What About Blob - Recap

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Sam, Sock, and Andi are working late and he has to close up while Andi heads out to the karoke bar. Ten minutes later he closes down the store but hears something and goes into Gardening to investigate. He finds the fence ripped open and the gate broken open. He spots a demonic shadowy figure… which resolves into a demonic delivery man with his contract. It’s a thousand pages long and the paperwork will take hours, messing up his plans for with Andi.

The next morning Sock wakes Sam up with Fruit Loops and finds out what happened. Sam gets up and promptly slips all over the place. Sock tows him into work and is forced to reveal that Andi got together with college kid Andi at the karoke bar last. Sam is depressed until he goes out to the parking lot and has lunch with Andi. He makes up a late excuse to explain why he wasn’t there and she doesn’t believe it.

Back in the Work Bench, the Devil calls Sam into the bathroom and teleports him into a sewer. The Devil suggests they “deal” with Greg but Sam persuades him otherwise. The Devil shows Sam several murder victims who slipped and fell to their deaths. The Devil agrees to point the way and leaves Sam on his own… where he slips again in a green goo. Sam follows the trail of goo up a ladder and onto the street. He spots a manlike figure walking nearby who is then hit by a car. The figure explodes into green goo and the car crashes. Sam finds out that the driver was a lawyer, Ed Fazio, and sees the goo reform and pour itself down into the sewer.

Sam checks in with Sock and Ben and picks up the new vessel box. Inside is… a Christmas sweater. They prepare to head into the sewer but Mr. Oliver shows up with Sam’s wallet and spots the contract. Guilty, he suggests that Sam set up a meeting with the Devil so he can take on the deal. Sam heads out but spots Andi with flowers from Greg. He can’t explain what’s going on but promises to be there at 7 that night to tell her what’s going on.

The guys head back to the sewers with Sam wearing the sweater. Sock and Ben advise against Sam telling Andi what’s going on. They find slime footprints and follow them out of the pipes and find themselves at a manor where there’s a political fundraiser. Sam tells the candidate, Robert Hartford, that Fazio is dead. Hartford isn’t interested and orders his men to take them away. Sock thinks Hartford is the soul and attacks him with the sweater. It doesn’t go well and the guys are taken away by the police.

Josie gets them out of jail in return for keeping them away from Hartford, who is running for city council. It turns out that Hartford’s father was dumping toxic waste and died. Sam figures Hartford’s father is knocking off his son’s rivals. He’s three hours later so Sam goes to see Andi while Sock and Ben go to Hartford’s place to find the sweater, figuring it’s in the trash. Andi is gone with Greg and the Devil is waiting for him in the car. The Devil has some dirt on Greg but Sam isn’t interested until the Devil reveals Greg has been dating twins. Sam resists the temptation and the Devil refuses to talk to Mr. Oliver.

Sam meets Ben and Sock, who have found a computer file indicating the other victims were part of the lawsuit against Hartford. They find the sweater but the soul attacks, engulfing Ben and dragging him away. Sock manages to drive it off and it escapes into the sewers.

Sam goes home where his father is waiting and is upset the Devil won’t wait with him. Mr. Oliver dedicates himself to going over the contract and finding a loophole. Sam meets with Josie to get info on Hartford and hears that she’s having a double date with Andi and Greg. He blurts out that Greg is seeing others and inadvertently knocks some coffee on the sweater. He sees it absorb the coffee and realizes how it works. Sock arrives and shows Sam the headline about a new DA, Gwynne Gilford, taking on the lawsuit. The guys go to her house and Sam spots goo on the pipes. They bust into the house and find Gilford in the shower as the goo oozes up the drain. They pull her out the soul escapes back down the drain before he can use the sweater on it.

They run down into the sewers and end up breaking a steam pipe, with Sam cut off from the others and the sweater. The soul emerges from a pipe and grabs him, so Sock dons the sweater and grabs the soul, absorbing it. The only problem is that the sweater is now frozen up like concrete… and Sock’s hugging Sam. They make their way to the DMV where Gladys extracts the sweater… with metal claws.

At the Work Bench, Andi knows about the “twins” and reveals they’re Sam’s sisters. Andi insists that Sam stay out of her private life and walks off. The Devil is waiting for Sam at home office and notes that he wasn’t going to let Sam tell Andi about their arrangement. He warns that it’s never good for mortals to get involved with him. Still, the Devil admits he thinks Sam should keep her safe, and he’s just looking after them. Meanwhile, Mr. Oliver goes through the contract… and secretly burns a page.