Tire Me Up, Tire Me Down - Recap

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The gang is all out partying and many come home drunk which Jeremy finds a little disturbing. Jeremy doesn't feel that his team has time to mess around. The Veterans also discuss a way to get Beth off their team. Later the teams get their clue and the next day they head to their mission. This mission is a tire course type event expect in the air above water. Each team member must go across and release a tire increasing the difficulty for the next team member. If they fall they receive no points. The Veterans are up first and are doing well but Beth disappoints everyone by not only falling but not giving it much of a try either. The Rookies are up next and Ibis is first and doesn't complete the course and is upset in her performance but the rookies start sailing along until the last team member is up. Team Captain Alton is quick at first but after getting to a point in the tires where there are two tires missing he can't seem to get enough energy to push himself into the next tire and time runs out and the Veterans celebrate. At the Gauntlet Alton chooses Jeremy mostly because he feels like Jeremy hasn't had a moment where he really stood out. TJ comes in and spins the wheel and lands on "Capture the Flag" which Alton excelled at to send Adam home. They head to the Gauntlet and Alton once again makes quick work of the event and sends Jeremy packing.