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My Brother's Reaper - Recap

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Sam and the guys return to Sock's home and discover that Nina is waiting there. She tells them that she's moving in with them, and Ben has been stalling trying to find the right time to tell them. Sock doesn't want any women moving in and Sam backs him up. Nina wonders if Sam doesn't like her because of the time she kissed him. Ben is shocked but Nina explains that it was her fault and she's the one who did the kissing, because she thought Sam was evil. Now she has to admit that he's blah and white bread. Ben admits she's right and accepts that she isn't interested in Sam any more. He convinces Sock and Sam to let Nina move in with them.

Later, as Sam takes the garbage out, Morgan ambushes him. In the fight, Sam hurts his leg. Morgan tries to strangle him but finally gives up, saying he doesn't have the killer instinct. He apologizes to Sam, since it isn't Sam's fault that the Devil stripped everything from Morgan. When he admits he doesn't have any friends willing to put him up, Sam offers to let him stay at Sock's house.

Everyone likes Morgan, even though he sits at the breakfast table in his underwear. As he boasts of all the self-centered and egotistical things he's done, Nina starts to find him attractive, and Morgan likes the fact she's a demon.

Sam is working when the Devil comes by with a new car. He tells Sam to deliver the car to Gary Martin and make sure that he signs the paperwork. Later in the store, Tony stops by with his baby daughter but the guys realize he's looking tired. They offer to take him out for a night while he leaves his daughter with a babysitter, and Tony agrees. Ted then gets up on a counter and announces over the PA system that he's getting married. Sock offers to help set up an ultimate bachelor party and Ted agrees.

Sam arrives at Gary's manner and drops off the car, then goes in to get the paperwork signed. Gary is living in luxurious excess and abuses his employees. However, he refuses to sign the papers, explaining they're the final contract for selling his soul to the Devil. Sam doesn't believe him, and Gary unleashes his pet bear, Barry Manilow, to chase Sam away. Sam climbs over the fence, reinjuring his leg. At the hospital, the Devil arrives and tells him that he didn't explain what Sam was actually doing because he figured Sam would blow it. He tells Sam he has no choice but to get Gary's signature, and that Gary's an evil jerk so Sam has no reason to feel guilty or reluctant.

Sam goes to see Andi and tells her what's happening. She's interested and admits she misses when she helped Sam recapture souls. Meanwhile, Ben and Sock are making bachelor party plans. Sock wants to hire strippers, Ben wants to hire clowns because it's a party. They finally decide to hire stripper clowns. Ted comes over to tell them the wedding's off. Linda thought his proposal was a joke. Sock insists that Ted should have a party anyway and Ted agrees.

Sam has Sock and Ben go in as deliverymen to get Gary to sign for bear food. Once he signs, Sam springs out of the truck, but Gary reveals he signed using an alias. He boasts that he plans to repent on his deathbed and avoid the Devil's clutches, then tells them to leave before he brings the bear out again.

Things between Morgan and the others grow tense when Sock discovers Morgan has eaten all the cereal and recorded over their soap operas. Ben and Nina come back from a run and Morgan flirts with Nina, who seems interested. Once she goes to take a shower, Ben calls him on it and Morgan assures him it's bros before hos. However, Morgan then sneaks over to the bathroom. The door is open and Nina figures he wandered in by accident and is less than discouraging.

On their night out, Tony is too busy checking on his daughter every few minutes. Once he's off the line, Sam tells him about his new assignment. Tony warns that helping the Devil obtain souls is definitely crossing a line. Sam admits that he's become too used to taking the Devil's orders and resolves not to do it. Tony then leaves, but invites them to a gathering he's having at his apartment. They arrive to find a group of demons, what's left of the rebellion, all commemorating Steve the Demon by reading his favorite books and watching his karaoke recordings. Tony explains that since Steve ascended to Heaven, the demons have decided there is hope for them and are doing everything Steve did, following "the Path of Steve." However, when Nina comes in Ben pulls her off to the side and demands to know why she's keeping secrets. Nina admits she made a mistake by not telling him, but she's trying to become a better demon. Ben accepts her apology but tells her no more secrets.

The next day, Sock asks Andi if he can use the Work Bench for the party. When she refuses because it's company policy, Sock convinces her that she's no fun any more and no one likes her, and this is her chance to get back to her old life. Andi agrees to let him have the party.

That night, the Devil teleports Sam to a home makeover party where he's making middle-aged women beautiful again with botulism injections. Sam tells him he's not going to help the Devil get Gary's soul, and that Gary is planning a deathbed repentance. Hearing that, the Devil puts his new plan in motion: sending a hit man to kill Gary before he can repent.

Sam is worried about doing the wrong thing and calls a house meetings. Ben and Sock figure he'll do the right thing and move on to more important business: kicking Morgan out of the house. Sam goes to tell Morgan, who's been listening in and knows all about it. Sam suggests Morgan enjoy the fact he's no longer obliged to the Devil, and that he needs to find a goal in life. Afterward, Sam goes to see Gary and warn him. However, Gary has no idea how to go about repenting so Sam decides they need some help.

That night, the bachelor party goes off as planned and the stripper clowns are a big hit. Andi comes in and decides to loosen up and start drinking. Unfortunately, two Work Bench executives come in to check out the party. Ted admits he called them because rules are rules, even though it was the greatest party of his life. As the executives call Andi into her office, Sock warns Ted that he'd better start running.

Back at the house, Nina starts hitting on Morgan, saying she wants to be with a bad boy. However, she grows reluctant and admits she's trying not to be so fixated on creeps. Morgan switches tacks and says he isn't, so Nina asks him to come to a prayer meeting with her.

Sam has taken Gary to Tony's apartment to get advice on how to repent. Gary doesn't believe a word of it at first. However, the recording of Steve performing karaoke changes and Steve tells Gary to listen. Tony and Sam don’t see anything unusual and Steve explains to Gary that only he can see and hear the former demon. He has Gary perform his signature double butt-squeeze on Tony to prove Steve really exists, and then tells Gary to warn Sam. It's too late: Morgan comes in with Nina, and then draws a gun and prepares to shoot the rebels. He figures that he can get back on the Devil's good side. However, Nina transforms to her demon-self, knocks him down, and the other demons rip him apart. As they take Morgan's corpse away, Tony and Nina explain that they're obliged to kill all of the Devil's offspring to avoid Armageddon. However, Gary passes on Steve's explanation that Sam has his own destiny and is off-limits. Gary then says he's giving everything to the poor and leaves.

Ben is waiting for Nina when she and Ben come home. She explains that her flirting was a ruse: her job was to get Morgan to Tony's apartment so the demons could kill him. Ben is happy to hear that his demon assassin girlfriend is loyal to him. Sock comes out to get a shoe belonging to the clown stripper he has in his room.

The Devil teleports Sam back to the makeover party and isn't thrilled that Gary has redeemed himself. He asks what happened to Morgan and Sam says he didn't kill his half-brother. After a few tense moments, the Devil congratulates Sam on his talent for fratricide. He warns that Morgan is now in Hell and if he ever escapes, Sam is in big trouble.

Sam and Andi get together behind the Work Bench and Andi admits that she got demoted because of the party. However, she's happy not to have to deal with the stress any more and she's glad to be back as just one of the guys.