Confidence and Paranoia - Recap

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Dave is in the drive room watching a recording of a movie when Holly interrupts and asks if he’s bored. A lot. He explains that he’s read every book ever and doesn’t know what to do. Holly wants to create a perfect replica of a woman, catching Dave’s interest, but he admits he doesn’t know how. The computer asks Dave to erase some of his memories so he can reread Agatha Christie mysteries again. Dave does so and Holly doesn’t remember him doing it.

Dave goes back to his quarters and tries to finish the movie but Rimmer comes in and turns it off. He tells Dave that he’s accomplished seventeen things on his personal goals list and asks what Dave has done. When Dave says that he went down to the officer’s block, Rimmer points out that it hasn’t been decontaminated yet and admits that he didn’t complete it like he said. Dave explains that he checked out Kochanski’s dream recorder and found out that she dreamed about him three times. He wonders what it means but Rimmer dismisses it as nothing. The talk turns to love and Rimmer insists that he had one date. Dave points out that she had a concussion at the time.

In the middle of the night, Dave wakes up suffering from a fever and calls for Rimmer. Dave admits that he’s feeling sick and goes down to the medical unit. Rimmer shrugs and goes back to bed, while Dave collapses in the hallway. Cat is busy claiming everything and finds Dave, but then goes off to get a snack. Holly signals Rimmer that there’s an emergency and Rimmer goes to get Cat to move him. When Cat keeps eating, Rimmer has the scutters take Dave to the medical bay. When he wakes up, Dave insists that he’s fine but Rimmer says that he has a mutated form of pneumonia. Dave wonders why he never asked Kochanski on a date and explains that according to Chen, everyone has two people inside of them. One is confidence and the other is paranoia, and Dave’s paranoia always beat his confidence when he tried to invite Kochanski on a date. Rimmer doesn’t buy it, saying it’s as unlikely as a rain of herring and the Mayor of Warsaw spontaneously combusting, and has the scutters take Dave back to bed.

Back in bed, Dave continues to suffer and mutters about rain, while Rimmer performs hologram exercises. It starts raining herring in the sleeping quarters, much to Rimmer’s surprise. Holly doesn’t sense anything amiss. The Mayor of Warsaw walks down the corridor and explodes into flame.

Later, Dave’s fever breaks and Cat comes to give him some eaten food. He then takes Dave’s blanket and pillow and gets into Rimmer’s bed. Rimmer comes in and orders Cat out of his bed, and Dave tells him that he’s feeling fine. However, Rimmer explains that his hallucinations became real and based on what they were talking about in the medical bay. Dave remembers dreaming what happened and Rimmer tells him that he hallucinated two men in the drive room: his paranoia and his confidence.

Dave goes to the drive room and Confidence hails Dave as the king. Confidence explains that he looks and sounds like all the things that Dave associates with confidence. Paranoia is worried about the urine stain on Dave’s pants and how fat he is. Rimmer asks Dave what he plans to do about them and warns that they’re symptoms of his disease. Until they’re gone, Dave won’t get better. Confidence sides with Dave and takes him to party while Paranoia supports Rimmer. However, Confidence wins and escorts Dave out.

A dust storm strikes the ship and Holly seals the airlock for the next eighteen hours. Meanwhile, Dave performs his songs for Confidence, who is thrilled to hear them. He pockets Dave’s cigarette butts and assures Dave that he never pursued a career because his farm on Fiji was so important. Confidence also assures Dave that Kochanski would have dated him in a minute. When Dave says that they’ll never know because she’s dead, Confidence tells him to bring her back. He suggests that Dave find the personality disks that Rimmer hid, assuring him he can do anything.

On the drive room, Paranoia says that Dave can’t do anything and describes how Dave practices kissing with his own hand. A scutter comes in with a syringe and Rimmer tells it to inject Paranoia, but it has no idea what it’s doing and drops the syringe. Dave and Confidence come in and Dave says that they can get Kochanski and Rimmer on at the same time by turning off all unnecessary power systems. Rimmer refuses to hand the disks over while Paranoia wonders why Kochanski would be interested in Dave. Confidence assures Dave that he’s a charismatic young stud and tells him to work out where Rimmer would hide the disks. Rimmer denies it but Dave works out that Rimmer used the scutters to hide the disks outside their sleeping quarters behind the solar panel.

Rimmer goes to the medical bay and discovers that the medicomm is smashed. Meanwhile, Dave waits for the dust storm to end. Confidence comes in and compliments Dave again. Rimmer arrives and asks who destroyed the medicomm, explaining that Paranoia and Confidence know that they’ll disappear once Dave gets better. Dave refuses to accept it and Rimmer asks where Paranoia is. Confidence says he doesn’t know where his counterpart is as Holly announces that the storm is over and the airlocks are released. As they leave, Rimmer has Holly confirm that Paranoia is no longer aboard the ship.

Dave and Confidence go to the solar panel and Dave starts to worry that Paranoia got there first. Confidence assures him that he smashes up the medicomm so that they could be together. He then tells Dave that he killed Paranoia and flushed his remains into space. When Dave says that he’s feeling claustrophobic, Confidence suggests that he take his helmet off and that the only reason Dave thinks he needs oxygen is because some loser tried to make him feel small. To demonstrate, Confidence takes off his helmet... and explosively decompresses.

Later, Cat is busy licking his clothes clean as Rimmer insists on saying that he was right. He warns that the disk Dave found will only bring him misery, but Dave insists he can handle it if Kochanski doesn’t want him. In the drive room, Dave puts the disk in and rehearses pickup lines. Rimmer and Cat come in and Rimmer wishes him luck. However, a second Rimmer appears instead of Kochanski as Rimmer-1 explains that he knew better and set up the whole thing.