The Good Soil - Recap

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Sam and Ben are having breakfast at Sock’s house. Sam figures he can get Andi back but Ben suggests that might not be realistic. Sock comes in and asks where Kristen is, and Ben directs him to where she’s taking a shower. Despite the fact he’s bringing shower coffee, Kristen tells him to get out. She warns him that her father will go ballistic if he learns that they’re dating. Sock assures her that the fathers of all the girls loved him.

At the Work Bench, Andi approaches Sock and Ben and asks them out to a movie. They tell her that since the break up, they’ve chosen Sam’s side. That lasts until Andi offers them hammock-testing duty.

The next night, Ben is playing Frisbee fetch with his girlfriend Nina. Their two-month anniversary is coming up on Saturday and Nina offers to take Ben flying as a gift. He nervously gets her to wait until Saturday.

The next day at the Work Bench, Ben figures that this is the curse that will end his relationship, just like he’s had a fatal flaw in every other relationship. Sock tells him that he’s fine. Morgan comes in and explains that his dad, the Devil sent him to Sam to go on another soul-capturing mission. Sam isn’t any more thrilled about it than Morgan is. Morgan finally offers him $20,000 to capture a soul and claim Morgan did it, and Sock convinces Sam to do it.

Sam is work in the back when a shower of racing tickets drop from the roof. He ends up teleported to the horse tracks and the Devil asks how Morgan is doing. Sam lies and the Devil admits he feels guilty about Sam’s next mission. Billy Boyland was hit by a truck and killed when he was looking covetously at a woman. Due to Heaven’s rules, that sent him to Hell. Sam doesn’t think it’s fair, and the Devil convinces himself that it’s God’s fault, not his, because God makes the rules.

The guys get their vessel, a dodge ball, and go to the diner where Billy hung out in life and easily find him. He asks for enough time to finish his pie, drops a fork, and slips away from under the table. The guys corner him in the back and Sock take the dodge ball when Sam can’t bring himself to do it. However, Billy explains there’s just one thing he wants to do before going back to Hell: lose his virginity. Sock and Ben have to concede that’s the one thing that could get their sympathy, and volunteer to help.

Back at Sock’s, the guys offer to buy Billy a hooker. However, he wants true love, not the bought-and-paid for variety, and suggests the go to an encounter bar. As they prepare to go, Kristen arrives and tells Sock to get dressed for their family portrait. She tells Sock not to talk to her father under any circumstances. At the photo studio, Sock ignores Kristen’s advice and makes small talk with Morris. Mrs. Wysocki offers the information that Morris likes to fly fish, and Sock convinces Morris to take him along on a trip.

The guys take Billy to the bar. He talks to a woman, Cindy, and Ben ends up stuck as his wingman. Ben hits it off with Cindy’s friend, a therapist, and asks her for relationship advice. Once he describes his problem, she tells him that he has to love himself before he can fully love someone else. She then gets onto her lap but Ben notices Billy leaving and takes off himself. The guys follow Billy to his house where he takes Cindy inside. The guys stake out the place and the next morning, they notice that Billy hasn’t come out. It turns out he’s still there, and has apparently had an amazing night with Cindy. However, he admits that Cindy was the woman who he died looking at. She was married when he died, but since then has gotten a divorce. Now he can have her without covering another man’s property, and insists that she’s his soul mate.

Sam asks Andi out for lunch and she insists that they keep their relationship professional. He tells her he needs soul-hunting advice and takes her to Billy’s house. As they watch the place and Sam talks about true love, he offers her string cheese and strawberries. Andi finally figures up that he’s trying to patch up their relationship. She points out he’s just as manipulative as his father and walks away.

Ben pays Nina a visit at her lair and she surprises him with human furniture. Ben has something for her as well: a vision board. He has everything on it that he loves about himself, as well as a picture of bunnies. He assures Nina that he’ll go flying with her for their two-month anniversary.

Sock and Morris go fly fishing and it becomes apparent Sock isn’t very good at it. Sock hypothetically asks what would happen if he dated Kristen. Morris figures that he’s making a joke, but when Sock explains he’s serious, Morris says that Sock isn’t good enough for Kristen. An angry Sock tells him the truth and Morris beats him with his fishing rod.

Sam visits Mr. Oliver in the garage freezer and asks him for advice. Mr. Oliver points out that at least Billy has a body instead of a decaying corpse. Sam gets an idea and the guys go to the graveyard. Sam figures if they hit it with the dodge ball and send it to Hell, they can fool the administration. They dig up Billy’s corpse and hit it with the dodge ball. The next day Sam takes it to the DMV but meets with Morgan first. He collects his $20,000 and gives Morgan the dodge ball. Morgan gives it to Gladys to send to Hell, but a red notice comes back. Gladys tells Morgan that the dodge ball didn’t contain the soul, and Sam makes a run for it. Morgan catches him, takes his money back, and tells Sam never to play him again.

Ben and Nina have a rooftop dinner. However, when the moment of truth arrives, Ben admits that he can’t fly with Nina because he’s too scared. Nina admits that she used to have a fear of blood but she got over it by immersing herself in blood. She offers to help Ben the same way. When he agrees, she tosses him off the roof and flies after him.

Sam is working late at the Work Bench when boxes start flying through the air at him. The Devil arrives and tells him that he screwed up. Sam asks for another chance but the Devil informs him that he’s had to invoke the Ender, which totally obliterates the escaped soul. There’s no way to stop it until it completes its mission.

Sam goes to warn Billy, but Billy has news for him: he’s still a virgin. He’s trying to emotionally connect with Cindy before he makes love to her. A storm sweeps in and Sam tells Billy to run with Cindy while he figures out a way to delay the Ender.

The guys take Billy and Cindy to Sock’s house. Ben and Sock prepare the bedroom where Billy will make love to Cindy, and Ben talks about how it was so great flying with Nina. Billy and Cindy enter the room and the guys look outside as the storm approaches. Ben spots a robed figure emerging from the ground: the Ender. It destroys everything in its path and enters the house. It goes to the bedroom door, reaches for it… then leaves.

The next day, Billy visits the guy at the Work Bench and Ben figures that when he made love to Cindy, their souls bonded and the Ender could no longer find Billy’s original soul pattern. Since the Ender only stops when it’s victim is destroyed, they figure that the Devil will be convinced that Billy is gone. Billy thanks them and leaves, but Morgan drives up and hits him with the dodge ball. When Sam protests, Morgan says that everyone’s happy: he got the credit, Sam didn’t have to capture Billy.

Sam asks Andi for the night off to do something. She needs specifics and he finally admits that he lost Billy’s soul and that another chance for him to do something good was stripped from him. Andi asks if he’d like someone to go with him, and Sam agrees.

Sock comes home to learn that Kirsten is ready to return to Japan. She explains that she’s completed her classes and now has her hotel management degree. Kristen thanks Sock for teaching her how to be a woman and kisses him. Sock bows to her in return.

Sam and Andi go to Billy’s grave and put the inhaler on the tombstone. The watchman arrives to chase them off and Sam realizes it’s Alan Townsend, who freed his soul from Hell. Alan runs away and Sam goes after him but loses him in the darkness. Sam calls out, telling Alan that he’ll find him no matter what.