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Reno 911!: Jones Gets Suspended

Entry scene/Reckless Driving: The driver punches the drivers door into Juniors crotch.

Morning Briefing: Dangle announces that Jones is suspended for assaulting Garcia.

Deputy S. Jones Disciplinary Prohibition: He does cross work duty in front of a school/sports field.

Disturbing the peace: Wiegel and Garcia trying to catch a man on the stage of a strip club.

Solicitation: Junior and Dangle talking with Terry, who was giving hand jobs to drivers during red light.

Reckless Driving: Johnson arrests a magician with rock cocaine in his pocket.

Community Outreach Program: Wiegel tells pupils about rape.

Dangles police bike gets stolen while he's visiting Jones.

East Patrol: Dangle and Junior hunting down a man in a milk shake costume.