Betrayal - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily sitting in her house, looking at some photograph, when the FBI breaks in and Victoria identifies her as Amanda Clarke. She tells her that she is as stupid as her father to think that she can hide things from her. Well, the nightmare ends and Emily wakes up with a start. She hears some noise and draws her gun at the door; but it is Sam, her old pet. Victoria calls up one of her friends and asks her about Emily Thorne. Jack and Declan are grieving about their father’s death. Declan is regretting the fight he got into with his father on the night he collapsed. Emily arrives at the bar, telling Jack that Sam was at her door last night. He tells her about his father’s death.

She is sorry for his loss and tells him to take care of himself. Adam sneaks into Charlotte’s room and Victoria knows about that. Senator Tom Kingsley arrives at the mansion with Conrad and Daniel. He is in town with his wife, Diane. Emily arrives and Kingsley is happy to see her. She was assisting him in one of his campaigns. Senator Kingsley was the one who got David found guilty and sent him to prison. At that time, he was the Federal Prosecutor. Emily calls Nolan and wants him to hack a computer. Conrad gifts his wife a necklace and Victoria is pissed with having her house full of unwanted guests. He tells her that once all this is over, they would go to Paris and make things right between them. Guess, he shouldn’t have slept with her best friend.

Daniel arrives to pick up Emily and he stumbles up on her gun. She tells him that she lives alone and he invites her to go shooting. Meanwhile, Nolan tries to befriend Jack. At the mansion, the Graysons and the Kingsleys are having dinner. Just then he gets a mail which he is asked to open in private. He asks his assistant to join him and leaves the table. It is a video and he wants to find out where it came from. Meanwhile, Emily takes Daniel to an Italian steakhouse. She quietly takes away the steak knife from the table and then excuses herself. She then goes to the counter and tells the guy that she doesn’t have a knife on her table. The guy goes over to her table to place a knife. Daniel is shocked to see him, Patrick. Emily had planned this. Patrick looks furious and walks away. Patrick then smashes Daniel’s windshield with a golf stick.

Daniel asks Patrick to stop and apologizes for whatever happened. Patrick tells him that if he owned up to his mistakes then he would have been apologizing to his sister. Meanwhile, Conrad feels that Kingsley need not worry about that video as it is a video of him walking into a building. But then he receives another one. He walks into a room with some girl. It is not his wife. Victoria arrives wondering what is happening. Victoria recollects telling Tom Kingsley that David is innocent. But Conrad walks in and tells Kingsley to leave the matter alone and that he could have a bright political future. Victoria realizes that there is some crisis. They ask her to finish dinner with Diane. Meanwhile, Daniel tells Emily that he dated Patrick’s sister, Sara. Emily thinks that he broke Sara’s heart, but he tells her that he broke her spine and she is paralyzed for the rest of her life.

He tells her that Sara was a waitress and his mother detested her. She made her feelings public at one of the parties and he took off with Sara drunk. He banged his car against a pole and that paralyzed her. He tells her that his mother took care of the rest and in return he had to promise that he would never see her again. Emily tells him that he should go talk to her. At the mansion, Conrad, Fran, Tom and his assistant are discussing the crisis. Kingsley tells them that shortly before he ended his affair with Erin, she declared that she was pregnant. But they decided not to have the baby. Conrad says that this should not get out. Declan wants to get even with Adam and Nolan is helping him out with that. He accesses Adam’s webcam. They see Charlotte walk into his room. Declan asks Nolan to stop as she had nothing to do with it.

He takes Nolan’s laptop. Emily is reading a note which Victoria had given his father in prison. It said that she is going to meet Kingsley the next day with evidence that would exonerate him. But the evidence apparently didn’t change Kingsley’s mind and the jury convicted him. Next day, Daniel’s roommate from Harvard arrives at the mansion. But Daniel isn’t home. Jack asks Declan to join him to pick up his father’s ashes. He convinces Declan to come along but he refuses. Frank tells Victoria that Emily drove Daniel to meet Sara. Tyler is looking for an internship. Nolan places a program in Kingsley’s speech, which would initiate the moment he opens it.

Victoria confronts her son about meeting Sara. He tells her that he wanted to apologize so that he can move forward. She tells him to take it slowly with Emily as she doesn’t trust her. At the campaign party, Emily is introduced to Tyler. Ashley tells her that she is interested in him. Emily asks Nolan as to why he is at the party and he tells her that he wouldn’t want to miss the fun. Charlotte calls Adam and asks him to come over. But he denies. He is at home with another girl. Declan has access to Adam’s webcam; thanks to Nolan and he is recording the whole thing. Daniel asks Emily if she had mentioned about Sara to anyone. He realizes that his mom is having him followed. Michael Davis arrives at the party. Victoria wants to test whether Emily and Michael know each other from the preservation committee.

Michael thinks that Emily looks familiar. Emily recognizes him and his young girlfriend from the committee. Conrad invites Kingsley to the podium for his speech. Just as he opens his speech, he gets a message asking him to look out for the red dress. He sees Erin and she is pregnant. He appears stuck and everybody wonders what is going on. His assistant takes Erin out of the room. Kingsley declares that he will not be seeking re-election this year. Everyone is stumped except for Nolan and Emily, who exchange smiles. Conrad, Tom’s assistant and Frank tell him that Erin claims that the Senator invited her. In fact she says that Tom has been texting her for the past month and also sending money for the baby.

Tom is confused. Frank suspects Tom’s assistant. Diane walks in and wants to know what is going on. Tyler asks Daniel and Emily to join him for drinks. But Emily excuses herself and leaves. Nolan is at Emily’s house. He wants to know how she managed to get the sex tape. She tells him that she bought the building Erin lived in. She tells him that she has released the videos to the press. Nolan tells her that there was no need as she had already destroyed Tom’s career; but she states that she wants to destroy his life. Charlotte receives a video message from Declan asking her to meet him. Emily arrives on Jack’s boat. Jack leaves to scatter his father’s ashes in the middle of the ocean.

At the mansion, Frank tells Conrad that that all the messages that were sent to Tom came from Conrad’s laptop. Frank points out that someone with motive and access is doing this. They suspect Victoria. Victoria remembers the time she spent with David; the time she was in love. It was beautiful. She is still wearing the earrings he gave her. The episode ends.