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Rescue Me: Zombies

Sean begins to sleepwalk when he accidentally takes some of Tommy's sleeping pills instead of the painkillers he was after.

Meanwhile, Angie finally agrees to go out on a fictional date with Tommy in hopes of making Janet and Johnny jealous.

Also, Lou has a heart to heart with his Uncle Red that helps him get through an incident during a fire that almost cost him and another one in his house their lives.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x6
Production Number: 306
Airdate: Tuesday July 11th, 2006

Guest Stars
Anthony AlessandroAnthony Alessandro
As Sebastian
Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei
As Angie
Niels JorgensenNiels Jorgensen
As Nils
Olivia CrocicchiaOlivia Crocicchia
As Katy Gavin
Peter MaloneyPeter Maloney
As Red
Phil EspositoPhil Esposito
As Izzy
Tatum OTatum O'Neal
As Maggie
Timothy AdamsTimothy Adams
As Chris
Trevor HeinsTrevor Heins
As Connor Gavin
Angel DavidAngel David
As Nacho
Frank RoffaFrank Roffa
As Brigade Member
John HallasJohn Hallas
As Rocko
Taylor DayneTaylor Dayne
As Shirley
Episode Notes
All NYC firehouses must got rid of all pornographic materials i.e., magazines, videos, DVDs, computers with porn on them, etc.

Episode Quotes
("Zombie" Sean insult #1)
Sean: Ya know something pal? You gotta lose like 75 lbs. Seriously bro, if I gotta pull you out of a fire, it's gonna be awful slow goin'.

("Zombie" Sean insult #2)
Sean: Wow, that's a really ugly baby. I mean, I'm sure she's gonna grow up to be a very gorgeous person one day, but there's no reason you should be showing her off in public anytime soon.

("Zombie" Sean insult #3)
Sean: And buddy, that comb-over,... it's not fooling anyone.

Probie: Why do you still have the pills if you don't take them anymore?
Tommy: Duh! I'm a junkie.

Probie: You quit now, right?
Tommy: Ya but,... I was,... In case I had a relapse, I didn't want to have to go... searching for the pills. I was planning ahead.
Lou: Oh ya, from the bender AA was suppose to stop you from having. Nice cult you joined, by the way.

Lou: You brought in King Dong.
Tommy: Ah,... right.
Franco: Which sucked by the way. All the girls had skeeter bites for tits.
Tommy: that's because they're real tits, Franco. That's what real tits look like, okay, Johnny giant fake boobs.

Cultural References
Lou: Let's see - Forrest Hump, mine,... King Schlong, mine.

The porn industry has long taken titles of very successful films and doctored them for their own use. Though the ones here are fictional, some real titles include - Foreskin Gump, A Street Girl Named Desire, A Fistful of Hooters, and Star Prick: The Next Ejaculation.

Lou: 60 Minutes did a piece on him.

60 Minutes is a popular news magazine providing hard hitting investigations, interviews and features. It has been doing such since its debut in 1968.

Sean: Will you write me two tickets to the U2 concert at the Garden.

U2 is an Irish rock band that infuses it's music with tones of their social beliefs. They are beloved world wide and have sold tens of millions of albums.

The Garden is slang, especially in New York, for the Madison Square Garden, arguably the most popular stadium in the word.

Tommy: Sean of the Dead?

This is a reference to the 2004 film, Shaun of the Dead. Shaun of the Dead is a horror/comedy that spoofs the zombie movie genre i.e., Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, etc.

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