Hungry for Fame - Recap

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Sock and Ben are at Sock’s house testing how well two pairs of pants protect against BB guns (with Ben as the test subject) when Sock’s mom returns from Las Vegas. She greets her son and then introduces Morris, a Japanese tourist dressed as a cowboy.

Sam and Cady are at Sam’s room making out when she notices the necklace on the dresser, the one he unsuccessfully tries to give Andi as a birthday gift. She figures he meant it for him and Sam ends up giving in rather then trying to explain. They’re interrupted when Sock comes in to grumble about how depressed he is, and ask Sam to hold his BB gun since he may have shot his new father. Sock hangs around the Oliver household, griping about his mother to the entire family. However, when he and Sam go into work, Sam ends up telekinetically shoving him into a Christmas tree. Sock wants to go again, while Andi wants to get Sam to make a workman’s comp claim to mess with Ted’s mind.

Sam moved me with his mind.

Sam is working in the back when the Devil teleports him to the docks. The police are taking a partially eaten decapitated corpse out of the water and the Devil explains that Sam’s new target is Phillip Carmona, a cannibal who strikes when it’s dark and likes to always finish his meals. He then goes over to a musician, Ryan Milner, who is (badly) singing songs about his ex-girlfriend Rachel. The Devil offers Ryan a new career as a rock star and Sam tries to stop him. The Devil, cheerfully admitting he’s an amoral individual, shoves Sam off the dock and back to the Work Bench. A box holding the new vessel is waiting for him there.

Cady comes in to see Sam and Andi gets him to ask her over. It doesn’t go well, particularly when Andi sees Cady seeing the necklace. She stalks off angry and once Cady realizes what’s going on, she gives back the necklace and tells Sam to leave her alone. Sam goes to see Sock and Ben and complain, but also try to figure out a way to get Ryan from signing a deal with the Devil. He doesn’t want to see someone else get sucked into the same problems he has. While waiting for sunset, they check the docks and realize that Ryan is performing to a sold out crowd at the local arena.

You know, Ryan, I bet you and I can make a deal that will be extremely beneficial for the both of us.

That night Sock uses an ID badge he stole from ex-girlfriend Josie and (badly) forges it. Sam discovers that the new vessel is a spear gun. They go into the morgue but the attendant confiscates their badges after realizing their imposters. They go out and cover the doors, but spot the morgue attendant, actually Carmona, chowing down on his victim. They give chase but he evades them and escapes into the night.

The next day, Sam is working when he finds a (fake rubber) finger in a box of screws. The Devil is playing yet another practical joke, and boast that he’ll have Ryan signed in no time. He also suggests that Sam talk to Carmona’s mother. The guys go to her house and pretend they were with him at summer camp. She invites them in and serves pie, and Sock is impressed with how she’s a “real” mother. When asked she mentions that she thought she’s seen her son hanging around the house even though he’s dead.

The guys figure Carmona will return to the house that night and while they wait, Sam goes to check on Ryan at the arena. Ryan hasn’t signed anything yet and doesn’t believe Sam about the Devil. He figures that even if he was giving away his soul, it’s worth it for a chance at the top. Sam gets into his car to find the Devil waiting to thank him: convincing people he’s the Devil is the hardest part, but Sam has broken the news, making the deal easier.

Enjoy it, Sam, at least try to flip it into a three-way, that’s what I’d do.

Josie goes to the Work Bench and tries to find out why they had her badge and what they’re up to. The guys stick together with the exact same story and Sock declares a victory. Sam manages to get Cady to meet him and she asks him if he still has feelings for Andi. He denies it and she seems satisfied.

The guys watch Mrs. Carmona’s house while Sock’s mom keeps trying to call him. He refuses to take the calls, figuring she just wants to get him on her side. He goes in for pie and discovers that Carmona has eaten his mother. Furious, Sock chases him outside and starts attacking him, until Carmon reverts to his demonic cannibal form. He throws Sock off but Sam nails him with the spear gun.

Jerry is the Devil, and he’s trying to get you to sell your soul, okay?

The guys head back to the bar where Andi and Josie are hanging out. Sam apologizes to Andi and she apologizes for acting like a jerk. However, back with Josie she admits she’s still not happy, while Josie is furious that they’ve put one over on her. The guys start talking about the scariest souls they’ve captured and Sam gets an idea.

The trio goes to the arena and Sock lures Ryan into the loading dock where Sam has freed Carmona. They try to use some bacon on a string and provoke him into turning demonic so that Ryan can see what he’s getting into. Carmona doesn’t take the bait... until Ryan waves his hand in front of Carmona’s face. Carmona rips off his hand and then runs away. Sam follows and corners him on the stage, but Carmona grabs him and prepares to eat him. Sam manages to telekinetically shove him off and then return him to the vessel once and for all.

Sam goes to visit Ryan at the hospital where they’ve sewn his hand back on. Fortunately, Ryan doesn’t remember anything and thinks a bear mauled him. He’s disappointed that the Devil isn’t taking his calls and his rock-n-roll career is over. Sam reveals that he convinces Ryan’s ex, Rachel, to visit him. Ryan vows to give up his music (not that he has much choice: he’s lost all feeling in his fingers), and the happy couple is reunited.

Touched by Mrs. Carmona’s love for his son, Sock tries to make amends with his mother and accepts her new husband. However, she decides it’s time to kick him out of the house and has turned his room into a pottery studio.

Cady visits Andi at the Work Bench and wants to make sure Andi doesn’t have feelings for Sam any more. Cady admits that she had a boyfriend in high school who dumped her. She cheerfully talks about how she got a big knife and prepared to kill the girl, but settled for puncturing her tires. She says she and Andi should get together later and departs, leaving a very nervous Andi.

Sam is working when the Devil comes in and congratulates him on “winning,” and that he isn’t mad. Sam is reluctant to admit to anything but with a little prodding, he finally agrees that it feels good to have returned a soul to Hell and kept a new one from going there. In response the Devil brings down every shelf in the store. He warns Sam that he’s not mad: just disappointed. Sam definitely doesn’t want to see him when he’s mad.