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Reaper: Ashes to Ashes

The Devil sends Sam to do some plumbing for Mimi, and Sam discovers that she's been unknowingly dating the Devil for 20 years. Meanwhile, Sam and the guys try to track down an escaped soul that possesses the cremated ashes of his victims to kill their relatives.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x9
Airdate: Tuesday November 27th, 2007

Director: James Head
Story: Tom Spezialy
Teleplay: Thomas Schnauz

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Comedy Central) Apr 03, 2009


Guest Stars
Robin MossleyRobin Mossley
As Mr. Negly
Jessica StroupJessica Stroup
As Cady Hansen
Lillian HurstLillian Hurst
As Ben's Grandmother
Melinda ClarkeMelinda Clarke
As Mimi Hansen

Co-Guest Stars
Marci T. HouseMarci T. House
As Mrs. Lambon (as Marci House)
Scott PateyScott Patey
As Cashier
Michael Robinson (1)Michael Robinson (1)
As Male Mourner
Sonia MaisSonia Mais
As Contest Winner #1
Leonard TenisciLeonard Tenisci
As Contest Winner #2
Michelle Hewitt-WilliamsMichelle Hewitt-Williams
As Contest Winner #3
Main Cast
Bret HarrisonBret Harrison
As Sam Oliver
Tyler LabineTyler Labine
As Bert "Sock" Wysocki
Rick GonzalezRick Gonzalez
As Ben Gonzalez
Missy PeregrymMissy Peregrym
As Andi Prendergast
Andrew AirlieAndrew Airlie
As John Oliver
Ray WiseRay Wise
As The Devil


Sam is at the counter of the Work Bench when the Devil turns up with a toolbox. He asks Sam to take it outside for him, and reveals that he wants Sam to do some plumbing work for him. He sends Sam to the house of Mimi, an attractive woman who jammed up her dishwasher. As Sam works on it, she shows him a photo of her boyfriend, Jerry… who turns out to be the Devil...

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Episode Notes
Donovan Stinson and Valarie Rae Miller don't appear.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Alex PainterBeautiful People 
All Night ChemistsNo Reason 
The DollyrotsTummy Tum Tum 
Earl GreyhoundIt's Over 
MinkTalk to Me 

Episode Quotes
The Devil: I need you to go handle some plumbing.
Sam: What, so now I’m your handy man? That’s not part of the deal.
The Devil: Actually it is. I own you, Sam. If I ask you to take out the garbage in Hell, that’s what you’ll do.

Sock: You know, if I was the Dark Lord, I would do the exact same thing. I’d have a mistress in every continent on the planet.
Sam: He probably does.
Sock: He probably does, doesn’t he?
Sam: Mm-hmm.
Sock: God he’s living the dream. I want to be the Prince of Darkness. No, uh, no, what’s below Prince?
Ben: Uh, Duke.
Sock: Duke. I want to be the Duke of Darkness. Maybe could you talk to him for me, set up a little internship, or…?
Sam: No.
Sock: Not even a chance?
Sam: No.

Andi: You guy must have done something enormously horrendous to get food court duty.
Sock: Oh, yeah. Some idiot posted a picture and profile of Ted on a bi-curious website. He totally blamed us.
Andi: Huh. You do it?
Ben: Of course.
Andi: Nice.

Sock: She’s acting like a dude. You know, anything gets too emotional or too hard, you just ignore it, right? Eventually it’ll go away. Which makes Andi even more perfect, if that’s possible. Except for the part where she ripped your heart out and stomped on it. That was rude and lame.

Sock: I get it, I know what you’re doing. You’re acting like a chick.
Sam: Shut… shut up!
Sock: Oh, no, I will not shut up. You are acting like a chick and she is acting like a dude. That is so sad, Sam. I don’t know whether to hug you or kill you out of mercy.

Sam: Why do you have to do that?
The Devil: Well, it’s kind of in my nature. You know, Supreme Spirit of Evil and all that?
Sam: Yeah, kind of like your nature to be an “a” hole.
The Devil: Oh, that’s beneath you, Sam. You know names hurt.

(at a funeral)
The Devil: I enjoy spending time at these… ceremonies.
Sam: Right.
The Devil: Yes, people start asking questions. “Why would God do this?” “Is there even a God?” I like to be here and try and provide some answers.

Sock: Oh man, the Devil and I have the exact same taste in women. Is she really flexible, too?

Ben: Excuse me, but I’m not ashamed of my family in any way, okay? They’re not the ones that embarrass me.
Sock: And what are you embarrassed by, Ben, huh? (picks inside his ear) Oh my god, can you believe I pulled that out of my head?
Sam: Wait a second. Are you ashamed of Sock?
Ben: Half right.

Sock: No, no, nothing is impossible. Illegal, yeah, stupid, most definitely, but not impossible.

The Devil: I made no promises. My conscience is clear.
Sam: You don’t have a conscience.
The Devil: Oh yeah, that’s right, what a break.

Sock: (about Andi) You need to ask her out again, and again, and again. All right? You need to be persistent, like the ocean. Little waves of Sam crashing on the shores of Andi until she gradually wears down.
Sam: Or she gets a restraining order.

Sock: We got presents! Look. Bought your grandmother a book. It’s in Spanish.
Ben: It’s French.
Sock: What? Oh. Well, you know, it’s never too late to learn a new language.

Sam: I think you really cared about her.
The Devil: Want to see how much I cared about her? (snaps his fingers) She’s dead.
Sam: What?
The Devil: That’s right. With the snap of my fingers, Mimi just got hit by a bus. Gruesome. Can’t tell her from the pavement. And that’s on you, buddy.
Sam: You sick son of a…
The Devil: Oh, calm down, hero. I’m screwing with you. (chuckles) Mimi’s fine.

Ben: The Devil has a child. You know, I never thought the Devil had genitals.
Sock: What, like a Ken doll?

Sock: This Satan’s trying to get you to hook you up with his daughter, you know, I bet she wants your man seed.
Sam: What? No.
Sock: Yeah, sure, think about it. You knock her up, right, the Devil has a little Sam baby running around catching souls for him when he grows up. After, you know, you kick. (pauses) Which I hope will not be for a very long time.

Episode Goofs
Ben's grandmother stabs Sam in the right hand, but as he runs into the community center you can briefly see the bandage on his left hand, before it switches back to the right for the rest of the episode.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMichele Fazekas  |  Tara Butters
Executive ProducerMichele Fazekas  |  Tara Butters
Set DecoratorShane Vieau
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