The Sweet Science - Recap

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Ben goes to Nina’s lair with flowers and feels blood drip on his arms. He notices she has blood on her hands but she explains it’s takeout. He wants to go over their fake story of how they met since he’s reluctant to tell Sam and Sock that his new girlfriend is a demon. Nina isn’t thrilled with the idea and insists she was doing the right thing by trying to kill the Devil’s right-hand man. Ben convinces her that they’ll the guys who she really is once they’re more comfortable with her.

The Work Bench corporate representative addresses the employees and informs them that they’ve selected to choose Andi as the new manager. She starts off with a contest and draws the name of Les Nessman. Sock collects the certificate on his behalf and promises that Les will get it later. Later, Sam visits Andi and congratulates her, assuring her that nothing will change between them. However, when she asks if Sam knows Les Nessman, he makes a quick exit. Ben tells Sam and Sock about Nina.

As Sock drags Ben off to make drinks, Sam starts to set up and the Devil teleports him to an AA meeting. The Devil is busy convincing the AA members to go buy drinks to resist temptation. Once they’re gone, the Devil gives Sam his new vessel, a pair of boxing gloves, and tells him his next target is Michael “Red” Sabatino, a boxer from the 50s who took a dive and got driven out. All Sam has to do is land one punch on the chin.

The guys and Andi meet with Nina at the bar. sock mentions Cassidy, Ben’s previous girlfriend who left Ben when he went to prison over his green-card marriage. Nina points out he has poor judgment in women. When Sam asks if anyone wants his hamburger, Nina stabs it with a knife.

Sam and Sock go to the gym where Red is exercising. Sam introduces himself and Red invites him into the ring. They box and Sam quickly goes down.

Back at the Work Bench, Andi asks Sock who Les Nessman is. She finally points out that Sock is Les: they’ve clocked in at the same time, and Sock used the gift certificate. Sock admits he’s been scamming the store to collect an extra paycheck, and Ted was too stupid to figure it out. Andi tells Sock that he’s going to have to shut down the scam. Sock tells her that he’ll take care of it.

Nina comes to visit Ben and give him a geode from Hell as a gift. He wants to talk about her stabbing Sam’s hamburger and asks if she’s dating him to get to Sam. She assures him she isn’t and Ben reluctantly accepts her assurances. Meanwhile, Sock decides to train Sam in evasive action, using a pitching machine. Sam starts to do well until Ben opens fire as well.

Back at the gym, Sam worries about what’s coming up and Sock tries to goad him into losing his focus. Once Sam does, Sock points out that Sam needs to break Red’s focus. Sam decides to give it a try and Red accepts a rematch. Sam manages to stay ahead of Red and then taunts him over the match he threw. Red snaps and punches Sam repeatedly. Sock comes after him with a chair and tells Sam to run, but Sam trips on the ropes and knocks himself out.

Red and the guys decide to go get a beer and Sock congratulates Red on his boxing skill. Red apologizes, explaining he has problems with his temper but he’s trying to overcome it. Red laments about how he disgraced himself and disgraced the game, but he got too greedy. Red plans to change that: he’s training for the first of seven matches. He makes Sam a deal: he wins the title in two years then surrenders himself. Sam agrees to tell the Devil about his deal.

Later at the Work Bench, Andi tells Sock that Corporate got a call from Les Nessman, who threatened to file a sexual harassment suit against her. Sock figures that she’s off the hook because she can’t fire “Les,” but now she has to go to an anti-harassment class. Outside, Ben and Sam are moving carts when Nina drives up and runs into the carts. They duck out of the way and she apologizes, saying she hasn’t been driving very long. Ben accuses her of trying to kill Sam and Nina admits she’s a demon. Sam realizes she’s the demon who tried to kill him. He hauls Ben in and meets with Sock to lay the whole thing out. Sam insists they’re all in danger and tells Ben he has to break up with Nina.

Andi goes to Sam and asks if he knew about Sock’s scam. She snaps at him and warns she can’t screw around with them any more. Sam tells her that she can’t be the adult with Sock. Ben comes in to tell Sam he’s going to drop Nina.

Sam goes to see the Devil, who is dealing with the last AA member by giving him a bottle of booze as a gift. After he’s gone, Sam describes Red’s offer but the Devil isn’t interested. Sam realizes the Devil is the one who bribed Red to throw the fight, but the Devil insists he just gave Red the choice. He tells Sam he’s got one week to capture Red and departs.

Ben meets with Nina at a fancy restaurant and she apologizes for accidentally almost hitting Sam. He regretfully tells her that he has to break up with her. Nina starts losing control of her human form and cries tears of acid. She wonders if he sees her as a monster and Ben can’t deny it, and then leaves.

The next day at the Work Bench, Sam and Sock discover that Corporate has sent a squad of grief counselors. Andi informs everyone that Les Nessman died in a tragic toilet accident. Sock breaks into tears.

Sam goes to the gym and tells Red that the Devil isn’t interested in any deals. Sam tells Red to run but Red insists that this is his chance to make up for throwing his life away. If he can win the title, it will wash away all of his mistakes. The Devil arrives and tells them that either Sam dies or Red goes back to Hell. Red attacks Sam and gets him into a clinch, and whispers to Sam to take the shot. Red drops back and lowers his guard, and Sam punches him on the chin, capturing him in the vessel. The Devil congratulates Sam, who pulls off the gloves and walks off.

The next day, the grief counselors are helping Ben deal with the loss of his girlfriend. They talk to Ben and ask him once and for all if he thinks Nina tried to murder Sam. Ben insists that he believes her and Sam accepts his judgment and tells Ben it’s okay to get back with Nina. Ben goes back to Nina’s lair and she lifts him up into the air. Ben apologizes and she puts him back down and forgives him.

Sam and Andi go to the bar to find out that Sock is holding a wake for Les and collecting a donation. He (loudly) convinces Andi to chip in some money where everyone can see her. Sam spots the Devil at the bar and goes to talk to him. The Devil advises Sam to accept his fate and remember that the Devil always win. Sam tells him that Red threw the fight so he could go back to Hell doing something worthwhile. Red got his wish, and Sam points out the Devil did something good.