Me2 - Recap

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Dave is going through the sleeping quarters separating his things out from Rimmer’s. He finds a video of Rimmer’s death as Rimmer comes in and explains that it’s one of the most important things that came to him. Rimmer insists that moving out is the best decision he’s ever made because everything Dave ever did held him back. Dave insists that it wasn’t one-way and tells Rimmer that he can’t blame him for his lousy life. Rimmer is happy to share his new life with someone who understands him: Rimmer-2. Rimmer-2 comes in and they salute each other.

Once everything is packed up, Dave takes it to the Rimmers’ new quarters. He finds it all amusing and they tell him to get it out.

Cat is in the hallway calling for lady cats to come to him. Meanwhile Dave enjoys his now solitude, dumps out his clothing on the floor, and takes the bottom bunk. However, he soon becomes disgusted with his own bad habits. As he puts his clothes away, he decides to watch Rimmer’s death video. Once Dave fast-forwards through the self-tribute and the poetry, the video finally shows Hollister berating Rimmer just as the radiation floods the ship. Rimmer’s last words are “gazpacho soup” and Dave wonders what they mean. Cat roller-skates in looking for lady cats and Dave explains again that there are no cats on-board.

Rimmer and Rimmer-2 are soon exercising together and neither one refuses to back down. They keep one-upping each other and neither one gives up. Dave gets up the next morning and finds Rimmer having the scutters paint the walls. Rimmer tries to ignore him but Dave wonders what they talk about since they know everything the other one knows. He then asks what “gazpacho soup” means but Rimmer takes offense and tells Dave that he’ll never know.

Dave sneaks into Rimmers’ quarters later and finds Rimmers’ diary. He locates an entry for Gazpacho Soup Day, six weeks before the crew was killed. Cat comes out of the closet, sees Dave, and quickly sneaks out. Dave goes back to his quarters and scores his bubble gum bubbles. Holly interrupts to tell him that Earth has sent fighters to attack him because he left two half-eaten sausages on a plate in his kitchen and the mold spread to take over the Earth. The computer then announces “April Fool!” and Dave complains, saying that he’s bored. However, he cheers up when he hears the two Rimmers arguing in the neighboring cabin. Rimmer-2 tells Rimmer that his own family hates him and finally calls him “Mr. Gazpacho.” At that, Rimmer says that his duplicate is finished and goes to Dave’s quarters.

Rimmer comes in a minute later and asks for the blue tack, and offers to sleep in his old bunk until Dave has it. Dave asks how things are going and Rimmer makes light of it, while Rimmer-2 has the scutter slam the wall repeatedly to tell them to shut off. Rimmer screams at Rimmer-2 briefly and then admits to Dave that the two of them are fighting.

Later, Cat and Dave go to the theater to enjoy a movie. Rimmer comes in and sits with them, and tells them that he’s having nothing to do with Rimmer-2. Rimmer-2 comes in and deliberately sits down in front of Rimmer. When Rimmer complains, Rimmer-2 tells him to move and Rimmer sits in front of him. Rimmer-2 gets up and sits in front of him, and Rimmer goes back and makes mocking shadow puppets. Dave tells them that one of them has to go and each Rimmer insists that the other one has to go. When they can’t agree, Dave chooses Rimmer at random and tells him to meet him in the drive room in ten minutes.

Rimmer-2 comes in first but a disgusted Dave orders him out. He passes Rimmer in the hallway, dressed in full military uniform. Dave offers him a drink and Rimmer takes three. Now that he’s doomed, Rimmer agrees to tell him about Gazpacho Soup Day. He explains that after fourteen years, he was finally invited to the captain’s table. Rimmer didn’t know that gazpacho soup was meant to be cold so he called over the chef and told him to bring it over soup. Everyone looked at him and laughed as Rimmer ate his piping-hot gazpacho soup. After that, he never ate at the captain’s table again and his career was over. Rimmer admits that he’s a nothing and blames his parents. Cat gets bored and asks when Dave is going to wipe Rimmer, and Rimmer tells Dave to go ahead. At that, Dave says that he already did it... to Rimmer-2. He set the whole thing up so he could find out about Gazpacho Soup Day. When Rimmer points out that Dave will never let him live it down, Dave promises never to mention it again. However, as they leave to get a drink, Dave says, “Souper.”