I Want My Baby Back - Recap

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Evening at the Work Bench, and Sam gets Sock into the car to tell him a secret: Sam’s dead father is in the back seat. He apologizes for upsetting Sock and explains that he made a deal with the Devil so he wouldn’t die, so now he can’t. Sock wonders why Sam wanted him there, until Sam points out that Ben is coming out. Sock has Mr. Oliver hide and then invites Ben to come, and Ben is suitably freaked out.

Back at Sock’s house, Kristen is practicing karaoke while Sock admires her. Ben suggests he not sexualize his half-sister, but Sock can’t resist. At the Work Bench, the Devil rams Sam’s lawn mower with one of his own, then gives Sam a stake as the vessel to deal with the newest escaped soul, Tracy Reed. The Devil knows about Sam’s father being back and points out that Sam shouldn’t feel bad because Mr. Oliver sold him to the Devil. The Devil notes that Mr. Oliver screwed Sam over and gives him a file on Reed, who thinks she’s a vampire.

The guys go to the house address in the file and find Tracy. She says they can’t touch “it,” bares her fangs, and attacks Ben and Sam. Sock tries to sneak away and she attacks him, and Sock manages to stake her. The guys spot a carriage, a rattle, and a baby book, and then hear crying upstairs. They go to investigate and find a baby.

The guys take the stake to the DMV and hand it over to Gladys. She explains that some souls escape from Hell to have their baby, but all they can do is take care of it. Gladys suggests that Sam get some ideas from Andi.

Andi is at her office dealing with Ted, who isn’t happy that she took down her motivational posters. He has an envelope for her: an unsigned dinner invitation. Ted suggests she might be stressed and that it might be the fact she’s a woman. She orders him out.

The guys are trying to learn parenting tips by watching Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, without much success. Ben suggests they need mother’s milk and Kristen comes in. Sock is jealous as Kristen cradles the baby to her breasts. Ben calls Sock off and tells him he’s out of control and needs help. He suggests either racquetball exercise or chemicals, and Sock hates exercise so chemicals it is.

Tony the Demon drops by to warn Sam that demon assassins are on the way. He hears the baby and points out they need to take better care of her. Tony is good with the girl and wonders if it was fate that brought him there. He decides to adopt her and names her “Stevie,” since having a child was one of his dreams with Steve.

Andi arrives at the restaurant to find Morgan waiting for her. He’s rented the entire place just for their date. She prepares to leave and Morgan wonders if she’d stay if Sam wasn’t in the picture. Andi points out he’s arrogant, rude, and a son of the Devil. Morgan wonders why she’s so upset at the idea of dating a son of the Devil and then realizes she doesn’t know.

Kristen is rehearsing again as Sock stares, and Ben checks to make sure his chemical castration appointment is later that day. They hear a tap outside and see Mr. Oliver setting up badminton net in the backyard. Mr. Oliver admits he has lots of free time, what with being dead and all. Sam, vaguely disturbed, says he has to go to work. When he arrives at the Work Bench, Andi asks him if he has any little details he’d like to tell her. When he balks, she says she knows about his real father. Sam admits he was going to tell her… sometime, when he was sure she wouldn’t freak out. Andi doesn’t agree and fires him. Sam points out she can’t do that, so she puts him on dumpster duty, hits him, and spills coffee for him to pick up. Sam chases after her and goes through a door, but finds himself in the Devil’s office. The Devil explains they’re missing one soul that slipped through the cracks: the baby. He wants the baby back and when Sam is reluctant, warns that the baby is evil. When Sam says they gave the baby away, the Devil tells him to get it back in 24 hours… or he’ll do it himself.

Sock gets the pills but wants to hold onto his manhood for a couple of more hours. Sam gets hold of Tony and has set up a lunch date. Mr. Oliver comes up to them and asks if they want to hang out. When they beg off, he asks to speak to Sam privately. He insists that Sam is shirking his family responsibilities, and Mrs. Oliver doesn’t want him and thinks it’s all his fault. Sam points out that it is Mr. Oliver’s fault, and then explodes, saying Mr. Oliver isn’t his real father. Mr. Oliver admits he isn’t allowed to explain anything to Sam because of his deal, but that Sam should remember who raised him. Sam tells him he has to send a baby to Hell as part of his duties and leaves.

The guys enjoy lunch at Tony’s place as he talks about all of Stevie’s milestones. Sock complains about the salad’s lack of shitake mushrooms and Tony offers to get some. The guys also suggest he get some fresh tomatoes and Tony prepares to leave with Stevie to get some. The guys say they’ll watch Stevie and once Tony is gone, Sam prepares to stake her. He can’t bring himself to do so and wonders if the Devil is trying to trick him. They try to sing it to sleep so Sam wont’ feel so bad. However, Tony returns and sees them, and reverts to his devil form and attacks them. When Sam tries to explain, Tony insists the Devil is lying. He promises that he’ll raise Stevie to be good. Ben suggests they have to make the Devil not want the baby, by having it baptized. That will wash away the baby’s sin, they hope, and Tony agrees.

Ben arranges for an emergency baptism and the guys call Andi in to pass as the baby’s mother. Father Ortega greets them and Tony shows Stevie off to Andi. He explains that Sam will be acting as the father since he can’t step onto consecrated ground. When Andi mentions about Sam being the Devil’s son, Tony explains that Steve appeared to him and assured him that Sam isn’t evil.

As they go in, Andi worries about Sam and he isn’t totally sure either, but tells her to run if she sees him turning evil. Father Ortega calls them together and has them sign the ledger. As they do, the baby carriage turns and rolls down the aisle on its own. They run to grab it but only Sam gets through the doors before they close on its own. Sam goes after the carriage as it rolls into traffic and makes it to the other side, and into an empty storefront shop. It continues into a backroom where a fiery pit appears in the floor. Sam grabs it just in time but the Devil arrives to take the baby.

Sam refuses to give Stevie up but the Devil figures that Sam sees the baby as himself. The Devil is sure the baby is destined for evil, and nature always wins. Sam suggests if she’s that terrible, the Devil should let Stevie stay on Earth and deliver more souls to the Devil. The Devil considers it… and then hands Stevie over to Sam. However, he admits that he doesn’t buy Sam’s story and knows how it will turn out… for Stevie and Sam. The Devil wants to see the look on Sam’s face when he finds out Stevie is evil.

Sock is back to watching Kristen and considering his pills. He drinks them… then Kristen startles him and he spits them out. Sock vaguely explains he needs the pills to tame his spirit so he can be a better brother. Kristen throws them away rather than have him change. She says she’ll do anything for him… and Sock has her play racquetball against him to vent his urges.

Morgan visits Andi at the Work Bench and says he’s surprised she’s still dating Sam. Andi defends Sam and Morgan says he admires her for being able to recognize evil. He warns that it’s hard to see evil when you’re in love, and undermines her confidence before leaving.

Mr. Oliver takes Sam to the storage facility where he’s going to stay from now on. Sam admits he can’t stay mad at Mr. Oliver, who says Sam is a good son. Sam and the guys move Mr. Oliver into Sock’s garage inside a freezer. He thanks them and they quickly leave.