Leon - Recap

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Sam and the guys sneak up on an escaped soul, Leon, who is holed up in an apartment with anarchist assassination plans. Sock accidentally knocks over a hula girl statue, warning Leon who comes out blasting. Sam nails him with the vessel, a snow globe, and they head for the DMV. However, Gladys isn’t there to greet them and all of the staff are humans who have no idea what’s going on. They head back to the Work Bench where Ted is trying to whip up the Halloween spirit without much luck. Sam ends up volunteering to be a coupon pumpkin so that Andi doesn’t get stuck with the job. Andi ignores him because of his supposed lying about Greg and the twins.

In the break room, Sock figures out that Leon can still talk from inside the vessel and wants them to release him so he can go visit his therapist. Sam isn’t buying it and tries to talk to Andi, but she says she doesn’t know him and walks off. Sam spots a dog in the aisle and when he goes after it, gets teleported to a slaughterhouse. The Devil is subdued and bored, and complains that it’s Halloween where he’s reduced to a cheap joke. He gives all of his staff the time off as vacation and nothing gets done in Hell. He then shows Sam the slaughterhouse and talks about how a serial killer, the Butcher, slaughtered young women in the 1940s. When the corpses start come to life, Sam is teleported back to the Work Bench along with the dog, Spike, and a new vessel.

Sock still has Leon in the snow globe, having stolen it from Sam’s locker, and has been hitting the bars with the escaped soul as well as getting advice on his breastfeeding issues. Sam ends up handing out costumes but Sock gives him moral support by taking off his pants to reveal his own costume: Underwear Man.

The guys get out the newest vessel: a meat thermometer. Doing some Internet research, they find out the serial killer operated out of the Ballard neighborhood and head down that way. They figure out one person has gone missing and Sam recognizes the warehouse. They stake it out that night and encounter a giant dog-creature. They run into the slaughterhouse but the created tries to rip its way through the door and Sam loses the meat thermometer trying to stab it. Fortunately Spike shows up and chases the dog-creature away.

The guys go to the bar and Ben suggests that Leon really wants to repent. Leon wants to help them, saying he knew the Butcher when they were both in Hell. Sam heads home where the Devil is waiting for him, and advises Sam that all of his friends will abandon him.

The next day is Halloween and Sam still has no luck talking to Andi. He discovers that Sock has released Leon but the escaped soul wants to help. However, he has to link up with his contacts… at a Chinese restaurant, a strip bar, and a massage bar. Along the way, Sam turns on Sock for screwing up with the hula girl and letting Leon out. The two are sniping at each other when Leon finally guides them… back to the slaughterhouse. However, he knows about a secret basement area but forces Sam down there so he’ll die at the Butcher’s hands. Leon is okay with Sock, but Sock insists on going down with his friend and Leon forces them to give up the meat thermometer. Once downstairs, Sock figures out that Sam still has the snow globe. Sam throws it at the dog-creature, causing an explosion that blasts them up to the street where Leon has left the meat thermometer. Sam manages to grab it as the dog-creature comes at him and with some help from Spike, sends the Butcher back to Hell.

The guys track down Leon at his therapist and try to capture him. Leon takes Sock hostage but Sam, now confident, figures Leon really wants to change and won’t kill anyone. Leon surrenders and they put him back in the snow globe and take him back to the DMV. Gladys is there, recovering from her “vacation,” and sends the vessel down to Hell.

At the Work Bench, Sam asserts himself and talks to Andi, saying he doesn’t want to lose her friendship. She admits she doesn’t want to either and the two agree to head out for beers that night. The Devil, back to his old self, is out in the parking lot practicing his golf drives with pumpkins, and offers to take Sam out on the town since he was the only one of his employees who did anything. Sam passes, because he’s got plans with Andi and then Sock, and the Devil scoffs… until Sam points out he’s starting to know when the Devil is lying.