Underbelly - Recap

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Sam and Sock at the Work Bench watching videos of Japanese bug fighting matches. When Sock goes to get some snacks, the Devil arrives with a video camera and starts taking footage of Sam. He then switches to a tape of a man running from a mine entrance, then being pulled back by a giant tentacle. The Devil explains the tentacle belongs to Mordecai Nash, an escaped soul that in life lured unsuspecting victims into his silver mine outside Dove Hollow. Now he's using his Hell-born powers to kill more people. The Devil orders Sam to Dove Hollow but assures him it'll be an easy assignment and he could even take his friends. He even gives Sam a particularly useful vessel: a hand grenade. All Sam has to do is throw it from a distance. Sam accepts the Devil's assurances that it should be a piece of cake.

Ben is admiring Nina at her lair, after spending the weekend together. Nina starts to find him clingy and makes a hasty exit. She goes to the Work Bench, notices Andi has been invited to Dove Hollow, and complains to Andi. Nina admits she loves Ben but is used to dating demonic bad boys. She figures Andi knows all about it. When Andi admits she doesn't, Nina points out that she's dating the Devil's son and that there must be some evil in him.

Nina turns down Ben's invite but Sam brings Andi and Sock brings his half-sister Kristen to Dove Hollow. There's no one outside and Sock and Kristen go to get a room. The desk clerk, Gus, greets them but admits they only have three rooms with one bed each. An unsuspecting Kristen agrees to sleep with Sock in a single bed, viewing him as a brother. As he gives them the keys, Lowell says they should see the silver mine.

Sam and Andi go to the diner for lunch and the waitress, Millie, pops up from behind the counter. As she gets them their food, she also pushes the idea they should see the silver mine.

At the saloon, Ben meets the owner, Lowell, who suggests he see the mine. Sock leaves Kristen at the hotel and they compare notes, and figure everyone in the town is working with Mordecai. Sam figures they're out numbered and suggests they leave, but they discover their car is gone. They talk to the sheriff, who says he had it towed. He tells them they can get it the next day but is eager to have them stay the night. The sheriff brings up the topic of Hell and whether Sam believes in it, and Sam makes a quick exit.

Ben is trying to call Nina and Andi suggests that he might want to tone it down a bit. She and Sam then go up to the mine and realize that it stretches for miles beneath the town. Sam says he might have to try and talk the Devil into dropping the assignment, and Andi notes he's comfortable talking with the Devil. Sam gets out a picnic lunch and then tries to open a wine bottle using his on-again/off-again Hell powers. Andi points out he seems to like using his powers and capturing souls, and Sam begins to realize the Devil set it up so Andi would start to fear him. When he gets angry, the wine bottle shatters. Andi wonders if he did it but Sam doesn't know, and they head back to town.

When Sock takes Kristen up to the room, he realizes there's a rollaway. He sends Kristen to get some ice and then shoves the rollaway out the window. It lands on a car and sets off the alarm. Kristen returns and notices the alarm, and finally figures out Sock has sexual feelings for her. Angry, she says she still thinks of him as a brother, and isn't attracted to him as an attractive unrelated stranger. Sock tries to apologize and goes to the saloon. As Lowell pours him a wine cooler, Kristen arrives and pretends that she's meeting Sock for the first time. They flirt briefly and Kristen admits that she likes Sock because he doesn't follow the rules. She finally goes back to the hotel with him and upstairs, as Gus scowls at them.

The next morning, Sam, Ben, and Andi prepare to leave.

The next morning, Andi, Sam, and Ben prepare to check out. While Ben goes to get Sock and Kristen, Sam and Andi discover that the rollaway fell on the sheriff's car. The sheriff arrives and accuses them of doing it. Sock opens up the window to his room directly above and admits it's his cot, and the sheriff arrests him.

Later, the guys go to the jail and the sheriff says that he'll release Sock in a few days. He then shows Sam the file on Mordecai Nash that he found in their car. Sam claims it's a class project but the sheriff is clearly skeptical. He tells Sam that he'll let them have their car but asks if Sam wants to tell him anything in return.

Nina starts to wonder why Ben isn't calling her. Remembering they were going to Dove Hollow, she flies off to investigate.

Kristen, clearly upset, insists that she has to leave. Andi, uncomfortable with Sam, says that she'll take her. Sam gives her the car keys and apologizes, and says he'll try to set up a romantic weekend some other time. Andi says that hunting souls will always come first for him, and Sam promises he'll be okay. Andi says she isn't worried about that.

Nina flies to Dove Hollow, switches to her human form, and goes to the saloon. Lowell tells her the others are there, and she should go to the silver mine while she waits. She says she's there to surprise Ben and Lowell realizes that they don't know she's there. Nina notices that he's "off" and smells brimstone on him. Lowell grabs her and yanks her over the counter. There's the sounds of a struggle and then Lowell pops back up and starts polishing his glasses.

Sam and Ben go to the jail and decided to break Sock out. Ben goes to the saloon to get a pickaxe displayed on the wall. He notices Nina's purse and starts to ask questions, and Lowell tells him he can borrow the pickaxe. As Ben goes to get it, Lowell starts gliding toward him... then explodes in a burst of green goo. Ben turns to see that the top half of Lowell is missing and all that's left is a tentacle writhing around. The sheriff enters with a shotgun as the tentacles pulls back through a hole in the floor and disappears.

The sheriff gets the guys together and explains that the monster came to Dove Hollow ten years ago. Ever since he's tried to keep anyone from entering town and driven off all the townspeople. Now he's the only one there to stop it from moving on to another town, and complains that he's stuck in a situation thanks to his duty that he has no control over. Sam admits he knows the feeling. Sam explains why he's there, and Ben worries about Nina. The sheriff admits that the monster eats its victims immediately and she's certainly dead. However, he says he can help them kill the monster. He gets some cans of gas and tells them to wait at the main entrance while he smokes the creature out.

The trio goes to the mine entrance and wait. A despondent Ben says that he has nothing more to live for, takes the hand grenade, and runs for the entrance. Sock stops him and says that Ben is beautiful, and Ben is convinced. However, the monster grabs him and yanks him into the mine. For a few seconds, nothing. Then, the hand grenade goes off and Ben gets thrown out of the mine. A few seconds later the vessel comes out with Nash's soul inside.

The guys head back to the sheriff's office, and he's surprised to see them. They notice the gas cans, still full, and realize that he never smoked the creature out. The sheriff admits he warned Nash and is impressed they managed to surprise anyway. They wonder why he did it and he explains that he has become accustomed to living in Dove Hollow, complete with the fake population. He takes a shotgun and prepares to open fire. The guys run for his car and try to drive away, but the sheriff opens fire and stops them. They separate and run for the diner. Sam finds the Devil waiting for him behind the counter. When he asks for help, the Devil gives him the vessel back and says Sam can use it if he can figure out how. The Devil disappears as the sheriff arrives. Sam works it out and offers to give the sheriff the townspeople back.

The sheriff takes Sam to the silver mine and tells him to release the soul. Sam tries to get through to him, saying he was once a good man and it’s not too late to change. The sheriff admits that it's too late for him to change. Sam throws the grenade into the mine and runs away. He and the sheriff watch but the grenade doesn't explode. Finally someone throws the undetonated grenade out of the mine. The two men try to figure out what's going on... and Nina flies out in her demon form. She prepares to kill the sheriff but Sam says that he's human, not a demon, and they can't kill a human. He explains that letting the sheriff live, alone, will be punishment enough. Nina throws the sheriff away.

As they go into town, Nina explains that she can't be digested. She thinks that Sam intended to punish the sheriff by making him suffer alone, and kisses him. Nina admits she finds him incredibly attractive when he's evil. They find Ben in the sheriff's car... and Sock underneath him, sleeping.

Back home, Sock talks to Kristen, who is ashamed by her actions because of her cultural upbringing. Sock explains that he likes her and how her culture made her, but she's in America now. She leaps on Sock's back and he starts to take her to her room for sex. However, Mrs. Wysocki and new husband Morris arrive. Sock quickly explains that he was giving his sister a piggyback ride and they were going outside to roughhouse. Their parents seem to believe him.

Sam is back at work when the Devil comes in and congratulates Sam. He admits that he set Sam up so that Sam would gain some confidence in himself, and the Devil says that Sam can handle more than he knows. Andi finds Sam and he tries to get her to go with him on a real romantic weekend. She says that she won't, because she can't rely on him. Either he's always been evil, or he's changing. Either way, she's breaking up with him.