Business Casualty - Recap

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Sam is alone hunting an escaped soul because Sock and Ben are busy getting food. Equipped with a bicycle horn, Sam goes into the asylum but the soul knocks him out and straps him to a bed. As the soul sharpens its blades behind a curtain, the Devil appears and asks Sam how it’s going. Sam asks for his help and the Devil reluctantly hands over the bed’s control unit before departing, but promises he has something important to tell Sam later.

Sam activates the bed control and manages to raise it so the mattress drops onto the floor next to the vessel. The soul turns Sam over, and Sam nails him with the vessel. Once the soul is gone, the Devil reappears and teleports Sam to a high-class business office. He explains that Sam will be learning about evil by working within one of the most evil and twisted structures in American society: a corporate office.

The guys and Andi stop by to visit Sam in his new office. None of them are thrilled with Sam working there, but the Devil isn’t having him chase escaped souls while he works. Sam’s personal secretary brings him his new suit and tells him he’s due at a project meeting with the CEO, Walter Randall. At the meeting, executive Phil tries to give his presentation for The Orchard, complete with model building, but Walter is unimpressed. The CEO asks Sam what he has to add and Sam finally admits he’s got nothing. Randall decides that’s the best way to go with the Orchard project, starting from nothing again, and gives Sam two days to come up with something.

Sock arrives home and gets jealous because Nina is trimming Ben’s hair. Ben suggests he get a girlfriend and Nina offers to hook Sam up with a demon friend, Maggie, and they can double date.

Walter chats with Sam in the elevator and sees how he’s doing, while not-so-subtly insulting Phil who is in there with them. Once Walter leaves, Sam tries to apologize to Phil, who isn’t satisfied. Mr. Oliver sends a text message to Sam, saying that he’s learned what they need to get Sam out of his deal but he’s trapped in Hell and needs someone to rescue him. Sam contacts Tony, who explains that humans can’t survive in Hell due to the heat. However, he doesn’t want to go to Hell on Sam’s behalf because he’s busy with his daughter Stevie.

Sock and Ben wait at the bar for their dates. Maggie turns out to be a frumpy plain-looking girl and Sock is less than happy. When Maggie goes to the restroom, Sock tries to duck out on her over Nina’s objections. Maggie returns and Sock makes a lame excuse about being a face-removing surgeon and then leaves.

Phil comes to see Sam, showing him his site model. When he tries to jump out the window, Sam tries to convince him not to, complimenting him on his project. Phil responds by trying to throw Sam out the window. They struggle and Phil starts to fall out the window. He grabs Sam’s cheap tie but it breaks and he falls to his death. The Devil immediately appears, pours him a celebratory drink, and congratulates Sam on his ruthlessness. When Sam wonders why no one is concerned, the Devil explains that it’s SOP at the company, which he created for one purpose: corrupting humans. The Devil takes Sam up to the 75th floor using his gold executive key card. Demons and corrupted souls are toting odds and networking to get souls down into Hell. Randall is supervising the operation. A direct portal opens to Hell as business demons come through.

Sam tells the others what he saw and asks Nina to help him rescue Mr. Oliver. Nina is reluctant to help, explaining that she’s been trying to get off of her old habits of murder and torture. Andi convinces her to show how she’s become a better by helping her friends. Now all Sam has to do is impress Walter and get Next, Sam tries to come up with a way to an executive key card to get Nina to the portal.

Maggie drops by the Work Bench and talks to Sock. He admits he doesn’t find her attractive and she explains her current form is low-maintenance. However, she can turn into anyone she wants. Sock decides to pursue a relationship and Maggie agrees to give him a day to come up with his perfect body for her to take on for him.

Ben goes to Sam’s office and offers him help coming up with architectural designs. However, all of his designs are for underwater buildings. Sam looks at Phil’s leftover model and decides to use that. Walter accuses him of stealing it from Phil and killing him… and is so impressed that he promotes Sam and gives him an executive card.

Sock is busy at the Work Bench taking photos of beautiful women to make his composite perfect women. At the bar, he tells Ben what he’s doing. Ben thinks it’s twisted and points out there are plenty of attractive women around. There’s actually one in the bar and Sock hits on her… so he can measure her face. She tells him to get lost.

Sam, Nina, and Ben sneak into the company and get to the 75th floor. Ben and Nina say a tearful farewell and he promises they’ll be there in 24 hours to get her out before she falls back into her old habits.

The next day, Sock meets Maggie at the bar and gives her his “perfect women.” She looks it over and agrees that it’s perfect, and promises to meet him that night to show off her new form.

The Devil stops in to compliment Sam on getting to the 75th floor so quickly. They’re interrupted when Walter calls Sam into his office and shows him security camera footage. It’s not of them breaking in to the portal, but of Sam accidentally killing Phil. Unhappy that Sam lied to him and doesn’t have what it takes to kill a human being, Walter demotes him and takes the key card back.

With only two hours left until Nina tries to return, Sam, Ben, and Sock follow Walter to his gym to get his key card. When he goes into the steam room, Sock enters as well to keep him busy while Ben and Sam try to get into Walter’s locker. They don’t have any luck getting in but fortunately they run into a janitor and convince him it’s their locker, and he opens it for them. Sock keeps Walter busy by detailing his plan to floor the Grand Canyon and sell lakefront properties.

Back at the company, Sock and Andi stand watch while Ben and Sam go upstairs to open the portal for Nina. However, Walter arrives and when he discovers his key card is missing, turns into his demon form and climbs up the elevator shaft. Upstairs, Nina returns through the portal with a scroll, and explains Mr. Oliver insisted on staying behind to do something important. Sam discovers that the scroll is blank. Walter smashes through the elevator door and Sam, Ben, and Nina head for the roof so she can fly them away. Walter starts to go after them but is distracted when Phil comes through the portal as well. Phil decides he’s safer in Hell and goes back.

Later, Sock meets Maggie but she’s in her low-maintenance form. She explains that she wanted to teach Sock a lesson. He points out that she’s sadistic and Maggie admits she might have been projecting her insecurities onto Sock. Sock admits that he has a few insecurities of his own because of his looks. They start to sympathize… until Sock suggests that Maggie overcome her insecurities by turning into his perfect woman and having sex with him so she’ll feel better. Maggie tells him he’s an idiot and leaves.

As the gang have a barbecue, Sam tries to figure out a way to reveal the writing on the blank scroll. Nina finally figures out that it needs to be exposed to heat. She throws it on the barbecue, revealing the writing. However, she explains that she can’t read it because it’s in an ancient demon text. However, if they can find somebody to translate it, then Sam will be able to challenge the Devil and save his soul.