Future Echoes - Recap

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Dave is driving through the corridors of Red Dwarf and stops to get some food. The dispensing machine gives him a pair of shoes and admits that his vocabulary circuits are malfunctioning. Rimmer jogs by, tells Dave he's a slob, and keeps going to his quarters. He asks Holly for a clean hologrammatic uniform and a crewcut, and the computer points out that they're going to hit light-speed in 24 hours and he's a bit busy plotting navigational coordinates. Rimmer orders him to do it anyway and Holly gives him a bouffant.

In Dave's quarters, Dave shows Cat photos of himself and his family as he packs to go into stasis. Rimmer comes in and Dave and Cat stare at his bouffant in shock. Dave finally gets Rimmer to look at himself in a mirror, and Holly leaves a recording. When Rimmer threatens to toast him in hell, the Talking Toaster speaks up and asks if anyone wants toast. Dave explains that he's going into stasis until they get back to Earth and Rimmer objects to being left alone for another three million years.

As they go to the drive room, Dave explains that Holly will switch Rimmer off until they get back to Earth. Dave tries to assure him that being dead isn't the handicap it once was but Rimmer isn't convinced that they'll turn him back on.

Later, Dave is shaving when Talking Toaster complains about his singing until Dave shuts him off. There's a sudden flash and Holly tells him that they broke the light barrier twenty-two hours early. The computer admits that he can't cope but then tells Dave that he's starting to get the hang of it. As Dave shaves, he notices that the image in his mirror is lagging behind by a few seconds. Then it shows a few seconds ahead in time as Dave cuts his chin and Rimmer comes in. Dave tries to explain but finally decides it doesn't matter and an angry Rimmer walks off.

Cat prepares to take his essential clothing into stasis: ten racks. Dave tells him he can take two suits and goes to the drive room. Rimmer is there but starts having a conversation with Dave from several minutes in the future. He walks off and Rimmer comes in from the other side. They start having the conversation that Dave just heard. Cat runs by them, saying that he lost his tooth. They go to Dave's quarters where Cat is trying to catch Dave's mechanical fish even though he just walked past them. Dave figures it has something to do with lightspeed and Rimmer calls Holly, demanding an answer. The computer finally explains that as they reach lightspeed, they experience future echoes as they catch up to the future. Cat will break his tooth sometime in the future and all of the effects will last until they decelerate. Rimmer notices a new photo which shows Dave with twin boys. Dave has never seen it before and the Talking Toaster tells them that it's a future echo. They wonder how Dave will get two babies.

Later, Dave is walking down the hall when the scutters give him a note asking him to stay out of stasis so they're not stuck with Rimmer. The ship shakes and Dave runs to the drive room. Rimmer is there and tells him that he just saw a future echo of Dave dying. He tries to tell Dave how he dies and admits that he's about the age Dave is now and wearing a hat. Dave removes his hat and says that it can't happen, but Rimmer insists that since it has happened, it will happen no matter what. As they talk, Dave gets an idea and realizes that if he can stop Cat from breaking his tooth, he can prevent the future. He figures that Cat breaks his tooth eating his robot goldfish and runs off to his quarters.

Cat goes into the sleeping quarters and, after checking himself in the mirror, goes for the goldfish. Dave stops him but breaks his tooth in the process. As Cat runs out, Rimmer offers his commiserations and reminds Dave of what he said earlier about death not being a handicap like it once was. Dave complains that it isn't fair because there are so many things he hasn't done that he wanted to.

Holly announces an emergency and tells Dave that the navcomp is overheated and he needs his help. Realizing that there's nothing he can do, Dave confirms with Rimmer what he was wearing and puts it on. He grabs a bat and prepares to beat Death off and then heads for the drive room. Sparks fly as Dave hooks the backup unit in. Nothing happens and Dave sighs in relief... until Cat attacks him, mistaking him for a dog.

Later, Rimmer insists that he saw Dave die and figures that it must happen eventually. As they return to Dave's quarters, they find an hundred-and-seventy-one-year-old Dave lying on the bunk. He knows Dave is there because he remembers what happened when he was Dave's age. Old Dave tells him about Bexley, their second son. Rimmer saw Bexley dying in the drive room. Dave is glad to hear that he'll have a life and a family, and Old Dave tells him to take a camera to the medical room. As Dave leaves, Rimmer demands to know what happens in his future. Old Dave calls Rimmer over and then laughs at him before vanishing.

In the medbay, Holly tells Dave that the faster they go, the further they see into the future. Now that they're slowing down, the future echoes are closer to the present. Rimmer comes in and wonders how Dave will have two sons on a ship with no women. Another Future Dave comes in, holding his two infant sons from the photo, and Dave takes the picture.