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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 06/Sep/2010 The Power
2 1x02 13/Sep/2010 Just Set Up Chairs
3 1x03 20/Sep/2010 Caffeinated Concert
4 1x04 27/Sep/2010 Death Punchies
5 1x05 04/Oct/2010 Free Cake
6 1x06 11/Oct/2010 Meat Your Maker
7 1x07 18/Oct/2010 Grilled Cheese Deluxe
8 1x08 25/Oct/2010 The Unicorns Have Got to Go
9 1x09 01/Nov/2010 Prank Callers
10 1x10 08/Nov/2010 Don
11 1x11 15/Nov/2010 Rigby's Body
12 1x12 22/Nov/2010 Mordecai and the Rigbys

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
13 2x01 29/Nov/2010 Ello Gov'nor
14 2x02 03/Jan/2011 It's Time
15 2x03 10/Jan/2011 Appreciation Day
16 2x04 17/Jan/2011 Peeps
17 2x05 24/Jan/2011 Dizzy
18 2x06 31/Jan/2011 My Mom
19 2x07 07/Feb/2011 High Score
20 2x08 14/Feb/2011 Rage Against the TV
21 2x09 21/Feb/2011 Party Pete
22 2x10 25/Feb/2011 Brain Eraser
23 2x11 28/Feb/2011 Benson Be Gone
24 2x12 07/Mar/2011 But I Have a Receipt
25 2x13 28/Mar/2011 This Is My Jam
26 2x14 04/Apr/2011 Muscle Woman
27 2x15 11/Apr/2011 Temp Check
28 2x16 18/Apr/2011 Jinx
29 2x17 25/Apr/2011 See You There
30 2x18 02/May/2011 Do Me a Solid
31 2x19 09/May/2011 Grave Sights
32 2x20 16/May/2011 Really Real Wrestling
33 2x21 23/May/2011 Over the Top
34 2x22 30/May/2011 The Night Owl
35 2x23 06/Jun/2011 A Bunch of Baby Ducks
36 2x24 13/Jun/2011 More Smarter
37 2x25 11/Jul/2011 First Day
38 2x26 18/Jul/2011 Go Viral
39 2x27 25/Jul/2011 Skunked
40 2x28 01/Aug/2011 Karaoke Video

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
41 3x01 19/Sep/2011 Stick Hockey
42 3x02 26/Sep/2011 Bet to Be Blonde
43 3x03 03/Oct/2011 Skips Strikes
44 3x04 10/Oct/2011 Terror Tales of the Park
45 3x05 17/Oct/2011 Camping Can Be Cool
46 3x06 24/Oct/2011 Slam Dunk
47 3x07 07/Nov/2011 Cool Bikes
48 3x08 14/Nov/2011 House Rules
49 3x09 21/Nov/2011 Rap It Up
50 3x10 28/Nov/2011 Cruisin'
51 3x11 12/Dec/2011 Under the Hood
52 3x12 16/Jan/2012 Weekend at Benson's
53 3x13 23/Jan/2012 Fortune Cookie
54 3x14 30/Jan/2012 Think Positive
55 3x15 06/Feb/2012 Skips vs. Technology
56 3x16 13/Feb/2012 Butt Dial
57 3x17 27/Feb/2012 Eggscellent
58 3x18 05/Mar/2012 Gut Model
59 3x19 26/Mar/2012 Video Game Wizard
60 3x20 02/Apr/2012 Big Winner
61 3x21 09/Apr/2012 The Best Burger in the World
62 3x22 16/Apr/2012 Replaced
63 3x23 22/Apr/2012 Trash Boat
64 3x24 30/Apr/2012 Fists of Justice
65 3x25 07/May/2012 Yes Dude Yes
66 3x26 14/May/2012 Busted Cart
67 3x27 28/May/2012 Dead at Eight
68 3x28 04/Jun/2012 Access Denied
69 3x29 11/Jun/2012 Trucker Hall of Fame
70 3x30 18/Jun/2012 Muscle Mentor
71 3x31 25/Jun/2012 Out of Commission
72 3x32 16/Jul/2012 Fancy Restaurant
73 3x33 23/Jul/2012 Diary
74 3x34 30/Jul/2012 The Best VHS in the World
75 3x35 06/Aug/2012 Prankless
76 3x36 13/Aug/2012 Death Bear
77 3x37 20/Aug/2012 Fuzzy Dice
78 3x38 27/Aug/2012 Sugar Rush
79 3x39 03/Sep/2012 Bad Kiss

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
80 4x01 01/Oct/2012 Exit 9B
81 4x02 08/Oct/2012 Starter Pack
82 4x03 15/Oct/2012 Terror Tales of the Park II
83 4x04 22/Oct/2012 Pie Contest
84 4x05 29/Oct/2012 150 Piece Kit
85 4x06 12/Nov/2012 Bald Spot
86 4x07 19/Nov/2012 Guy's Night
87 4x08 26/Nov/2012 One Pull Up
88 4x09 03/Dec/2012 The Christmas Special
89 4x10 07/Jan/2013 T.G.I. Tuesday
90 4x11 14/Jan/2013 Firework Run
91 4x12 21/Jan/2013 The Longest Weekend
92 4x13 28/Jan/2013 Sandwich of Death
93 4x14 04/Feb/2013 Ace Balthazar Lives
94 4x15 11/Feb/2013 Do or Diaper
95 4x16 18/Feb/2013 Quips
96 4x17 25/Feb/2013 Caveman
97 4x18 04/Mar/2013 That's My Television
98 4x19 25/Mar/2013 A Bunch of Full Grown Geese
99 4x20 01/Apr/2013 Fool Me Twice
100 4x21 08/Apr/2013 Limousine Lunchtime
101 4x22 15/Apr/2013 Picking Up Margaret
102 4x23 22/Apr/2013 K.I.L.I.T. Radio
103 4x24 06/May/2013 Carter and Briggs
104 4x25 13/May/2013 Skips Stress
105 4x26 20/May/2013 Cool Cubed
105 4x27 27/May/2013 Trailer Trashed
107 4x28 10/Jun/2013 Meteor Moves
108 4x29 17/Jun/2013 Family BBQ
109 4x30 24/Jun/2013 The Last LaserDisc Player
110 4x31 01/Jul/2013 Country Club
111 4x32 15/Jul/2013 Blind Trust
112 4x33 15/Jul/2013 World's Best Boss
113 4x34 22/Jul/2013 Last Meal
114 4x35 29/Jul/2013 Sleep Fighter
115 4x36 05/Aug/2013 Party Re-Pete
116 4x37 12/Aug/2013 Steak Me Amadeus

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
117 5x01 02/Sep/2013 Laundry Woes
118 5x02 02/Sep/2013 Silver Dude
119 5x03 09/Sep/2013 Benson's Car
120 5x04 16/Sep/2013 Every Meat Burritos
121 5x05 23/Sep/2013 Wall Buddy
122 5x06 30/Sep/2013 A Skips in Time
123 5x07 14/Oct/2013 Survival Skills
124 5x08 21/Oct/2013 Terror Tales of the Park III
125 5x09 04/Nov/2013 Tants
126 5x10 11/Nov/2013 Bank Shot
127 5x11 18/Nov/2013 Power Tower
128 5x12 25/Nov/2013 The Thanksgiving Special
129 5x13 02/Dec/2013 The Heart of a Stuntman
130 5x14 31/Dec/2013 New Year's Kiss
131 5x15 13/Jan/2014 Dodge This
132 5x16 27/Jan/2014 Portable Toilet
133 5x17 10/Feb/2014 The Postcard
134 5x18 24/Feb/2014 Rigby In the Sky With Burrito
135 5x19 03/Mar/2014 Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit
136 5x20 10/Mar/2014 Saving Time
137 5x21 17/Mar/2014 Guitar Of Rock
138 5x22 14/Apr/2014 Skips' Story
139 5x23 21/Apr/2014 Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys
140 5x24 28/Apr/2014 Bad Portrait
141 5x25 05/May/2014 Video 101
142 5x26 12/May/2014 I Like You Hi
143 5x27 05/Jun/2014 Play Date
144 5x28 12/Jun/2014 Expert or Liar
145 5x29 19/Jun/2014 Catching the Wave
146 5x30 26/Jun/2014 Gold Watch
147 5x31 03/Jul/2014 Paint Job
148 5x32 10/Jul/2014 Take the Cake
149 5x33 17/Jul/2014 Skips in the Saddle
150 5x34 24/Jul/2014 Thomas Fights Back
151 5x35 31/Jul/2014 Bachelor Party! Zingo!!
152 5x36 07/Aug/2014 Tent Trouble
153 5x37 14/Aug/2014 Real Date

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
154 6x01 09/Oct/2014 Maxin' and Relaxin'
155 6x02 16/Oct/2014 New Bro on Campus
156 6x03 23/Oct/2014 Daddy Issues
157 6x04 29/Oct/2014 Terror Tales of the Park IV
158 6x05 30/Oct/2014 The End of Muscle Man
159 6x06 06/Nov/2014 Lift With Your Back
160 6x07 13/Nov/2014 Eileen Flat Screen
161 6x08 20/Nov/2014 The Real Thomas
162 6x09 04/Dec/2014 White Elephant Gift Exchange
163 6x10 04/Dec/2014 Merry Christmas Mordecai
164 6x11 08/Jan/2015 Sad Sax
165 6x12 15/Jan/2015 Park Managers Lunch
166 6x13 22/Jan/2015 Mordecai and Rigby Down Under
167 6x14 29/Jan/2015 Married and Broke
168 6x15 05/Feb/2015 I See Turtles
169 6x16 12/Feb/2015 Format Wars II
170 6x17 19/Feb/2015 Happy Birthday Song Contest
171 6x18 26/Feb/2015 Benson's Suit
172 6x19 05/Mar/2015 Gamers Never Say Die
173 6x20 12/Mar/2015 1000th Chopper Flight Party
174 6x21 19/Mar/2015 Party Horse
175 6x22 26/Mar/2015 Men in Uniform
176 6x23 02/Apr/2015 Garage Door
177 6x24 09/Apr/2015 Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special
178 6x25 22/Jun/2015 Not Great Double Date
179 6x26 23/Jun/2015 Death Kwon Do-Livery
180 6x27 24/Jun/2015 Lunch Break
181 6x28 25/Jun/2015 Dumped at the Altar

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
182 7x01 26/Jun/2015 Dumptown USA
183 7x02 06/Aug/2015 The Parkie Awards
184 7x03 13/Aug/2015 The Lunch Club
185 7x04 20/Aug/2015 Local News Legend
186 7x05 27/Aug/2015 The Dome Experiment
187 7x06 03/Sep/2015 Birthday Gift
188 7x07 10/Sep/2015 Cat Videos
189 7x08 17/Sep/2015 Struck by Lightning
190 7x09 27/Sep/2015 Return of the Party Horse
191 7x10 01/Oct/2015 Sleep Cycle

S02 - #115/Apr/2011Mordecai and Rigby: RingtoneersN/A
S07 - #206/Jul/2015USA! USA!N/A
S07 - #301/Sep/2015Fun RunN/A

25/Nov/2015Regular Show: The MovieN/A

    Season 7 »
Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons | Children | Comedy | Family | Teens
Status: Returning Series
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Premiere: September 06, 2010
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