To Sprong, With Love - Recap

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Sock and Andi are arm-wrestling at the bar while Sam, Nina, and Ben watch. A man comes up and hits on Nina, who tells him to leave. He goes away, but another man, Xavier, tries as well and can’t seem to take no as an answer. They finally get rid of him but Nina claims she doesn’t know why guys are suddenly hitting on her. Sock wins for the first time ever against Andi and dances his special victory dance.

Sam goes over to pick a song on the jukebox and is teleported to a jewelry store where the Devil is convincing a man to buy cubic zirconium for his fiancée. Once they’re alone, the Devil tosses a file at Sam but claims he has no idea who the soul is and that it’s business as usual. Sam opens the file and finds a photo with a man circled: Elliott Sprong, his high school biology teacher. The Devil wonders if it’s a problem and Sam says that Sprong made everyone’s life miserable in school and it won’t be a problem.

At the Work Bench, Ted calls Sock in and promises to pay him off for his support when he was demoted to normal employee. He offers Sock the chance to be the face of the Work Bench and Sock agrees in return for $25. Meanwhile, Sam shows Andi the file and the new vessel (a mallet) and she remembers how Sprong made her life miserable too. She wants to go along on the mission, even though she won’t date Sam for going on evil missions. Sam agrees and Andi insists that it isn’t a date.

Ben and Nina are enjoying a movie at home when a demon slams into the house. Nina breaks down and explains that she’s in heat and giving off pheromones that attract demons, like the two men at the bar. Ben goes out to confront the demon, Xavier, but when it comes after him Nina drives him off.

The next morning, Ben insists to Sam that he plans to protect Nina. Sock comes in, ready for his shoot, and Ben gives him eyebrow-grooming tips. Nina pulls Ben away to tell him that she’s going to be in heat for a week so she’s going to go into hiding. Ben doesn’t think she should run and insists on protecting her. Nina warns it’s a bad idea and gets Ben to agree not to do anything stupid as long as Nina stays there.

Ben and Sock go to the Work bench for the photo shoot but learn that Ted has designed a new store mascot, Wrenchy Bench, and he wants Sock to wear the costume. Ben insists it’s not a good fashion statement but Sock agrees in return for another $25. After the shoot, Sock goes out to the parking lot and proves a hit with the kids.

That night, Sam, Sock, and Andi go to the high school. Andi sees a poster for a dance and remembers how she wanted Sam to invite her to a dance when they were in high school. They find Sprong in the lab and tell Sprong they know who he is. Sprong insults them, calling them losers, and Sam hits him with the vessel. Sprong falls to the ground, unconscious and bleeding, but isn’t sucked into the vessel. They realize he’s not a soul and Andi checks the file. It turns out that Sam just assumed Sprong was the soul: actually he’s the target of a former student, Jordy Boone.

Sprong wakes up and threatens to go to the authorities, but Jordy suddenly becomes visible and tries to kill Sprong. Sam manages to hold him off with the vessel but can’t connect with the soul. Sock and Andi get Sprong to a secure room and Sam catches up to them. Sprong refuses to believe what he’s seen so Sock knocks him out and they haul him to the house.

Andi blames Sam for not reading the file, while Sprong wakes up and taunts Ben, accusing him of being a coward and a wuss. Sock gags him and they leave. At the Work Bench, children start asking Sock for his autograph and he’s thrilled to get the attention. Out in the parking lot he signs more autographs and basks in the glory. However, a lawyer arrives from the Bargain Bench to give him a cease & desist: he’s violating that store’s copyrighted mascot.

Sam tries to make Sprong comfortable and explain that they’re protecting him from Jordy. The teacher doesn’t believe him. Sam leaves Nina in charge of watching Sprong and she promises not to eat him.

Sock goes to see the Bargain Bench manager, who refuses to back down. He claims that Bargain Brandon, their mascot, has been smashing bargains for years. Sock refuses to give up his Wrenchy Bench identity and patrols the Work Bench’s parking lot. Bargain Brandon arrives and attacks Sock. He fights back and discovers that the person in the suit is an old woman. That doesn’t stop either one of them for long, but Ted breaks up the fight and insists that Wrenchy Bench isn’t about mindless violence.

The Devil arrives to taunt Sam over the fact he’s keeping Sprong prisoner, but admits he’s glad that Sam is so twisted. Sam asks him for help but the Devil refuses to tell him a way to get to Jordy. He suggests that Sam let Sprong go so Jordy can kill him, because Sam knows how evil Sprong is. Sam refuses to kill someone, and the Devil warns that Jordy will find Sprong eventually.

Ben is training himself to take on the demon and protect Nina. She finds out what he’s dying and asks him to stop, but Ben refuses to back down. Nina admits that she doesn’t want to lose Ben and he’s the first boyfriend she’s had that she could lose. Ben punches a piece of plywood but Nina demonstrates that demons can punch through bricks. A depressed Ben goes to see Sock, who is equally depressed because he can’t be the mascot. Sock has an idea: they’ll turn the Wrenchy Bench suit into battle armor so Ben can take on the demon.

Sam, Sock, and Andi go back to the house but discover that Nina stepped out for moose and Sprong has escaped. They find him climbing over the back fence and stop him, but Sprong tells them to kill him. Jordy arrives and prepares to kill Sprong. They get Sprong into the house but can’t hit Jordy, who takes Andi hostage. He hauls her out to the garage and Sam and Sock take Sprong out there. They agree to give him to Jordy, who releases Andi. Jordy moves in for the kill… but the guys untied Sprong and gave him the vessel. Sprong hits Jordy, capturing him in the vessel. However, he then hits Sam and Sock and runs away.

At the store, Sam, Sock, and Andi worry that Sprong will go the authorities. Sam decides to turn himself in and take all the blame. Two policemen arrive but explain that Sprong has been locked up because he’s insane, claiming he has a magical hammer, and they’re just there to make sure everyone’s okay.

At the house, Nina agrees to lure Xavier there so Ben can take him on. She gives him a hug for good luck and then releases her pheromones on the wind. Xavier arrives and Ben goes to confront him in his battle armor. It actually works and Ben has a fighting chance… until Xavier starts trying to mate with him. Sock arrives to watch and Nina figures that when she hugged Ben, she covered him with the pheromones. They quickly mobilize to get a garden hose and spray Ben off.

Later at the bar, Ben is shell-shocked because of the incident. Andi wonders if Sprong was right about how they were all losers. Sock insists they’ve winners: he was a famous mascot and adored by children, Andi was once the manager of a nationwide store but quit and is happy, and Sam is heir to the underworld. They figure they’re all winners and share a drink.