The Devil & Sam Oliver - Recap

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The gang arrives at work to find new greeter Mary Pat relentlessly, cheerfully, greeting everyone. They ignore her request for a group hug and go the locker room, where Sam admits that he hasn’t been able to find Tony to translate the scroll that Nina got from Mr. Oliver in Hell.

Sam goes back to get his clothing and finds himself teleported to a street corner where the Devil is mourning his favorite chimp, Jimbo the Dancing Monkey. The Devil gives Sam the file on the newest escaped soul and tells Sam he needs his Jimbo fix. When Sam refuses to dance, the Devil reminds him that he owns him, body and soul. Sam has no choice but to put on Jimbo’s fez and start dancing.

Back at the Work Bench, Sock is trying out the new paint mixing machine while Sam reveals his new vessel is a machete. The soul is Roger Lund, a drug dealer in life. Sock activates the paint mixer and it goes wild, narrowly missing Mary Pat as she ducks to pick up a lucky penny. She claims that her lucky fairies saved her.

Sam, Sock, and Ben go to the trailer where Roger is hanging out. The floor is covered with toads and Roger is relaxing on the couch. He asks for one last chance to get high before going to Hell. He licks a toad and then extends a giant toad tongue to attack Sam. Sock grabs the vessel and cuts through the tongue, sending Roger back to Hell. Ben decides to take the toads back to the house for his pet collection.

At the house, Ben is introducing his rabbit King Charlie to the toads. His grandmother Nana stops by and explains that she wants to tie up loose ends before she dies, and apologize for how she treated Nina. She invites them both to dinner and Ben agrees.

At the Work bench, Andi is still trying to translate the symbols. Mary Pat notices them and says that the lucky fairies still protect her. She goes out for a smoke and ends up next to a propane tank. There’s an enormous explosion but Mary Pat is totally unaffected. She thanks the luck fairies and promises never to smoke again. As Andi takes her to the hospital for a check up, Steve appears to Sam and explains that he’s on entry-level guardian angel duty. When Sam asks, Steve tells him that Tony has taken Little Stevie to a spa for pampering. Sam wonders if he can translate the symbols. Steve admits Tony was the reader but gives it a try. He determines it’s an incantation to summon the Devil for a contest. Steve promises to get back to him in a day, while Sam wonders what challenge he can issue to the Devil.

At home, Sam digs out his third-grade clarinet. He plays surprisingly well. However, Andi plays better and figures the Devil can play better still. Sam decides to start drinking and commiserate. Andi tries to cheer him up without success. However, Sam does remember one thing he’s good at: the game of Quarters. He checks and makes sure he still has the golden touch, never missing.

Ben and Nina go to Nana’s house and discover that she’s brought in an exorcist, Father O’Malley. Nana insists that Nina undergo an exorcism. When Ben thinks it’s too dangerous and insists he loves her the way she is, Nana warns him that he’s out of the family until Nina is free of evil.

At the house, Andi is busy drinking while Sam practices. She wonders why Sam doesn’t hate her because she bailed on him, but he thinks she’s amazing. Andi decides to have sex and collapses, and Sam puts her to bed.

The next day at the Work Bench, Sock and Ben are arguing about Sock’s claim that he’s invented a new sex move. Steve arrives with a suit, telling Sam that the symbols refer to a reflection so Sam needs to wear the same suit as the Devil and adopt the same swagger. Outside, Ben and Nina are eating when he realizes that his cousin Jose is towing away his car. Nana is in the tow truck and tells Ben that she co-signed the loan papers so she’s taking it away from him.

That night in the Work Bench, a well-dressed Sam recites the ritual, summoning a very surprised Devil. The Devil gives him props but Sam insists they go ahead with the contest. Sam slaps down the shot glass and a stack of five quarters. Sam goes first and makes all five shots. The Devil admits that he’s impressed and apologizes for underestimating Sam. However, he makes all five shots as well. Sam declares a draw and says they have to play again, but the Devil points out that there’s no provision for a second round in the incantation. As the Devil leaves, he notes that he might offer a rematch if Sam can put something valuable up.

Ben and Sock break into her home and Ben takes everything he ever made for her. Sock takes Ben’s DVD player. Nina realizes what the entire thing is costing Ben and offers to undertake the exorcism. She tells Ben that nothing can happen.

Sam is at the bar when Andi brings Gladys there and pays her to translate the demon scroll. Sam tells her what happened and Gladys discovers that Steve made an error. The bit about the reflection refers to the Devil’s vanity and his weakness to mirrors. Sam goes to get a drink and Andi asks how she can arrange a meeting with the Devil.

Nina and Ben go to Nana’s house and Father O’Malley takes Nina upstairs to begin the exorcism.

Sock comes home, drinking soda. He sees a note from Nina to Ben, saying goodbye because she knows the exorcism will work. He races out to warn Ben, unaware that the toad got into his soda. As Sock drives down the street, he starts to hallucinate.

As Father O’Malley prepares the exorcism, Ben comes up to wish Nina well. She tells him that she loves him.

As Sock drives, he hallucinates Nana Gonzalez trying to stop him. He tries to run her over and takes out an unsuspecting mailbox. He finally gets to Nana’s house just as Father O’Malley begins the exorcism. However, Sock discovers he can’t speak coherently. Thinking quickly, Nina says that she’s cured and the Devil leaped into Sock. Father O’Malley leaps at him.

The Devil drops by the Work Bench to inform him they’re having a rematch. He admits that someone made it worthwhile and reveals Andi put up her own soul as collateral. Sam runs to confront Andi, telling her she has to back out. Andi refuses to be alone and insists that Sam can win.

Sam and the Devil meet with Andi providing her support. They sit at a covered table that Andi has set up, and Sam reveals that the table is mirrored. This time the Devil goes first and he misses the first four shots. He only makes the fifth one by covering his eyes. An angry Devil smashes the shot glass and Sam goes to get a new one. Steve is waiting for him and takes his hand to apologize… then breaks Sam’s right hand. Steve apologizes but insists that it’s for the best.

Sam returns to the table and tries to make the first shot with his broken hand. He misses and switches to his let hand, but misses the four remaining shots.

Later, the guys are drinking out on the loading dock. Andi wonders who has had the worst week. Ben admits that his week has been pretty good. Ben and Sock give Andi hugs and then run for the car. Sam thanks Andi and apologizes for letting her down. She kisses him and admits she doesn’t feel any different and that she’s happy. Steve appears and they start throwing rocks at him. He admits he isn’t pleased with how it turned out, but he is acting on orders from a higher power. Steve reveals he got his wings by breaking Sam’s hand, and that he helped Sam and Andi. He tells them they have to believe that they are not alone, and then ascends to Heaven with an angelic host.