games

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39 :04x17 - Handsome Reward

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40 :04x18 - Cease Fire

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Season 5

41 :05x01 - Hang Man

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42 :05x02 - Hurricane Juliette

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43 :05x03 - Who to Vote Off?

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45 :05x05 - Vertical Limit

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46 :05x06 - Slam Dunk

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47 :05x07 - First Half Recap

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48 :05x08 - Montezuma's Revenge

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49 :05x09 - Ladder of Doom

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50 :05x10 - Round 'Em Up

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51 :05x11 - Rush Hour

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52 :05x12 - Hands on Saturn

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53 :05x13 - Sidekick Showdown

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54 :05x14 - Blockhead

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55 :05x15 - Siamese Wrestling

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56 :05x16 - Handsome Reward

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57 :05x17 - Inside the Inner Circle

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59 :06x02 - Hola Jamaica

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60 :06x03 - Sergeant Says

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61 :06x04 - Dead Man's Drop

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62 :06x05 - Tree House

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63 :06x06 - Breath-Hold Bungee

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64 :06x07 - Puck's Wedding

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65 :06x08 - Seven Rings of Saturn

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66 :06x09 - Freeze Your Butt Off

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67 :06x10 - People Mover

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69 :06x12 - Leaky River

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70 :06x13 - Stairway To Heaven

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71 :06x14 - Collision Course

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72 :06x15 - Spider Mon

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73 :06x16 - Human Aquarium

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74 :06x17 - Razors Edge

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75 :06x18 - Maximum Velocity

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76 :06x19 - Handsome Reward

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77 :06x20 - Hot and Bothered

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79 :07x02 - Howdy Telluride

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80 :07x03 - Snake Soup

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81 :07x04 - Masquerade

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82 :07x05 - Mud Bath

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83 :07x06 - I Scream

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84 :07x07 - Holey Canoe

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85 :07x08 - Heavyweight Hustle

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86 :07x09 - Sink My Ship

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87 :07x10 - Red Barron

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88 :07x11 - Inferno

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89 :07x12 - Rolling on the River

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90 :07x13 - Turntable

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91 :07x14 - All or Nothing

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92 :07x15 - Vertical Sweep

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93 :07x16 - Dukes of Saturn

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94 :07x17 - Gold Rush

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95 :07x18 - Handsome Reward

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Season 8

97 :08x01 - Grope The Rope

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98 :08x02 - Birdfeeder

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99 :08x03 - Wreck n' Roll

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100 :08x04 - Climbing Wall

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101 :08x05 - Disco Domino Derby

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102 :08x06 - Balls Out

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104 :08x08 - Don't Yank My Chain

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105 :08x09 - Come Sail Away

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106 :08x10 - Bungee Bound

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107 :08x11 - Twist and Shoot

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108 :08x12 - Balcony Swing

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109 :08x13 - Fallen Angels

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110 :08x14 - Saturn Valet Ballet

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111 :08x15 - Window Washing

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113 :08x17 - The Final Burn

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114 :08x18 - Handsome Reward

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117 :09x02 - Howdy Sante Fe

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118 :09x03 - Dangle Drop

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119 :09x04 - Snake Pit Poker

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120 :09x05 - Melt With You

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121 :09x06 - Bombs Away

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122 :09x07 - Junk Boat

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123 :09x08 - High Noon

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124 :09x09 - Fill'er Up

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125 :09x10 - Sa-Wing

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126 :09x11 - Electro Shock

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127 :09x12 - Pop Culture Bike Ramp

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128 :09x13 - The Shredder

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129 :09x14 - Cast A Spell

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130 :09x15 - Semi-Cross

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131 :09x16 - Car-Go

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132 :09x17 - Vertigo

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133 :09x18 - Handsome Reward

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Season 10

135 :10x01 - Real World/Road Rules Challenge Uncensored

A look at past challenges and the Inferno II. Features interviews with cast members and a look at never before seen footage from challenges that were scrapped.

136 :10x02 - Surf Torture

The cast is split into two teams Good Guys and Bad Asses, which was voted on by viewers at Later they participate in their first mission called "Surf Torture" were Navy Seal Officers giving numerous different excerises and whoever survived the longest would win. The Bad Asses end up winning and banking their first $10,000 paycheck. The two teams then have their team meetings to decide what team member from the opposite team they are going to pick to send into the Inferno. The Bad Asses choose Mike thinking if they take out the Good Guys Leader they will devesate their team. The Good Guys opt to go for a weaker player and choose Dan. Mike is not at all surprised by being picked and Dan is totally freaked out by having to face Mike in an Inferno.

137 :10x03 - Juice It Up

This mission has not only money for the team bank accounts on the line but a lifesaver that can be used to save someone from the Inferno. The game is "Juice It Up" which involves running on stilts to a fruit tree grapping the fruit and bringing it back and juice in a cup. Everything is going really well for the Good Guys until Jodi knocks over the cup and has to go back for more grapefruit. The Bad Asses end up winning and banking another $10,000. Mike wins the Lifesaver for the Good Guys saving himself from the Inferno and CT wins for the Bad Asses. Jon talks to his team and tells them he wants to be the new nominee for the Inferno and everyone agrees and hopes Jon will come back a winner. Later, the Inferno mission is introduced called "Hang Tough" a chicken fight styled game done in the air. Jon tries his best but Dan ends up winning this won sending Jon packing.

138 :10x04 - X Marks The Spot

Robin confronts Tonya about her fling with Mark (Robin's ex) and Tonya says it was nothing but Robin thinks Tonya is a slut and a liar. Tonya discovers that Beth is the one that told Robin about the Mark thing and promptly goes and wakes her up to yell at her. Beth doesn't want to talk about it and Tonya takes Beth's clothes in the pool. Beth doesn't want to stay in the house anymore with ends up staying in a hotel the night before and the next day doesn't want to go to the challenge. The Bad Asses finally convince her to come and arrive to discover that to discover their mission which is called "X Marks the Spot." The teams are paired up two by two and one partner has to drop the other into a target in the water below. No one has much luck in this mission with only with only the Bad Asses getting Rachel into a target and banking another $10,000. The teams hold their meeting to elect Inferno nominees with the Bad Asses choosing Robin one of the Good Guys stronger girls and the Good Guys choosing Tina.

139 :10x05 - Run For Your Money

Dave Mirra gives the cast their next mission a plane will go over ahead and dump dollar bills on the ground it is the team's jobs to catch as much as they can. The rest of the Bad Ass team wants to get rid of Beth and decide to give as much money as possible to Tina as they collect it. Hoping that Tina would be able to win the lifesaver. Over at the Good Guys Robin gets Jamie and Shavonda to give her some of their money as well which pisses Brad off. After all the money has dropped the game is called then Dave tells the teams their is a twist each person has to collect their own money with no help from anyone within 5 minutes. Tina has a ton of money and almost no way to count it all and if it is not counted correctly they will be disqualified. Beth counts her money up and on purpose gives an incorrect amount to screw the Bad Ass team. The teams turn their money and amounts in and Tina and Robin both end up disqualified for miscounting and will both be going to the Inferno. The Good Guys finally win a mission putting some much needed their bank account. Later, Robin and Tina head to the Inferno Mission called "Shark Attack" where both girls have to pull half their body weight to a flag located at the other end of the Inferno. Robin starts off well but soon flaulters and Tina wins this Inferno.

140 :10x06 - Shirt Off My Back

Beth decides that she no longers wants to be apart of the challenge and leaves which the Bad Asses believe will be better for their team in the long run. The next mission is "Shirt Off My Back" where all the team members stand on a balance beam above a pool of water and pass articles of clothing to the person next to them going boy/girl order. The Bad Ass team gets the bright idea of having Dan jump in the water which means he will be next to a guy and make it easier to exchange clothes or so they think. Of course after they do this Dan realizes it was a mistake since the water makes his clothes sticky and harder to take off and put on. The Good Guys finish first and put another $10,000 in their bank account helping them catch up to the Bad Asses. The teams meet to decide their inferno nominees the Good Guys choose Karamo while the Bad Asses reach an arguement over their decision. Karamo wants to put Landon up but the rest of the team wants Mike again. Mike ends up being their nominee and once again is not shocked by this since he feels he will probably be up every time and Karamo is pissed that he is up and he didn't get his choice of competitor to go up against.

141 :10x07 - Dodge Yer Balls

This mission is dodge ball on floating platforms. Its Men vs. Men then Women vs. Women and Karamo has no desire to participate which pisses CT off. The Bad Asses easily win the mission and CT is awarded the lifesaver for the Bad Asses and Landon wins for the Good Guys. Landon tells Mike and the rest of his team that he wants to go into the Inferno in Mike's place. Mike doesn't want to be saved and tells Landon not to do it but at the Inferno Dave first asks CT if he wants to save Karamo and CT says no thanks not a surprise to anyone but when Dave asks Landon the same question he says that he will take Mike's place and Mike does not seem to happy. The Inferno is called "Knock Your Block Off" where they have to joust and knock a foam block off the other players heads. Landon easily takes Karamo out giving the Good Guys their first Inferno victory.

142 :10x08 - Fill In The Gaps

This weeks mission is called "Fill in the Gaps." They have a huge wall with tons of holes and water pouring out of it. The teams job is to use their body parts to cover up as many holes as possible getting the best time. The Bad Asses end up winning this one again with the best time. At the team meeting the Bad Asses decided to choose another strong girl from the Good Guys and go with Jodi but over at the Good Guy meeting the team decided that if Jodi or Julie is and chosen they will go with Veronica and if they choose Shavonda or Jamie is chosen they will go with Tonya. At the reveals the Bad Asses go first and announce Jodi as their nominee and Jodi announces they will go with Veronica. The Bad Asses realize something fishy is up and immediately call out Jodi when they learn the truth blaming the whole thing on her. Jodi gets upset that everyone is blaming her for the whole idea though it was more Julie's idea then anything.

143 :10x09 - Zip Up

A lifesaver is on the line for Jodi and Veronica. Veronica believes the Bad Asses should through the mission (like teams Veronica has been on before have done) so she can get the lifesaver but most of the Bad Asses aren't feeling that idea especially that the Lifesaver winner will also get a Plasma TV. This mission is called "Zip Up" and each team member takes a turn going up an a rop that is set at an incline and they have two minutes to get as far as possible. The Good Guys end up winning the mission and CT and Landon take the lifesavers and tvs. At the Inferno mission involves being wrapped up live a mummy and having to twirl out and reach a flag to win. The game starts and Jodi immediately lets her nerves get to her and falls to the ground not helping is the Bad Ass team yelling at Jodi and Veronica wins the Inferno. Jodi makes a tearful goodbye to her team.

144 :10x10 - Never Ending Climb

Abe tells Dan he is sick of people thinking he and Mike are allies and Dan tells Abe that Tina is causing most of the stir. Thier mission is called "Never Ending Climb" which is a huge contraception and collecting 40 beads the quickest. While stragize Rachel, Veronica and Tina take over which pisses off some of the other Bad Asses. Over at the Good Guy Julie is freaking out about heights and her team tells her she will do well. The Bad Asses face some pentaly's and end up with a total team time of 31:37 and the Good Guys win the mission with a total time of 27:11. The teams then meet for their nominations and most of the Bad Asses want to go with Mike again but Dan and Abe are sicking of picking him but the rest of the team eventually prevails. At the reveal Mike isn't surprised and says it will be a rematch of the Gauntlet where Mike won and sent Abe home.

145 :10x11 - What A Drag

Everyone is out enjoying themselves at a local club when on the way back to the house Mike gives Brad a wedgie and Brad just goes off on him. Mike tells him it is a joke and not to freak out. The next mission is called "What a Drag" where each team member drives a car then has to stop as close to the finish line as possible with out hitting a bunch of glasses. Hitting the glasses will result in the slowest time plus 5 minutes. At Landon' s turn he hits the glasses causing him to receive a penalty at the end the Bad Asses know they have won since no one received a penalty. Mike and once again CT receive the lifesaver so the Good Guys have to choose someone to replace Mike at the Inferno and decided to through the other guys names into a hat. Brad's name is drawn out and the other guys tell him he can beat Abe. Later, the teams arrive at the Inferno which is a basketball type of game where Abe and Brad will take turns getting a ball in a barrel while the other person does everything possible to stop him. Abe goes first and scores three balls and it is Brad's turns and Abe trash talks along with pushing shoving and the like and Brad only scores two balls sending Brad home. Abe gets caught up in the heat of the moment and starts yelling at the Good Guys and Darrell gets pissed and tells Abe if he mouths off again he will kick his ass.

146 :10x12 - Riddle Me This

The teams are out partying and both Landon and Derrick have had a little to much to drink and begin to wrestle with each other and Derrick ends up cutting his ear which requires stiches. At the house Landon passes out drunk when Derrick arrives back from the hospital see Landon passed out (also the others have taken the opportunity to write numerous things on his back) takes a shaver and shaves off a chunk of Landon's hair. When Landon discovers this the next day he decides it is time for a new hair cut and shaves just the sides off giving himself a mohawk type thing. The next mission is called "Riddle Me This" and involves the teams having to answer a riddle of how to get a cow, hay stack and a wolf across the lake by only taking one at a time and not having the two left eat each other (not literally they are pinatas) and they also can only row with their hands/arms. Julie quickly realizes the answer and tells the other that first they have to bring the cow over then go back and get the hay stack then take the cow back over and get the wolf and then go back for the cow. The Bad Asses have no one that can really be the brian of the operation and yell and argue with each other and end up just coping the Good Guys but still spend more time yelling at each other. When they realizes their is no hope to win without trying to cheat they try and block in the Good Guys boat but it doesn't work and the Good Guys win. At the nomination meetings Rachel interpets the Good Guys meeting because she doesn't want what happed last time to happen this time. At the reveal the Good Guys begin to reveal their nominee and Veronica stands up like it is for sure going to be her but the Good Guys go with Tonya and the Bad Asses chose Julie. Tina likens the Inferno nominees to the Devil vs. Jesus.

147 :10x13 - Time To Ride

Tonya notices that suddenly Rachel, Veronica, and Tina are being nice to her since she could win the life shield and send one of them instead. Their next mission is called "Time To Ride" which consists of mimi-harley bikes they have to drive across one of two paths. One path is a straight shot to the finish but is much narrow and the other is longer but wider. Mike, Abe, Veronica, Jamie Shavonda and Rachel are DQed and Julie wants to be a hero and take the short way but her team is trying to convince her to take the long way since is Julie falls off she will give them more DG's then the Bad Asses but Julie won't listen and keeps saying the "Path to God is Straight and Narrow." Julie takes her turn and falls in and basically hands the mission to the Bad Asses pissing off her other team mates. Derrick ends up with the best time barely edging out Tonya and takes the life shield and Landon wins for the Good Guys. The Inferno mission arrives and is called "Patchwork" where the two are suspended in the air and have to rip patches off each other, the Bad Asses are hoping Julie will win and send their team mate Tonya home but Tonya wins by one patch sending Julie packing.

148 :10x14 - If Memory Serves

At the house the cast is having a belly flop contest. Just about all the guys are in on it and Tonya joins in and makes the best splash out of all. CT realizes that the Good Guys will probably want to keep all their players and will pick Dan for the Inferno. CT could care less if Dan goes home since it will give him a bigger piece of the prize money. The next day the cast meets up for their mission called "If Memory Serves" which involves memorizing a bunch of things in a room then recreating the room. The catch is only one person from each team can have a close up view the rest have to stand behind a line. Jamie is choosen as Team leader and the Bad Asses chose Dan but Dan is a little skeptical on the whole thing but does his best. They are given two minutes to memorize everything then have 10 minutes to put the room together. The Bad Asses for once are semi working together until Abe and Dan disagree on where the menu is and Dan ends up trusting Abe's decision. Both Jamie and Dan can't remember the order of the table at the front of the room. The points are tallied up and out of a total of 79 the Good Guys get 61 and the Bad Asses 53. Good Guys are closing in on the gap which scares the Bad Asses. At the reveal the Bad Asses shockingly enough don't choose Mike this time instead going for Landon, who seems surprised. The Good Guys choose Dan.

149 :10x15 - Crab Grab

Landon infroms Darrell that he will be going to the life shield and if he wins he will send Darrell in. Darrell isn't going to give up that easily plans on taking the life shield himself. Over on the Bad Ass side CT wants to know that if Dan wins the life shield who will be send in. CT knows it will be him since he believes Dan doesn't like him. Dan tells him he has no problem with him. Their next mission is "Crab Grab" each team member will be buried up to their necks in sands with crabs running along side them. They must free themselves from the sand and grab 10 crabs from a crate and bring them back to their own individual crate. The Good Guys decided to help each other out of the sand but Darrell is more focused on making sure he gets the life shield. While over the Bad Ass side their is more fighting then anything going on but eventually everyone is out of the sand and it comes down to Shavonda and Veronica and the Good Guys end up winning tieing up the bank totals for the first time in the game. CT and Darrell win the life shields and Dan and Landon will enter the inferno that night. The Inferno mission is called "pegged" a big wall and has numerous holes the players most use their pegs to climb the wall reaching the top and pulling their flag. Both do well but Landon eventually takes the lead and wins sending Dan home.

150 :10x16 - Heart Rate Bungee

The teams immediately meet for their Inferno nominations and the Bad Asses choose Shavonda and the Good Guys choose Tonya. The next mission will also have a life shield on the line and this mission is "Heart Rate Bungee." The teams are paired up in partners and will be placed on a platform and go up in the air and have to get their heart rate below 100 beats per minute in order to be dropped. The team with the slowest time will win the $10,000. The other team can send people up to get into the others heads to cause their heart beat to stay above 100. Both teams are doing well but when it comes to Tonya and CT, Shavonda and Jamie go up to torture Tonya. CT has no trouble getting his heart beat below 100 even getting as low as 54 beats per minute. 15 minutes pass so Tonya and CT won't be able to bungee but their heart rate scores will count for the life shield. The Good Guys end up winning and will take the lead into the final mission. CT wins the the life shield yet again for the Bad Asses and Landon wins for the Good Guys. The Inferno mission has both girl strapped to a big spinning wheel and have to hold a flag in each hand the person who lets go of one of the flags first or askes to stop will be sent home. Shavonda immediately starts trash talking and it seems to be working on Tonya but suddenly Shavonda gets worried about how she is moving on the wheeling and askes to stop. Tonya wins the Inferno and Shavonda reveals that she felt her team would do better without her and that Tonya would drag down her team so she decided to lose the inferno.

151 :10x17 - Handsome Reward

The time has arrived for the final mission called Montezuma's Revenge the teams will participate in a triathlon style competition where they have to paddle a a boat for 2K, bike 10K and then run 5K and arrive at the Inferno house and solve a puzzle to unlock the keys entering the main part of the house where the Inferno missions were held. The Bad Asses lack of team work strikes right away when they have trouble paddling their boat and team members start falling in and the Good Guys take the lead and big the bike portion of the race. The Good Guys have trouble with their chains on their bikes and fear the Bad Asses might catch up. Mike wants to have as much time as possible to complete the puzzle which could make or break the game. The Bad Asses don't seem to have any trouble with their bikes but the Good Guys have moved on to the running portion where having less people seems to be an advantage. Tonya and Tina have trouble running and some of the guys have to carry them on their shoulders. The Good Guys arrive at the puzzle that involves people who had been voted off during the course of the game. The Good Guys finish the puzzle before the Bad Asses even get their and run into the Inferno to claim the $150,000.

152 :10x18 - To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip from the Inferno II

Members of the cast reunite to discuss what happened during the Inferno. Hook-ups, fight and drunken nights are the topic.

Season 11

153 :11x01 - Rough Seas Ahead

The Challenge is back and this time it is the the Rookies (RR/RW cast members who have been on less then 2 challenges) and Veterans (those cast members who are just about every challenge since leaving their respective seasons). We are introduced to new host TJ Lavin who with the help of Ruthie (RW: Hawaii), Mark (RR: USA II), Robin (RW: San Diego), Katie (RR: The Quest), Derrick (RR: X-Treme) and Beth (RW: LA). TJ and the vets discuss the cast mates and discuss how the Gauntlet II will work.

154 :11x02 - Throwing Down the Gauntlet

The cast arrives and immediately thrown into a challenge to decide captains not knowing that the captains will have to go into the gauntlet if their team loses.
Songs: The Scoldees -- "All I Want", Peter Meyer -- "Faith In Angels", The Mel Tones -- "Go Big or Go Home", Surviving August -- "I Believe", Khiladi -- "Indian Dub", Conshafter -- "Joey Ramone", Angel Tears -- "Magis Forest", Khiladi -- "My Indian Flute", Beatnick Termites -- "Rock All Night", Conshafter -- "Serontonin", The Scoldees -- "Silly Girl", Mass Hysteria -- "Simple Life", The Mel Tones -- "Surf Before Sunrise", The Proms -- "The Rose", Angel Tears -- "Uri"

155 :11x03 - Derrick Steps It Up

The drama begins as Jo becomes enraged by the other cast members behavior as both teams suffer a change in leadership.

156 :11x04 - We Can Work It Out

The Veterans worry about their new team captain Derrick and if his temper will get in the way of being able to lead their team to victory.

157 :11x05 - The 10,000 Pyramid

Danny becomes extremely angry with Jodi only furthering their dislike of each other.

158 :11x06 - Sloppy Seconds

Jodi has an emotional meltdown over Mark.

159 :11x07 - Watching Paint Dry

The teams compete in a body-painting challenge. Meanwhile, Alton struggles with his team-captain responsibilities, and Derrick's abrasive behavior causes trouble between him and Brad.

160 :11x08 - The Heat is On

Beth is back to her old tricks while fighting with Montana. The Girls Gauntlet ends with a surprise as a new team captain is crowned for one team.

161 :11x09 - Rookie Moves

The Rookie teams is shook by possibility of some team members having an alliance with the other team.

162 :11x10 - Walking the Line

The Veterans are fed up with their new captain and the Rookies are still trying to rebuild after accustations of an alliance.

163 :11x11 - Bucked

Romance is in the air between two Rookie cast members.

164 :11x12 - Victory at Last

One team tries to bounce back from a losing streak.

165 :11x13 - Tire Me Up, Tire Me Down

Beth's performance during missions continues to fustrate her team.

166 :11x14 - Mac-Beth

The pressure of team captain begins to wear on Kina.

167 :11x15 - The Good, the Brad, and the Ugly

The Gauntlet pits two friends against each other.

168 :11x16 - Blind Panic

The Veteran Girls worry that the men may throw a mission in order to send one last girl home in the final Girls Gauntlet.

169 :11x17 - Last Man Standing

The final Gauntlet pits two well liked players against each other for survival.

170 :11x18 - Don't Bet On It

It has all come down to this as the remaining players square off for the handsome reward.

Season 12

Fresh Meat Launch Special

A preview of the upcoming round of competition, which is being held in Australia. Participating are 12 "Real World" and "Road Rules" alumni and 12 people who've never appeared on either show. Duos comprising one alumn and one newbie face a series of challenges and an elimination process called Exile in an attempt to claim the $250,000 grand prize.

171 :12x01 - Kickin' Things Off/Anxieties Run High

"Real World" and "Road Rules" alumni team up with players new to TV to compete in Australia for a big cash prize.

172 :12x02 - Hanging Tough

• No Summary (Add Here)

173 :12x03 - Jailbirds

• No Summary (Add Here)

174 :12x04 - Jail Break

• No Summary (Add Here)

175 :12x05 - Raging Bully

Wes and Johanna try to improve their relationship; a Rolling in Oats challenge finds the players slogging through a soggy mess.

176 :12x06 - Easy Pickings

The players must walk a high wire; Tonya and Johnnie finally start working as a team.

177 :12x07 - Crossed Paths

Teams must navigate a rope hanging 25 feet above water, with members starting at opposite ends and passing each other midway.

179 :12x09 - Swimming With Sharks

• No Summary (Add Here)

180 :12x10 - Human Ox Pull

• No Summary (Add Here)

181 :12x11 - Jump for Your Love

The teams must make a 40-foot leap, and fear of heights is a definite liability.

182 :12x12 - Carpe Diem

A challenge involving deep-sea diving. Meanwhile, Derrick and Diem get closer in and out of competition, and a strong team is eliminated.

183 :12x13 - Beg Your Pardon

The challenge puts teams through a tough obstacle course as the battle rages for a pardon.

184 :12x14 - What a Croc

The final Exile is held, setting the stage for the remaining three teams to battle it out for the top prize.

185 :12x15 - Miles of Exile

The remaining three teams facing the final test: a rigorous long-distance race. A $250,000 payday awaits one pair when they cross the finish line.

188 :13x02 - Goodbye Tina & Tyler

• No Summary (Add Here)

189 :13x03 - Paula vs. Anessa

• No Summary (Add Here)

190 :13x04 - The Drama Mafia

• No Summary (Add Here)

191 :13x05 - Goodbye Casey

Romance blooms between CT and Diem; Casey faces her fear in a height-related challenge; and the secret alliance of Aneesa, Beth, Casey, Nehemiah, Svetlana and Wes is exposed.

192 :13x06 - Nehemiah's Last Day

• No Summary (Add Here)

194 :13x08 - Until Next Time Derrick

A challenge on Diem's birthday involves greased poles and slides on the beach.

195 :13x09 - Harsh Words

• No Summary (Add Here)

196 :13x10 - Friend or Foe?

Brad and Eric talk strategy; Evan and Wes hope Eric knocks CT out of the competition; and Diem and CT take their relationship to a new level.

197 :13x11 - Two for Two

• No Summary (Add Here)

198 :13x12 - Fallen Alliances

Svetlana and Aneesa join forces to try to make it to the finals. Meanwhile, CT and Diem continue their romance.

199 :13x13 - The Big Split

• No Summary (Add Here)

200 :13x14 - The Final Four

The final two men and women emerge after a swimming challenge.

201 :13x15 - The Big Payoff

• No Summary (Add Here)

202 :13x16 - The Duel Reunion

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 14

203 :14x01 - Welcome to Africa

• No Summary (Add Here)

205 :14x03 - Playing the Game

• No Summary (Add Here)

206 :14x04 - Kicking Ace

• No Summary (Add Here)

207 :14x05 - Off the Wall

• No Summary (Add Here)

208 :14x06 - Sour Grapes

• No Summary (Add Here)

209 :14x07 - Walk This Way

• No Summary (Add Here)

210 :14x08 - Bouncing Back

• No Summary (Add Here)

211 :14x09 - Pane In The Glass

• No Summary (Add Here)

213 :14x11 - Match Point

Kenny and Ace need to step it up after being sent to the inferno last time. Derrick and Abe challenge Kenny to prove himself in the inferno. Alton is skeptical about Timmy volunteering to enter the inferno. The next challenge finds two team members pushing a sled 50 yards across the finishing line while two opposing members are on board.

In the inferno, each contestant is given a metal ring and placed in three glass boxes that are suspended in mid air and must be smashed. Winner is he who smashes all the panes first.

214 :14x12 - High Voltage

• No Summary (Add Here)

215 :14x13 - Hook the Man

• No Summary (Add Here)

216 :14x14 - Team Girl Squad

• No Summary (Add Here)

217 :14x15 - The Big Five

• No Summary (Add Here)

218 :14x16 - Reunion

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 15

219 :15x01 - Viva Mexico

The 15th season begins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

220 :15x02 - It's Personal

• No Summary (Add Here)

221 :15x03 - Less Is More

• No Summary (Add Here)

222 :15x04 - It's Not Fair

A "Push it" challenge finds brains winning over brawn, and the Veterans may lose the "Man Overboard" challenge due to Casey's fear of heights. Also, one female alliance scheme to fend off elimination, and the Rookies get hope from a new player.

224 :15x06 - All Alone

• No Summary (Add Here)

225 :15x07 - What Goes Around

• No Summary (Add Here)

226 :15x08 - Cold Blooded

• No Summary (Add Here)

227 :15x09 - The Finale

The final episode of season fifteen.

228 :15x10 - Trim the Fat: The Gauntlet III Reunion

The Season 15 cast reunites for a conversation about their escapades these past months on the show.

Season 16

229 :16x01 - Welcome to the Island

Panama is the site of season 16's challenge.

230 :16x02 - Calling It Quits

• No Summary (Add Here)

231 :16x03 - Girl Fight

An alliance has been formed by Kenny and Johnny, which finds KellyAnne and Ev left out.

232 :16x04 - Are You a Quitter?

• No Summary (Add Here)

233 :16x05 - Ev vs. The Island

Johnny and Evelyn clash, and a rule concerning the keyholder is changed.

234 :16x06 - Island King

• No Summary (Add Here)

235 :16x07 - Down to the Wire

One player loses a key as three of the players enter their first face off. The game faces a change when T.J. make his announcement.

236 :16x08 - Sailing to Victory

It's a race to the island for the final eight contestants for their claim for the $300,000 grand prize.

237 :16x09 - Reunion Special

The cast of season 16 returns for a reunion.

Season 17

The Sh!t They Should Have Shown

Unseen footage and highlights from the show. Cast Members Interviewed: Brooke, Aneesa, Katie, Rachel, Isaac, Kim, Dunbar, Evan, Mark, Brad, Landon, Brittini, Jenn, and Paula.

238 :17x01 - Damned If You Duel…

Season 17 opens with the 26 new contestants arrive in New Zealand for a chance at winning the $300,000 prize.

239 :17x02 - Duel Unto Others

The players find themselves on thin ice during the challenge. Later, some devise a master plan that leads to pandemonium.

240 :17x03 - Duel What You Gotta Duel

A pair of underdogs plan on shaking up the game, while another players friendship may threaten his alliance.

241 :17x04 - Duel-ality

The players are asked to compete in a "Luging My Mind" challenge. Later, one of the top competitors is called into the Duel.

242 :17x05 - Duelers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

A terrifying challenge will have a few players taking on their fear of heights. Later, a pair of big shots are sent to the Duel.

243 :17x06 - Dueling for Dunbar

A "Dangle Duo" challenge proves that teamwork will be crucial. Later, a pair of strong competitors compete in the Duel and a popular player says good-bye. Also, Paula discovers that her partner Dunbar is hooking up with Kim.

244 :17x07 - Deja Duel

The competitors find one alliance being strained, and the Duel will see longtime rivals facing off.

246 :17x09 - Til Death Duel Us Part

As the final challenge for $300,000 nears, tensions escalate as one player is accused of doing another's dirty work.

247 :17x10 - Duel or Die

Host T.J. Lavin reveals a shocking twist before the final race is ran by the remaining players for a $300,000 payoff.

248 :17x11 - Reunion Special

The cast of Duel 2 reunite to spill all the info of the drama which took place during the past season together.

Season 18

The Sh*t They Should Have Shown

• No Summary (Add Here)

249 :18x01 - The Ruins: Wes Side Story

A mix of 28 old and new contestants gather in Thailand and are divided into two teams, the old "Challengers" vs. those seeking their first win, which brings up old rivalries and broken romances.

250 :18x02 - The Booby Trap

• No Summary (Add Here)

251 :18x03 - The Road to Ruins

The war intensifies between Wes and his team.

252 :18x04 - The Ruins: Girls Gone Wild

The Champions are having a problem with camaraderie; Katie and Tonya find themselves having their buttons pushed; and a past grudge is revealed.

253 :18x05 - The Ruins: Reversal of Fortune

The tangled up love web has been stretched to it's limit. An alliance proves to cause difficulty.

254 :18x06 - Ruining On Empty

• No Summary (Add Here)

255 :18x07 - Silence Of The Ruins

• No Summary (Add Here)

257 :18x09 - Muay So-Called Ruins

• No Summary (Add Here)

259 :18x11 - Reunion Special

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 19

260 :19x01 - Meet the Meat

• No Summary (Add Here)

261 :19x02 - Nice to Meat You

• No Summary (Add Here)

262 :19x03 - Meating of the Minds

• No Summary (Add Here)

263 :19x04 - Sloppy Ho's

• No Summary (Add Here)

264 :19x05 - Meats 'N Potatoes

• No Summary (Add Here)

265 :19x06 - Road Kill

• No Summary (Add Here)

266 :19x07 - Checkmeat!

• No Summary (Add Here)

267 :19x08 - Trimming The Fat

• No Summary (Add Here)

268 :19x09 - Spoiled Rotten Meat

• No Summary (Add Here)

269 :19x10 - All U Can Eat Stakes

• No Summary (Add Here)

270 :19x11 - Well Done, Meat

• No Summary (Add Here)

271 :19x12 - Reunion Special

• No Summary (Add Here)

273 :20x02 - Newbie Doobie Doo

• No Summary (Add Here)

274 :20x03 - Karma's A Bitch

• No Summary (Add Here)

275 :20x04 - Swat the Hell?

• No Summary (Add Here)

278 :20x07 - Hell Hath No Fury

• No Summary (Add Here)

279 :20x08 - Back With a Vengeance

• No Summary (Add Here)

280 :20x09 - Always a Bridesmaid…

• No Summary (Add Here)

281 :20x10 - Czechmate

• No Summary (Add Here)

282 :20x11 - Reunion Special

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 21

The S#!% They Should Have Shown

• No Summary (Add Here)

283 :21x01 - Welcome To The Jungle

• No Summary (Add Here)

285 :21x03 - Underdog Day Afternoon

• No Summary (Add Here)

286 :21x04 - D-DAY

• No Summary (Add Here)

287 :21x05 - III Communication

• No Summary (Add Here)

288 :21x06 - Blowup

• No Summary (Add Here)

290 :21x08 - Cry For Me, Argentina

• No Summary (Add Here)

293 :21x11 - Reunion Special

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 22

Launch Special

The still-standing chefs sharpen their knives for the time-honored fan-favorite "Restaurant Wars" test. The all-encompassing culinary challenge tasks them to create an eatery, from its signage and logos to its menus and meals.

Source: MTV

Aftershow: Love and Marriage

• No Summary (Add Here)

Aftershow: On the Wings of Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

The S#!% They Should Have Shown

• No Summary (Add Here)

294 :22x01 - Love is a Battlefield

Wes gets angry when Johanna doesn't fight to stay in the game after he is sent into Exile.

Source: MTV

296 :22x03 - Where Did Our Love Go?

• No Summary (Add Here)

297 :22x04 - Love the Way You Lie

• No Summary (Add Here)

298 :22x05 - Crazy in Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

299 :22x06 - Tainted Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

300 :22x07 - Love and Marriage

• No Summary (Add Here)

301 :22x08 - On the Wings of Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

303 :22x10 - I Will Always Love You

• No Summary (Add Here)

304 :22x11 - Reunion

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 23

After Show: The Dark Knight

Old-school Challenge host Johnny Moseley sits down with Nany, Knight, Big Easy and Devyn to talk about all of the drama that went down in episode 4.

Source: MTV

After Show: Going Insane

Frank, Alton, Nany, and Sarah join former 'Challenge' host Johnny Moseley to discuss all of the drama that went down in episode 6.

Source: MTV

305 :23x01 - Tis The Season

Castmembers from The Real World's most memorable seasons come together for an all out battle for Real World supremacy, but an early twist could shake up the game. Plus- a surprise hookup and a fight that involves the entire house.

Source: MTV

306 :23x02 - The Perks of Being A Rookie

Castmembers from The Real World's most memorable seasons come together for an all out battle for Real World supremacy, but an early twist could shake up the game. Plus- a surprise hookup and a fight that involves the entire house.

Source: MTV

307 :23x03 - What Happens in Vegas…

Two new couplings start brewing in the Challenge house, one of which threatens to break apart a team AND ruin an entire alliance. And another season continues to break down, with one member exploding on her teammates.

Source: MTV

308 :23x04 - The Dark Knight

Knight launches a full on attack to get inside Nany's head and ends up tearing the house and his own relationship with Jemmye apart. And a pending elimination may spell the end for one of the house's budding romances.

Source: MTV

309 :23x05 - N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C

A trip into the Arena leaves two relationships in shambles. And after a trivia competition catapults challengers into the waters below, one team is forced to send members of their own alliance into elimination.

Source: MTV

310 :23x06 - Going Insane

The teams complete twisted challenges in the Insane Games, and Alton stirs up drama with the other competitors.

Source: MTV

312 :23x08 - Honey, I'm Homeless

• No Summary (Add Here)

314 :23x10 - A Woman Scorned

• No Summary (Add Here)

317 :23x13 - Reunion

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 24

After Show: The Dark Knight Rises


Marlon, Derek, Knight, Sarah, Aneesa and a surprise guest join Jonny Mosely to discuss unexpected hookups, two huge fights, and the competitors who went home this week.

Source: MTV

After Show: Mortuusequusphobia


Zach, Frank, Leroy, Theresa, and Wes join Jonny Moseley to discuss all the drama of episode 5, including the meltdown, love triangle, and the unexpected turn of events.

Source: MTV

After Show: Diemnesia


Challenge Veteran Paula Meronek and Pete Davidson of 'Guy Code' break down episode 9, and weigh in on all the drama.

Source: MTV

After Show: True Colors

Diem, Jemmye, Camila, Cooke, and CT discuss the drama surrounding the final female elimination.

Source: MTV

The S#!@ They Should Have Shown

Secrets from 'The Challenge: Rivals II' that only now are revealed. It's one hour of unseen hook-ups, out-of-control mischievous pranks and more.

Source: MTV

318 :24x01 - ChallengeMania: The Road to Rivals II

Hosts Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Kenny Santucci preview the new season of The Challenge and break down the biggest moments in the show's history. Commentary by Challenge cast favorites and Girl Code/Guy Code comedians.

Source: MTV
Guest Hosts: Nicole Polizzi as Herself

319 :24x02 - Rumble in the Jungle

16 pairs of rivals arrive in Thailand and the rookies cause trouble quickly, leading to a fight in the pool, two surprising hookups involving bad boy CT, and one competitor going home early- the fate of her partner up in the air.

Source: MTV
Songs: Bosley -- Disco Lights, Pance Party -- Fun Factory, The Kids Are Radioactive (feat. LexiconDon -- Higher, Madina Lake -- Let It Go, The Rocketboys -- Rare Triumph, Crud -- The Man Goes Down, The Boys Of Summer -- The People Want To Believe, Amber Pacific -- Three Words

320 :24x03 - New Girl

The rivals get closer than ever before in a sexy challenge that has each contestant literally tied upside down to each other. And one of the new girls has a freak out when her hookup with a veteran bad boy doesn't go as planned.

Source: MTV

321 :24x04 - The Dark Knight Rises

Just when one competitor gets comfortable exploring his sexuality, another person mocks him and sets off a huge fight. And when two Veteran girls get into it, one may end up leaving prematurely and could bring her partner with her.

Source: MTV

322 :24x05 - Mortuusequusphobia

When one competitor's ex starts flirting with another challenger, he gets jealous and throws her biggest phobia, ketchup, in her face, leading to an epic meltdown. The contestants face the most dangerous elimination ever.

Source: MTV

323 :24x06 - What The Phuket?!

One challenger gets homesick and takes his frustration out on everyone around him. A strategic fumble in voting leads one challenger to accidentally send her hookup into elimination.

Source: MTV

324 :24x07 - Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Serve

In tonight's challenge, competitors are forced to reveal their true feelings about each other, creating tension amongst the contestants. One team backstabs another, leading the whole house to wonder if they're trustworthy.

Source: MTV

325 :24x08 - Crossing Jordan

Frank unleashes his fury on Jordan causing uproar in the house. A cast member's flirtation leads to an unexpected hook up. At the challenge, the teams are physically SHOCKED into trusting each other.

Source: MTV

326 :24x09 - Thrilla in Camila

After a high-flying challenge a team goes ballistic when pushed by their exes. A surprising vote at deliberations breaks an alliance and questions one player's motives.

Source: MTV

327 :24x10 - Diemnesia

CT and Diem's romance finally ignites, and the final guys challenge launches an all-out intimidation war among Johnny, Wes and CT.

Source: MTV

328 :24x11 - True Colors

A game-changing win at the challenge has the losing female teams desperate to secure their spots in the final. After deliberations, Diem unravels when she realizes she had been manipulated throughout the entire game.

Source: MTV

329 :24x12 - Final Destination

The girls give it their all in the last elimination challenge. As the final six teams prepare for the final, TJ throws a curve ball, and two teams are sent home before the end of day one.

Source: MTV

330 :24x13 - The Island of Misfit Challengers

Day two of the final challenge forces the teams to leave the luxury of TJ's yacht and battle through the physically and mentally excruciating obstacles on Nightmare Island to rightfully earn the grand prize of $350K.

Source: MTV

331 :24x14 - Reunion

We get to the bottom of all the challenge rivalries when the 16 top competitors reunite LIVE on stage to get their last digs in. Hosted by Jonny Moseley.

Source: MTV
Guest Hosts: Jonny Moseley as Himself

Season 25

The Best of the Worst

• No Summary (Add Here)

Super Fan Special

• No Summary (Add Here)

333 :25x02 - Love in the Fast Lane

A blossoming romance comes to an end. Close friends fall out after a night of celebrating.

334 :25x03 - The Thumbsucker

Two contestants have a fake marriage and the whole house celebrates. One contestant is on their way home before a bar crawl challenge.

335 :25x04 - Power Coupling

Aneesa shows her distaste for Laurel and Jordan.

Source: MTV

336 :25x05 - Stripes

• No Summary (Add Here)

338 :25x07 - Pride Before the Wall

• No Summary (Add Here)

340 :25x09 - Best Friends For Never

One of the competitors suffers from a injury. A friendship breaks up.

341 :25x10 - Talk To The Hand

Two female contestants go head to head as part of a elimination challenge.

342 :25x11 - The $350,000 Pyramid

The players have one final elimination before heading to the final.

343 :25x12 - A Walk In The Clouds

The final competitors compete on an active volcano.

344 :25x13 - Reunion

The cast of the past season reunite to discuss their time on the show.

Season 26

EX-Tra Baggage

• No Summary (Add Here)

The Challenge After Show

The cast pays tribute to a beloved cast member; Nany confesses a secret crush on Bananas; Adam and Brittany discuss their dysfunctional relationship.

Source: MTV

The Challenge After Show (2)

• No Summary (Add Here)

Battle of the EX-iled Recap Special

Eliminated teams are given a second chance to rejoin the competition and a share of the $350,000 winnings.

Source: MTV

The Challenge After Show (3)

Johnny and Averey discuss their disastrous breakup and mutual hatred; Jay and Jenna are warned to watch their backs when they gain a new rival.

Source: mtv

The Challenge After Show (4)

Sarah and Jordan explain the controversial outcome; Nia answers for her inappropriate behavior; a preview of the final challenge.

Source: MTV

345 :26x01 - Where Is the Love?

Contestants learn they will be competing against their exes; new flirtations cause jealous tendencies.

Source: MTV

346 :26x02 - I Will Always Hate You

There is a budding romance in the house; tensions rise between veteren teams; a pair who cannot get over the past struggles to work together.

Source: MTV

347 :26x03 - Love Sick

Diem's condition forces her and CT to leave the game; past rivalries resurface; veteran teams are in the hot seat.

Source: MTV

348 :26x04 - Crazy Stupid Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

349 :26x05 - Love, Sweat, and Tears

• No Summary (Add Here)

350 :26x06 - Love Hurts

A difficult challenge shakes things up for the exes; one couple reaches their boiling point; a player's reputation may hinder their game.

Source: MTV

351 :26x07 - That's the Way Love Goes

The teams' confidence unravels after enduring a stressful trivia test; a power couple makes a risky move during nominations.

Source: MTV

352 :26x08 - You've Lost That Loving Feeling

The teams must jump from fast-moving semi-trucks; a veteran couple attempts to manipulate the other teams to ensure their safety.

Source: MTV

353 :26x09 - Total Eclipse of the Heart

The "Battle of the Ex-iled" reigning champions are revealed, and drama erupts, changing the dynamics of the game.

Source: MTV

354 :26x10 - Lovers in the Dark

The first night time challenge brings the teams to new heights; a power couple tears apart their alliance.

Source: MTV

355 :26x11 - Bye Bye, Love

As the teams travel to Norway, one player lashes out so badly, they may be sent home before the last elimination.

Source: MTV

356 :26x12 - The S... They Should've Shown

Unseen footage includes boys vs. girls prank wars, wild animals on the loose and Zach in his birthday suit.

Source: MTV

357 :26x13 - The Greatest Love of All

The remaining teams embark on the two-day final in an effort to win the prize money; contestants face brutal obstacles.

Source: MTV

358 :26x14 - Reunion

The top six teams reunite to discuss the biggest moments of the season, including challenge twists, hookups and rivalries.

Source: MTV

Season 27

The S#!@ They Should Have Shown

The cast shares unaired footage from the season.

Source: MTV

359 :27x01 - There Will Be Blood

• No Summary (Add Here)

360 :27x02 - Bad Blood

• No Summary (Add Here)

362 :27x04 - Corneesa

• No Summary (Add Here)

363 :27x05 - A House Divided

• No Summary (Add Here)

364 :27x06 - Dirty Little Secret

• No Summary (Add Here)

365 :27x07 - Blood Brothers

• No Summary (Add Here)

367 :27x09 - Blood Versus Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

368 :27x10 - Out for Blood

• No Summary (Add Here)

369 :27x11 - Tear Down This Wall

• No Summary (Add Here)

370 :27x12 - True Blood

• No Summary (Add Here)

371 :27x13 - Family Matters

• No Summary (Add Here)

372 :27x14 - Reunion

Bananas, Aneesa, Cara Maria and other cast members discuss hook-ups, fights and relationships on the show.

Source: MTV

Season 28

373 :28x01 - Mexican Standoff

Meet the veterans and rookies from The Challenge, The Real World, and Are You The One? as they discover that in order to win the $350,000 grand prize, they’ll have to work with their worst enemy.

Source: MTV

374 :28x02 - The Curse of the Black Skull

The cast ventures into The Elimination Jungle for the first time, which means alliances are forming, hookups are hot, and friendships are already falling apart.

Source: MTV

375 :28x03 - TBA

• No Summary (Add Here)

376 :28x04 - TBA

• No Summary (Add Here)
Classification: Reality
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Returning Series
Network: MTV ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 01, 1998
Episode Order: 14
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