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Rescue Me: Karate

Tommy has a stand-off with a wise-ass NYPD hockey player that leads to another one of his emotional breakdowns in the locker room.

Meanwhile, Lou finally gets his life's second wind and decides to get off his dead ass and not let what happened to him and Candi destroy his life. Also Franco finds himself with a woman who might seem like someone with whom he could have a serious relationship with.

Tommy and Angie, Sean and Maggie, Probie and Chris, Jerry and Rose, and Teddy and Ellie all come to the point where they have to make important decisions about where their relationships are going.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x8
Production Number: 308
Airdate: Tuesday July 25th, 2006

Guest Stars
Anthony AlessandroAnthony Alessandro
As Sebastian
Kate BurtonKate Burton
As Rose
Lenny ClarkeLenny Clarke
As Uncle Teddy
Lenny VenitoLenny Venito
As Prison Guard
Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei
As Angie
Matt MulhernMatt Mulhern
As Lt. John Stackhouse
Niels JorgensenNiels Jorgensen
As Nils
Patti DPatti D'Arbanville
As Ellie
Sherri SaumSherri Saum
As Natalie
Tatum OTatum O'Neal
As Maggie
Timothy AdamsTimothy Adams
As Chris
Todd CarrollTodd Carroll
As Collins
A. Michael ElianA. Michael Elian
As Falafel Guy
Allison McAteeAllison McAtee
As Sexy Bartender
Andrea RosenAndrea Rosen
As Concession Girl
Canedy KnowlesCanedy Knowles
As Yoga Receptionist
Jody EbertJody Ebert
As Guy in Line
Michael OMichael O'Hagen (1)
As Security Guard
Paul OPaul O'Brien (1)
As Chaplain
Todd BakerTodd Baker
As Referee
Tricia PaoluccioTricia Paoluccio
As Epiphany
Ty JonesTy Jones
As Black Jack
Episode Notes
Sean and Maggie get engaged.

Tommy wears #3 on his hockey sweater and the entire team has "Bravest" on the back of there sweaters instead of their individual names.

Candi, the con artest that conned Lou out of most of his money, was caught selling cocaine.

The boys of 62 Truck won $15,000 betting on a horse race.

Episode Quotes
Tommy: I don't even know that many black people. I mean, maybe a total of five - two of those are Reggie Jackson and Barry Bonds, who I hate by the way.

(About survivors guilt.)
Collins: Eventually, I got a handle on it on my own.
Tommy: How?
Collins: Booze.
Tommy: Booze.
Collins: Ya, I drank a lot. I still do. I mean, I don't drink on the job or anything. I'm not drunk right now, but I will be pretty soon, like right after this. 12 beers, 6 shots of tequila, that'll pretty much knock it right out of your system.

Lou: I was sitting here. I was stuffing my face. I was reading the paper. I'm watching TV. I'm feeling miserable about myself, ya know,... Wednesday.

Chaplain: Nice rack, huh?

Chris: Hey, dude, I'm a guy. You're a guy. We both know guys screw around, but you told me you were a one guy guy.
Probie: I am. That's why I'm screwing around with a woman.

Probie: Oh shit, the 5 horse lost?
Franco: No, we all lost.
Chief: What'd you say, the 5 horse?
Probie: Ya, it's what you told me to bet, right?
Chief: Shit, you stupid son of a bitch.... I love ya. (Kisses Probie on the cheek.)
Lou: Hey Chief, should we leave the room?
Chief: He bet the wrong horse, but the horse that he bet won. This thing's worth fifteen grand. We're in boys.

Episode Goofs
When Maggie is heckling from the stands during the hockey game, she yells, "You skate like a bitch, #18", at a passing player, but that player is shown to be wearing #23.

Cultural References
Lt. John Stackhouse: Hey,... Laural and Hardy.

Stan Laural and Oliver Hardy were a comedy duo during the early part of the 20th century. They starred as a pair of bumbling normal guys in films and in their stage act. They are most famous for their legendary, "Who's on first" skit.

Tommy: Where'd she meet him, a Hells Angels rally?

The Hells Angels are a motorcycle club that started in California in 1948. Though they repute the allegations, many believe it to be a large criminal organization with members in over 220 chapters in about 30 countries.

Episode References
Lou: I look in the paper and there happens to be a little article about my old friend, Candi.

Candi was the escort, and later to be found out porn star, that conned Lou out of his life savings in the episode, Justice.

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