Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily’s voice-over telling us as to how simple was her understanding about revenge. We then see a man being shot on a beach. A little away from where the dead body fell, we see fireworks in the sky; there is some sort of a celebration at a mansion. Two rounds of fire are shot again. At the mansion, we see the pictures of a happy couple being flashed on a projector. The people are attending the engagement party of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson. Nolan, Emily’s friend is attending the party as well. But she feels that he shouldn’t be there. Well, Nolan thinks in that case, it makes the two of them. At the beach, we see a man, whose face isn’t shown, dragging the dead body. Charlotte, Daniel’s sister, is enjoying with her boyfriend, Declan.

Cut to the scene on the beach, it is Jack Porter who is dragging the dead body. He looks tensed. Just then Charlotte and Declan sneak out of the party and run towards the beach. Jack sees them. They undress themselves and run into the water. At the party, Victoria Grayson, wife of Conrad Grayson gives a speech. Just then Emily makes a call. The dead man’s phone rings. Jack is startled and Charlotte and Declan too hear the phone ring. Declan sees Jack, standing behind a small bush and walks towards him. But Jack is wearing a hoodie. Jack runs away. At the party, Victoria declares her approval for her son’s choice. But things don’t appear really well between Victoria and Emily. Victoria wants to know where Daniel is as he seems to be missing from his own engagement party. At the beach, Declan finds the dead body and Charlotte finds the gun.

Charlotte freaks out and goes running to the party and calls out for her mother, Victoria. Victoria thinks that the dead man is her son Daniel and she breaks down. Cut to five months earlier; an estate agent is showing Emily the beach side house. She wants to look around. It is the same house where she lived as a kid with her father. She remembers those days. A little away from the house is the Grayson mansion. Emily looks content with the choice she has made. Emily is settling in and her friend, Ashley pays her a visit. Ashley works for the Graysons. Victoria notices Emily sitting on the porch of the beach side house. Next, Declan is helping Jack at the docks. Declan is Jack’s younger brother. Nolan arrives at the docks to meet Jack. Nolan is interested in buy the boat named Amanda; but Jack exclaims that it is not for sale.

Nolan guesses that Amanda might be some special girl in Jack’s life. It is clear that Jack doesn’t like Nolan much. At the mansion, Victoria’s friend Lydia is a little worried. She is going through a divorce and her ex-husband, Michael, is threatening to put the beach house for auction. He has already rented it out. Emily is standing on the beach, reminiscing about her childhood days with her father. Just then Lydia arrives to talk to her. Lydia tells her that she owns the beach house. Next, Emily is watching the video of her father’s trial. His name is David Clarke and we also see that Lydia Davis was David’s secretary. Conrad Grayson was Davi9d’s boss and David is charged for funding money for some terrorist activities; wherein a flight was bombed and all the passengers on the flight were killed.

Cut to the flashback from Emily’s childhood; she remembers her father getting a call from Victoria Grayson and just then cops barge into their house and pin David to the ground. Her father calls out her name, “Amanda”. Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke. Emily looks at the video again wherein she sees Lydia telling the press that David had fooled everyone, including her. She then sees some pictures in which Conrad and Lydia are making out. Next, Ashley is making arrangements for Victoria’s upcoming auction. Emily is at a restaurant and she calls Ashley and offers to pick up her dress for the auction. Just then Lydia walks in and Emily clicks her picture. Moments later, Conrad also enters. At the mansion, Daniel arrives home. Charlotte is thrilled to see her brother and so is Victoria.

He inquires about his father. Meanwhile, Conrad and Lydia are in bed, having sex. He has a sharp pain in his stomach; he collapses. There was something wrong with the food. At Porter’s bar, Charlotte and her friends walk in. Declan offers to take care of their table. A fed agent arrives to meet Jack’s father, Carl Porter. Meanwhile, at the hotel, the meds rush Conrad to the hospital. Emily arrives at the scene, pretending to be concerned. She asks Lydia whether Conrad is her husband. Lydia flees from the scene and Emily has a smile on her face. Next, Emily sees Jack with his dog, Sam. She recollects him from her childhood memories. Sam remembers Amanda and runs to her. Jack apologizes for his dog’s behavior. Jack doesn’t recognize Amanda; they had met when they were kids. Next, Victoria rushes to the hospital.

There she learns that her husband was at South Fork Inn, which is in the opposite direction from where he was actually supposed to be at. She is suspicious. He tries to give an excuse; but she realizes that he was with a woman. She warns him not to repeat this again. Next, Emily arrives at Victoria’s party. Ashley educates her about the Grayson family and Nolan, who she doesn’t like. In fact she calls him a pain. Victoria spots Emily and Emily asks Ashley to introduce them. Ashley tells Victoria that Emily is interested to participate in the fund raiser. Emily greets Lydia and Victoria is surprised that they know each other. Lydia tells her that Emily had rented her beach house. But Emily reminds Lydia that they met each other at South Fork Inn and inquires about her husband!

Victoria realizes that Conrad was having sex wit her best friend. Victoria walks away. Next, at the bar, Carl announces that Jack is sailing to Haiti. Just then the fed agent walks in. Jack wonders what is going on. Jack talks to the agent and learns that the bank is going to foreclose the bar at the end of the month. At the fund raiser, Emily introduces herself to Daniel. Victoria gives away her treasured Van Gough to her dear friend Lydia. Actually it was a gift from Lydia and her husband to Victoria. Victoria then announces that Lydia has placed her beach house in the market and also that she would soon be leaving Hampton. Lydia is upset as this is not all what she wanted. She walks away. Nolan is recording this whole thing.

Cut to the flashback, Emily remembers the time she was being taken away by the cops and Victoria and Conrad were at her house, watching the same. At the mansion, Conrad tells Victoria that it was cruel of her to exile Lydia. Victoria tells him that he knew Lydia was her closest friend. He reminds her that he gave up everything to prove how much he loved her and she says that she returned that favor by helping him destroy a man. He retorts that she did that to save herself as well. Nolan is watching the video where Emily purposely spills her drink on Daniel to get an introduction. He is amused by him. Just then he receives a call from Jack saying that he is interested in selling his boat. Nolan enlarges Emily’s picture; a smile spreads across his face. Emily reaches home and Nolan arrives. He says: Welcome home, Amanda.

Emily attacks Nolan and is about to crush his windpipe. He tells her that her father trusted him. He knows her father was innocent and wants to be of service. He witnessed what these people did to her father. But she doesn’t want his help. He tells her about his conversation with Jack. Cut to the flashback, Emily remembers seeing Nolan for the first time when she walked out of prison. He tells her that she doesn’t resemble lie the little he described. She tells him that her father hasn’t seen her for ten years. He tells her that David Clarke passed away. He has got something for Amanda that her father wanted his daughter to have. She declines but Nolan insists that she should take it.

She thinks her father was a murderer. But Nolan tells her that he was only protecting his daughter. He asks her to take a look at the things inside the box. Her father had invested in his company and now since Amanda is 18, she is the owner of 49% of his company. Amanda finds a letter in the box and reads it. In her beach side house, Emily is reading her father’s journals once again. She can’t forgive those who punished him. Cut to the scene at the South Fork Inn, where Emily dresses as a waitress and serves food in Conrad’s room. She mixes something in his bowl of soup and walks away. From her mansion, Victoria is watching Emily. Emily knows that Victoria is the woman her father loved. She wants Victoria to pay for stealing everything she had. She wants “Revenge”. The episode ends.