Season 2

19 :02x01 - A New Hope

Sam deals with twenty escaped souls with only one vessel to use against them. The Devil is less than sympathetic when Sam appeals to him as a son to a father. Meanwhile, the guys discover they've been evicted from their apartment, and Andi refuses to resolve things with Sam.
Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Thomas as Alan Townsend | Eriko Tamura as Kristen (as Eriko) |
Co-Guest Stars: Hiro Kanagawa as Morris | Marilyn Norry as Sock's Mom | Reese Alexander as Beer Delivery Guy
Director: Stephen Cragg
Songs: The Hold Steady -- Constructive Summer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky -- Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, Joe Esposito -- You're the Best

20 :02x02 - Dirty Sexy Mongol

Sam tries to track down a 13th century Mongol warrior, but is more interested in tracking down the one soul who managed to successfully break a deal with the Devil. Meanwhile, Sock deals with his half-sister's new romance and Ben befriends a demon.
Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Thomas as Alan Townsend | Jenny Wade as Nina | Eriko Tamura as Kristen (as Eriko) | Michael Antonakos as Topher | Stacy Grant as Secret Seller | Christine Willes as Gladys the DMV Demon |
Co-Guest Stars: Tri Cao as Restaurant Host | Pesi Daruwalla as Older Customer | John Destry as Groundskeeper | Chris Nowland as Security Guard
Director: Ron Underwood
Writer: Kevin Etten
Songs: Chromeo -- Fancy Footwork

21 :02x03 - The Sweet Science

The Devil sends Sam to return a crooked boxer back to Hell, but the boxer asks Sam to make a deal. Meanwhile, Ben worries about letting the guys know that he's dating a demon, and the new manager of the Work Bench deals with Sock's scheme to get double-paychecks.
Guest Stars: Erik Palladino as Michael "Red" Sabatino | Jenny Wade as Nina | Stacy Grant as Corporate Representative |
Co-Guest Stars: Donald Adams as Carl | Laura Jaye as Barbara | Jonathan Bruce as Irish Tenor | Michael Bean as Dave - Grief Counsellor
Director: Tom Cherones
Songs: Frederick Weatherly -- Danny Boy, Oscar Brown Jr. -- Mr. Kicks

22 :02x04 - The Favorite

Sam discovers that he has a half-brother: Morgan another child of the Devil. The Devil wants to make sure Morgan turns out all right, and sends him to Sam for training. Meanwhile, Sock and Ted form an unlikely alliance, and Ben discovers that Nina is uncomfortable with him sexually.
Guest Stars: Armie Hammer as Morgan | Eriko Tamura as Kristen (as Eriko) | Jenny Wade as Nina | Christine Willes as Gladys the DMV Demon | Alex Diakun as Edmund Fitzgerald |
Co-Guest Stars: Brenda McDonald as Mary Ann Fitzgerald | C. Ernst Harth as Consignment Store Owner | Anna Cummer as Female Customer #1 | Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Female Customer #2 | Steve Maddock as Uniformed Cop
Director: Kevin Dowling
Songs: Eddie Baranek -- I Just Got Robbed

23 :02x05 - I Want My Baby Back

Sam captures an escaped soul, only to discover that she has left a baby behind... a baby that the Devil wants at all costs. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Andi about his and Sam's mutual father.
Guest Stars: Armie Hammer as Morgan | Eriko Tamura as Kristen (as Eriko) | Christine Willes as Gladys the DMV Demon | Alessandro Juliani as Father Ortega | Ken Marino as Tony |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Doerksen as Tracy | D. Garnet Harding as Matire'd (as Garnet Harding)
Songs: Jay and the Americans -- Come a Little Bit Closer, The Captain & Tennille -- Do That To Me One More Time, Leonard Cohen -- Halleujah

24 :02x06 - Underbelly

The Devil sends Sam to the small town of Dove Hollow to deal with an escaped soul that grabs people with its giant tentacles. He promises it'll be an easy mission and Sam take the gang along. Meanwhile, Nina finds Ben clingy, Sock and Kristen explore their relationship, and Andi has second doubts about Sam.
Guest Stars: Stephen McHattie as Sheriff | Eriko Tamura as Kristen (as Eriko) | Jenny Wade as Nina | Hiro Kanagawa as Morris | Marilyn Norry as Mrs. Wysocki |
Co-Guest Stars: Carrie Ruscheinsky as Millie | Sean Tyson as Lowell | John Shaw as Gus
Director: Stephen Cragg
Writer: Jeff Vlaming

25 :02x07 - The Good Soil

Billy, Sam's newest target, convinces Sam to let him have sex with a woman for the first time before he goes back to Hell. Meanwhile, Sock tries to break the news of his relationship with Kristen to his stepfather, Ben tries to overcome his fear of flying for Nina's sake, Sam tries to get back with Andi, and Morgan tries to bribe Sam to capture a soul for him.
Guest Stars: Armie Hammer as Morgan | Sean Patrick Thomas as Alan Townsend | Eriko Tamura as Kristen (as Eriko) | Jenny Wade as Nina | Jake Sandvig as Billy Boyland | Marilyn Norry as Mrs. Wysocki | Christine Willes as Gladys the DMV Demon | Hiro Kanagawa as Morris | Brendan Beiser as Photographer | Claudette Mink as Cindy | June B. Wilde as Therapist |
Co-Guest Stars: Heath Stevenson as The Ender
Writer: James Eagan
Songs: Extreme -- More Than Words

26 :02x08 - The Home Stretch

The Devil forces Sam and Morgan to compete against each other to recover an escaped soul: the winner sits at the Devil's right hand, and the loser loses... everything. Meanwhile, Sam tries to convince Alan how to break his contract with the Devil, and Ben tries to introduce Nina to his grandmother.
Guest Stars: Armie Hammer as Morgan | Lupe Ontiveros as Ben's Grandmother | Sean Patrick Thomas as Alan Townsend | Jenny Wade as Nina | Collette Wolfe as Olivia | Bill Dow as Funeral Director | Michael Adamthwaite as Bud Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Pesi Daruwalla as Pesi | Robin Mossley as Priest | Anthony Shim as Nate | Lisa Waines as Waitress
Songs: Katrina and the Waves -- Walkin' on Sunshine

27 :02x09 - No Reaper Left Behind

The Devil sends Sam to Sally, a Hellish tutor, so he can prepare for his role as the Devil's lieutenant. Sam figures Sally knows all about the Devil's secrets and sets out to seduce her. Meanwhile, an angry Nina goes after Ben for breaking up their relationship.
Guest Stars: Simone Kessell as Sally | Jenny Wade as Nina |
Co-Guest Stars: Pesi Daruwalla as Pesi | Robin Nielsen as Delivery Guy
Director: Tom Spezialy
Writer: Tom Spezialy
Songs: Cher -- Believe

28 :02x10 - My Brother's Reaper

The Devil gives Sam a new assignment, to get someone to provide his signature on the deal he made with the Devil. Meanwhile, Nina and Morgan both move in with the guys, and the two start flirting with each other. And Sock prepares to throw a bachelor party for Ted.
Guest Stars: Armie Hammer as Morgan | Jenny Wade as Nina | Michael Weaver (1) as Gary Martin | April Telek as TBD (as April Amber Telek) | Michael Ian Black as Steve | Ken Marino as Tony |
Co-Guest Stars: Pesi Daruwalla as Pesi | Chris Shields as Doctor | Jerry Getty as Corporate Rep | Zoltan Barabas as Demon | John Tierney as Butler | Holly Eglinton as Stripper Clown
Director: Ron Underwood
Songs: Warrant -- Cherry Pie, Rick Springfield -- Jesse's Girl

29 :02x11 - To Sprong, With Love

Sam's newest mission is to capture his old high school biology teacher, Mr. Sprong, who everyone hates. However, it turns out Sam is mistaken about who his target is, and the gang now has to deal with a kidnapping charge. Meanwhile, Nina goes into heat and Ben feels that he must prove his manhood by defending her against a demon who is drawn to her.
Guest Stars: Michael McDonald (1) as Mr. Elliott Sprong | Jenny Wade as Nina | Charlie Weber as Jordy Boone | Peter Benson (2) as Bargain Bench Manager | Matty Finochio as Xavier |
Co-Guest Stars: Doreen Ramus as Bargain Brandon | Michael Trigen as Cheesy Dude | Kai Kennedy as Little Kid | Michael Strusievici as Second Little Kid | Ben Wilkinson as Man in Suit | Ashleigh Gryzko as Pretty Woman | Jarrod Terrell as Young Man | Luisa Jojic as Young Woman | David Neale as Uniformed Cop #1 | Luvia Petersen as Uniformed Cop #2
Director: Jamie Babbit

30 :02x12 - Business Casualty

The Devil puts Sam to work in a company which it turns out is dedicated to corrupting human souls. However, when Sam discovers it has an active portal to Hell, he realizes he can use the portal to get a message back from his father, a message that is the key to reclaiming his soul. Meanwhile, Sock dates a demon who can transform into anyone he wants.
Guest Stars: Matt Champagne as Phil | Jenny Wade as Nina | Catherine Reitman as Maggie | Matthew Harrison (2) as Walter Randall | Ken Marino as Tony |
Co-Guest Stars: Lisa Marie Caruk as Avery | James Upton as Man in Suit | Darren Daurie as Janitor | Ellen Ewusie as Beautiful Female Customer | Serinda Swan as Hot Patron | Andrew Zacher as Demon #1 | Ben Geldreich as Demon #2
Director: Fred Gerber
Songs: Hep Cats -- Be My Baby

31 :02x13 - The Devil & Sam Oliver

Thanks to the scroll that Nina brought back from Hell, Sam learns the incantation he needs to challenge the Devil to a contest to free his soul. All Sam has to do now is find something he's good at. Meanwhile, Ben's grandmother insists that Nina undergo an exorcism, or he'll be banished from the Gonzalez family forever.
Guest Stars: Jenny Wade as Nina | Lupe Ontiveros as Ben's Grandmother | Christine Willes as Gladys the DMV Demon | Rachel Cronin as Mary Pat | Timothy Webber as Father O'Malley | Michael Ian Black as Steve |
Co-Guest Stars: Gustavo Febres as Jose | Pesi Daruwalla as Pesi | Paul Moniz de Sa as Roger
Director: Kevin Dowling
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 2007
Ended: May 26, 2009
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