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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Entry scene: Garcia shoots an officer at a birthday surprise party. He was called for officer down in the first place ;)

Garcia & Jones on patrol:

  • Disturbing the peace: a french pantomime in front of a supermarket
  • 911 Call: TT was in conflict with some midgets. While doing small talk with Jones she steals his nightstick.
  • Report of Prowler: This guy uses birdhouses in a very special way...
  • Soliciation: Between some hookers Dangle is in deep cover while he has off friday nights...

Dangle discovers a Discrepancy on Driver's License of a personal trainer.

Suspect lineup/Assault & Battery: A possible victim lets four topless woman jump for his pleasure.

Dangle's police bike gets stolen while he went into a store for a minute.

Dangle (driving) & Wiegel on Patrol Duty hit an other car, which trunk opened up. After trying to excuse for the accident Dangle found more than 60 ponds of marijuana in the trunk.

Junior tries to talk to a german shepherd.
Guest Stars: Eternity Bruce as Child Witness | Jennifer Lennon as Trailer Park Woman | Lorian Illiana as Stripper #1 | Shayna Lee as Stripper #3 | Tamara Cruz as Stripper #4 | Katie Lohmann as Stripper #2 | Steve Hart as Shooting Victim | Brian T. Finney as Eyewitness | Winston Story as Marijuana Dealer

2 :01x02 - Fireworks

Entry scene: Junior (driving) and Dangle (on the radio) chasing a white BMW with a vanity plate...

Suspected Fireworks Posession: Jones and Williams investigate selling of these fireworks.

A.P.B. Robbery in Progress: Garcia and Jones making two Jehovah's Witnesses get down on the ground.

East Patrol: While looking out for illegal fireworks, Dangle picks up a man with a lost dog.

Auto Burglary/Trailer Park Disturbance: Johnson and Williams chasing the burglar so he hits a wall. After waking up he escapes again and steals the police car.

Disturbance Call: A naked man escapes Jones and Garcia over the state border of California.

Trespassing: Garcia and Jones investigate an ice cream truck parking in the desert.
Guest Stars: Steve Mallory as Jehovah's Witness #2 | David Lincoln as John | Mio Takada as Asian Ice Cream Truck Driver | Lisa Arch as Stripper w/ Dispute | Ken Marino as Frank | Charlie Weirauch as Jehovah's Witness #1 | Jim Rash as Whore House Customer (Andrew) | Andrew Bowen as Gas Huffer

3 :01x03 - Execution Tickets

Entry scene: Junior (driving) and Dangle talk to each other about free concert tickets just announced in the radio...

Morning Briefing: Dangle announces a scavenger race for two execution tickets.

Jones (on the phone) and Garcia ordering a pizza and provoke a Speeding Violation of the delivery guy.

West Patrol: Dangle and Junior trying to spot a crackhead.

Man With Animal Tattoo: Junior and Dangle trying to arrest an old "buddy" with a suspected animal tattoo.

Best Looking Hooker: Williams is going to style up a hooker.

Red Foreign Car: Wiegel spots a red foreign car, but left her car in neutral. While trying to stop her car the red foreign car escapes.

Dangle and Junior arresting a man with no pants who is obviously on drugs.

End of Shift: Williams almost got the execution tickets, but Garcia steps in with a tall crackhead with an animal tattoo...
Guest Stars: Toby Huss as Man with Tatto (Big Mike) | David Mattey as Tall Guy | Bryan Shy as Domino's Guy | Phil Tee Van as Crackhead Drag Queen | J.P. Manoux as Armenian | Mina Olivera as Best Looking Prostitute | Nick Swardson as Roller Skating Hustler (Terry)

4 :01x04 - Clementine's Pregnant

Entry scene: Dangle (driving) and Wiegel (on the radio) pursuing a white echo with a vanity plate (imaxxy or so)...

Mandatory Drug Testing: The Reno 911 police staff sits in underwear awaiting the results. The Doctor announces that Johnson is pregnant.

Domestic Disturbance: Garcia convinces a woman to lay her gun down. Williams enters the scene and after a talk she gives her a pepper spray.

Narcotics Stakeout: Junior and Dangle recognize a guy in an other hotel room that looks a bit like Leonard Nimoy.

911 Call at Legal Whorehouse: Jones and Garcia dealing with a guy who blames an unused bathroom.

Community Awareness Program: Johnson walks around the new neighborhood with a convicted sex offender to collect signatures.

Off Duty: Johnson pronounces that she's not pregnant.
Guest Stars: Rachael Harris as Claire the Madam | Charles Hutchins as Doctor | Karen Bankhead as Domestic Disturbance Woman | David Jahn as Leonard Nimoy Look-alike | Michael Ian Black as Sex Offender | Jim Rash as Andrew | Blaine Miller as BMX Kid

5 :01x05 - Jones Gets Suspended

Entry scene/Reckless Driving: The driver punches the drivers door into Juniors crotch.

Morning Briefing: Dangle announces that Jones is suspended for assaulting Garcia.

Deputy S. Jones Disciplinary Prohibition: He does cross work duty in front of a school/sports field.

Disturbing the peace: Wiegel and Garcia trying to catch a man on the stage of a strip club.

Solicitation: Junior and Dangle talking with Terry, who was giving hand jobs to drivers during red light.

Reckless Driving: Johnson arrests a magician with rock cocaine in his pocket.

Community Outreach Program: Wiegel tells pupils about rape.

Dangles police bike gets stolen while he's visiting Jones.

East Patrol: Dangle and Junior hunting down a man in a milk shake costume.
Guest Stars: Murray SawChuck as Drunk Driver Magician | Daniele Gaither as Hairstylist | Andrew Bowen as Man with Nunchucks | Nick Swardson as Roller Skating Hustler (Terry) | Nat Faxon as Milkshake Guy

6 :01x06 - Help From the FBI

Entry Scene: Garcia (driving & on the radio) and Jones (shooting) pursuing a car...

F.B.I. Crime Scene: Agent Cowen has an important job for the Reno 911 crew: two large lates, a small easy moca moca, three coffee o laits and two ice coffees

The Reno 911 Officers trying to blow up an old micro wave to finally get a new one.

Robbery in Progress: Jones and Garcia talking with the suspected robber.

911 Call: Wiegel and Johnson talking with Craig.

F.B.I. Autopsy: The Reno police stuff is playing with the dead body.

Undercover Prostitution Sting: The prostitute hits Junior with a vase unconscious and grabs the money.

Community Outreach Program: Jones and Garcia teaching children how to fire weapons safely and correctly.

Wiegel tells her parents about her new boyfriend.

F.B.I. Press Conference: The Reno 911 officers arguing who announces the F.B.I. Agents to the press people.

End of Shift: Agent Cowen hands a bottle of Champagne to the Reno 911 Officers.
Guest Stars: George Sharperson as Male FBI Agent | Jerry Minor as Robber | Shulie Cowen as FBI Agent | Kyle Dunnigan as Sno-Cone Man |
Uncredited: Mina Olivera as Prostitute

7 :01x07 - Wiegel Suicide Watch

Entry scene: Wiegel learns french in her car... drives into the garage, the door closes and the engine is still running...

Morning Briefing: Dangle announces a 72 hours long suicide watch for Wiegel.

Internet Predator Sting: Johnson dressed up as school girl meets sugardaddy69.

Undercover Stakeout: Garcia and Williams doing small talk on the wedding party cause the suspect doesn't show up.

Wiegel Suicide Watch Hour 42: Dangle knocks on Wiegel's door to replace Junior.

East Patrol: Dangle is driving while Junior suspects that Wiegel might was married.

Homicide Investigation: Dangle and Junior interviewing a cripples stripper.

K-9 Training: Junior tries to train a dog to search for drugs.

Wiegel Suicide Watch Hour 54: Wiegel is driving while Johnson is talking about her opinion about suicide.

Undercover Stakeout: Garcia and Williams sitting in a jacuzzi...

Burglary in Progress: Johnson, Jones & Weigel inspect the store. Wiegel shoots the burglar with a shotgun, despite he wanted to give up.

Wiegel Suicide Watch 72 Hour: All are happy that the suicide watch is over, until Wiegel tells that it doesn't actually was a suicide attempt.
Guest Stars: Kristina Hayes as Crippled Stripper | Jack Plotnick as Internet Predator

8 :01x08 - Clementine Gets Married

Entry scene: Dangle (driving) and Wiegel (on the radio) are trying to decipher a vanity plate...

Johnson's boyfriend (Steve) makes a marriage proposal at the police station.

Disturbing the peace: Garcia and Jones trying to arrest a pervert in a motel room.

Community Outreach: Dangle (with a guitar) and Junior performing a song about drugs in front of a class.

East Patrol: Jones and Garcia get a bag with a strange writing inside on a drive-in.

Weigel on the cemetery on her mother's grave...

Speed Trap: Garcia and Jones making figures with their shadows.

Bachelorette Party: Johnson, Williams, Wiegel with two other woman and three strippers (one of them is Jones).

Suspected D.U.I.: Junior and Dangle halting Steve's car with an other woman on the passengers seat and loads of various drugs.

The Wedding.
Guest Stars: Heather McDonald as Maid of Honor | Timothy Brennen as Steed | Chris Tallman as Porn Guy | Susan Yeagley as Cashier | Jim Rash as Andrew | Gil Christner as Justice of the Peace |
Uncredited: Amy Fisher (2) as Wedding Guest

9 :01x09 - Garcia's Anniversary

Entry scene/Indecent Exposure: Williams and Johnson are surprised by Dangle lying naked in his garden.

Morning Briefing: Dangle congratulates Garcia to his 15th year in the Reno sheriff's department.

Disturbing the Peace: Garcia, Wiegel, Williams and Junior were called to resolve a brawl in a trailer park.

911 Call: Dangle inspects an assault at a hotel reception.

911 Call: The female cashier of a drive-in tells Wiegel and Johnson about a robbery with following indecent exposure.

Indecent Exposure: The cashier now describes the penis with all details.

Prostitution Sting: Jones gives a foot massage to the prostitute. Second scene: Dangle, Garcia and Junior doing some small talk in the next room.

Arrest Warrant: Williams and Wiegel trying to arrest an old men in underwear who escapes with a scooter.
Guest Stars: Lisa Acuna as Garcia's Daughter | Joe Kessler as Camera Man | Thomas Rosales, Jr. as Rosales Brother | Spice Williams as White Trash Woman | Gene LeBell as Scooter Suspect | Susan Yeagley as Cashier | Gilbert Rosales as Rosales Brother | Mitch Silpa as Hotel Clerk | Michael Patrick Jann as Camera Man | Amy Brassette as Hotel Hooker

10 :01x10 - Burning Man Festival

Entry scene: Jones (driving) & Garcia (on the radio) chasing someone for Speeding violation. Garcia trying to decipher the license plate (IWD4U). After successfully deciphered "I would die for you" and looking at each other they crash, air bags open up.

Prostitution sting: Dangle wants two hookers to play double fantasies.

Disturbing the peace: Garcia and Jones visit the french pantomime in front of the supermarket again.

Burning man stakeout: (Deep cover mission) Dangle as Devil, Jones in yellow with a banana belt & Junior in black looking a bit spiderish.

Community service: Garcia going to take out a hooker (Jackie).

Johnson on a Marijuana sting meets an other officer in a store.

Moving violation: Wiegel halts a car for driving wrong way on a one way street.
Guest Stars: Gary L. Mack as State Trooper #2 | Kurt Sinclair as State Trooper #1 | Heather R. Provost as Hooker | Ike Bram as Kid | Nat Faxon as Head Shop Clerk

11 :01x11 - Dangle's Moving Day

Entry scene: Dangle (driving) and Wiegel searching for a fly or a bee while driving.

Public Disturbance: Wiegel and Johnson talking with a postman who got attacked by a paint ball sniper.

Moving Day: Jones arrives at Dangle's trailer. No one else is there.

Public Disturbance: Garcia and Junior in army outfit and paint ball guns arriving to support Wiegel and Johnson.

Prostitution Sting: Williams turns out to be a former babysitter of the (male) prostitute.

Moving Day: Dangle wants Jones to take a drink.

Public Lewd Behavior: Johnson and Wiegel suspecting Terry to do prostitution and being on drugs.

Junior Deputy Program: Junior makes a little sightseeing with five boys in the Reno Departments Jail.

Disturbance Call: Johnson tries to disengage Andrew who is tied up to a bed with a dildo attached to his head.

Moving Day: Dangle drives about 45 feet to his new residence.

West Patrol: Williams and Johnson informing a man about an official government statement about an UFO sighting a week ago in this area.
Guest Stars: David Wain as Sensual Masseur | Jonathan Mangum as Yokel | Nick Swardson as Roller Skating Hustler | Randall Park as Mailman | Paul Vogt as Paint Ball Sniper | Jim Rash as Unicorn Man | Reign Morton as Sugarwolf

12 :01x12 - Terrorist Training (1)

Entry Scene/Robbery Suspect: Dangle and Junior lost track of the Robber, who is then stealing the camera.

Morning Briefing: Dangle opens a letter with white powder in it. The whole staff tastes it and Dangle showing the letter where is written "PRAISE ALLAH!". Four guys from Homeland Security entering the room and telling that this was the initial test for the terrorist training.

911 Call: Big Mike is hiding under a pool from Dangle and Junior.

Homeland Security Training: Day 2: Capt. Hernandez is presenting a chemical shower.

Public Disturbance: Jones and Garcia speaking with three guys from the Ku Klux Clan.

Domestic Disturbance: A woman on drugs wants Garcia and Jones to arrest the man next door for crossing her property line.

Prostitution Sting: The prostitute stepping in is Johnson's mother.

Noxious Gas Emergency: Jones and Garcia meeting Johnson and Wiegel at the emergency site. Garcia orders snipers on the roof, backup, a hazmat team and a helicopter.
Guest Stars: Toby Huss as Big Mike | Kyle Dunnigan as Clinic Doctor | Chris Tallman as Klansman | Craig Gellis as Robbery Suspect | Cheryl Hines as Lady at Trailer Park | Oscar Nuñez as Capt. Dwayne Hernandez | Cathy Shim as Lt. Suzy Kim | Heather R. Provost as Hooker

13 :01x13 - Terrorist Training (2)

Suspected Bioterrorism: Garcia, Johnson, Wiegel & Jones discussing how they get rid of the skunk.

Driving Under the Influence: Johnson and the driver of the blue Pickup Truck performing a little dance.

Homeland Security Training: Day 4: Capt. Hernandez asking the officers how to deal with an abandoned bag on a parking lot.

Suspected Lottery Fraud: Johnson trying to catch TT in a store.

Community Outreach: Garcia and Jones demonstrating self defense before a school class.

Homeland Security training: Day 5: Dangle and Wiegel in bio suits analyzing the bag on the parking lot.

Homeland Security Final Exam: Garcia reads from a note with the results of the test.

Off Duty: Capt. Hernandez announces that all have passed the exam.

Emergency Briefing: Dangle announces that $300.000 worth evidence and computer equipment got robbed from the police station.
Guest Stars: Adam J. Karp as Store Clerk | Oscar Nuñez as Captain Dwayne Hernandez | Cathy Shim as Lt. Suzy Kim | Kyle Dunnigan as Clinic Doctor

14 :01x14 - Halloween (1)

Entry scene/Trespassing: Garcia and Jones questioning two masked kids on a graveyard.

Evening Briefing: Sheriff W. Chehekevitch reports about an evening ten years ago.

Disturbance Call: Jones and Garcia talking to TT who is prowling in a backyard.

Burglary Call: Dangle and Wiegel descry a guy who is making out with a pumpkin.

Vandalism Call: Johnson is advising four gothic kids about the true meaning of Halloween.

Lewd Behavior: Garcia and Jones talk with a man who traumatized a woman and her son in his "Scary House".

West Patrol: Williams extinguishes a burning bag full of shit.

Robbery/Homicide: Garcia and Johnson meeting Dangle (who is crying) in front of a store.

End of Shift: Johnson shows a video tape from Jones.

County Morgue: The staff stands around Jones body.
Guest Stars: Jack Plotnick as Haunted House Man | Tracey Walter as Sheriff W. Chechekevitch | Carmen Plumb as Gothic Kid | Alexa Havins as Gothic Kid
Classification: Scripted
Genre: | Comedy | Sketch/Improv
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Comedy Central ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 23, 2003
Ended: July 08, 2009
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