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Rescue Me: Discovery

The boys from 62 Truck decide to go out after discovering their private lives aren’t quite what they used to be. While at the Lotus, Franco becomes intrigued with a beautiful older woman who is checking him out from across the bar.

Chief Reilly comes to realize that paying for Jeanie’s care may be a bigger burden on himself than he thought and turns to a friend that’s not doing well himself for help and Sean continues to mull over whether or not to tell Tommy about him and Maggie.

Also, Tommy’s dad is celebrating his 83rd birthday with family and friends when Tommy makes a shocking discovery that will rip his family apart.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x2
Production Number: 302
Airdate: Tuesday June 06th, 2006

Guest Stars
Charles DurningCharles Durning
As Tommy's Dad
Michael ZegenMichael Zegen
As Damian O'Keefe
Natalie DistlerNatalie Distler
As Colleen Gavin
Olivia CrocicchiaOlivia Crocicchia
As Katy Gavin
Peggy ScottPeggy Scott
As Jeannie Reilly
Robert John BurkeRobert John Burke
As Father Mickey Gavin
Susan SarandonSusan Sarandon
As Alicia
Tatum OTatum O'Neal
As Maggie
Alexa HavinsAlexa Havins
As The Talker
Brian dBrian d'Arcy James
As Dr. Felcher
Francesca CecilFrancesca Cecil
As Mike's Date
Episode Notes
Tommy finds out about Janet and Johnny.

James McCaffrey does not appear in this episode.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Twilight SingersBonnie Brae 

Episode Quotes
Sheila: She didn’t waste much time, did she? And people call me a whore
(Tommy and Tommy’s dad look at her.)
Sheila: Well they do.

(Talking about the pool the boys are in to quit smoking.)
Tommy’s Dad: Wow, six guys?! Ya know, if only three of them screw up, that’s a nice chunk of change.
Tommy: Yep.
Tommy’s Dad: So what are ya gonna do if you win?
Tommy: Buy some cigarettes.

Tommy: Ya know, they have blowjob contests in those private schools. There was a hug article in New Yorker Magazine about it.
Franco: Ya, I read it Tom. Ya, I don’t know. Maybe I’m hoping my kid has a shot at winning one of those.

Franco: Shit Sean, there must be five million broads in this city. You gotta pick Tommy’s sister?

(Talking about telling Tommy about him and Maggie.)
Sean: Ya know what? I’m gonna tell Tommy what’s going on. I gotta tell him.
Franco: Ya, well, here’s your chance, Champ. Here he comes.
Tommy: Douche bag, hey, the next time i find your scott pack where my ass belongs, your gonna find my scott pack halfway up your Goddamn colon.
Sean: Ya know what? Maybe I’ll, ah, tell him later. Seems… busy.

Sean: Oh God, babe. That was incredible. Whadda ya got, a drink?
Maggie: Ya know what they say, nothing like a little cocktail after a little cock.

Colleen: I’m a born again Christian.
Tommy: Bullshit!
Colleen: I am.
Tommy: Not in my house.

Tommy: How was your chick?
Franco: Ah, she’s okay. Kinda a girl I call a firecracker. Ya know, she’s got one good bang in her and that’s it.

Colleen: It’s okay, Grandpa. Did I tell you how much Jesus loves you?
Tommy’s Dad: Ya, a couple of times. Tell Jesus to lay off, will ya? Ya know, I’m glad he loves me, but that’s how rumors get started.

Sheila: Here comes the cake. Happy Birth…
Tommy’s Dad: Shut your hole! I’m warning all of ya right now. Anyone comes up with that Happy Birthday bullshit, I’m dropping my pants, taking a leak on this cake, and walking the hell out of here.
Tommy: All right everyone, on three.

Cultural References
Tommy: I'm gonna stick this Brokeback coffee travel thing right up his Goddamn ass.

This is a reference to Brokeback Mountain, a 2005 award winning film about two homosexual cowboys in Wyoming. Since the film's debut, it has become common to see 'Brokeback' used as an adjective to describe things deemed homosexual.

It was very interesting to see the ending with Tommy walking away in slow motion as the complete bad guy after using the same ending in Devil where Tommy walks away in slow motion as the hero after saving the young girl's life. This was an excellent way to show the duality in Tommy's persona.

Other Episode Crew

StuntsAaron Vexler
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