Rookie Moves - Recap

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Jillian tells Kina that Susie and Cara were approached by some male members of the Veterans to throw alliances. The Rookie's are worried and plan to watch Susie and Cara at the mission the next day. The next mission is called team strength were the teams will need to push a big wooden ball down to one end and then push a truck back to the other side load it up with cement blocks and push it back again. Trick is they can have one person driving a stick shift and two others can push the truck with the other team members in the back of the truck. The challenge begins and the Veterans big wooden ball falls completely apart and they have to carry the pieces instead. The Rookies take a lead and are about half way back to fill the truck up with the blocks when they see the Vet's have caught up and it is neck and neck. Both teams struggle to push the truck with the other team members and the blocks when TJ informs them that they can add one female and one male to help push. Susie and Cara want to help push but Landon shoots them down and Susie and Cara don't know what is going on. The Rookies eventually get their truck moving while the Vet's are still struggling. The Rookie's make it back first and claim another $10,000. The Vet's try to figure out want went wrong and discover that Ace did not hold down the clutch and everyone is upset. At the deliberation meeting Ace volunteers himself into the Gauntlet because he feels the loss was his fault and he would be voted in anyways. TJ spins the wheel and it lands on Captains Choice. Derrick chooses Beach Brawl and Julie is skeptical if it was the right choice since Ace is much bigger than Derrick. At the Gauntlet Derrick draws first blood but Ace rebounds to take the second round. Ace says in the voice over he is taller then Derrick and it makes it hard for him to get under him and Derrick takes the third round and Ace has to win the fourth round to stay alive but Derrick proves to much for Ace and sends him packing. The Veterans are glad that Derrick is still their captain since he has really proven himself but is sad to see Ace go since he was always the life of the party.