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Intrigue - Recap

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The episode begins with Daniel waking up in Emily’s bed; they had a wonderful night. Just then Nolan knocks at the door. He tells Emily that Frank threw off Lydia from her terrace. Emily is shocked. Nolan wants to show her the video but Emily tells him that Daniel is upstairs. He asks her to get rid of him. Tyler tells Daniel that since he walked out of the internship, he has to deal with twice the pressure. But he has made plans for the evening. But Daniel tells Tyler that he has plans with Emily; he wants a serious relationship with Emily. Tyler looks disappointed. Nolan and Emily are watching the video. They are surprised to learn that Lydia survived a fall down five storeys.

They then see Frank make a call to Victoria telling her that Lydia slipped and fell off her terrace. He lied! Nolan regrets the fact that Lydia almost died because of them. But Emily tells him that she didn’t set this in motion; the Graysons did. Nolan tells her that when Lydia wakes up from her coma, she might tell the world about Emily. She tells him that they need to frame Frank. They need to make the Graysons realize that Frank lied to them. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Victoria is planning for the Fourth of July party. Tyler meets Ashley and cleverly plans a double date with Daniel and Emily. Next, Nolan arrives at the bar and tells Jack that he needs to make a move towards Emily. He knows that he likes her; but Jack thinks that he isn’t her types.

Just then he receives a call from Emily asking him whether he sent the video to the Graysons. But he says that he is having some technical difficulties and he would send it soon. At the office, Conrad receives a new mail; the video from Lydia’s house. Conrad is flabbergasted. Ashley tells Emily about the plans of a double date; Emily reluctantly agrees. Declan tells Charlotte that he wants to take her out on a date; she gladly agrees. Conrad meets Frank at a bar. He tells him that they have been through a lot together and now they must go their separate ways. Frank is furious. Conrad tells him that he has breached his trust by telling Victoria about the money transfer to Lydia. Frank reminds him that if weren’t for him, Conrad would be sitting in prison.

Conrad has written him a “big” check and suggests that he should go somewhere far away. Frank is disappointed and leaves. Jack arrives at Emily’s house and offers to fix the porch swing. Daniel arrives and Jack tells him that since he is going out for dinner, he could start work the next day. But Daniel tells him that it is the Fourth of July; but Jack’s bar is open and has no holiday. Daniel tells him that he will be there. Conrad shows Victoria the video and tells her that Frank has been poisoning her against him as he was obsessed with her. Victoria is in shock as she learns that Conrad is willing to kill frank. On the double date, Emily questions the stories Tyler was telling them about him and his family. She thinks that he has been lying all the time.

Tyler takes offense and leaves. Ashley thinks that it was “bitchy” of Emily to do something like this. Declan wants to borrow some from Jack to take Charlotte out on a date. But Jack denies giving him any money. Declan then goes into the middle of the waters and pulls a wooden box out. He removes something from that box and takes it with him; the lobsters. Franks arrives at the mansion in the middle of the night to meet Victoria. She tells him that she knows everything. He tells her that he did all that for her; she is all that he cares about. He tries to kiss her. Just then Conrad calls out to Victoria and she leaves. The next morning is the Fourth. Tyler tells Victoria about Daniel’s new job and tells her that all this is Emily’s doing. Nolan tells Emily that the Graysons have fired Frank.

With Frank out of the way, she can now deal with Tyler. Frank walks into Lydia’s building and bribes the security guard to show him the video footages from the security cameras. Declan sells the lobsters he stole. Daniel is late on his first day of work; jack realizes that he was with Emily as he sees a lipstick mark on Daniel’s neck. Jack introduces Daniel to Bull, who would explain him the job. The guys whose lobsters Declan stole, confront him. Jack arrives with a baseball bat to defend his brother. They tell Jack that they lost $300 dollars and want their money back. Daniel gives them $400. Jack thinks that it was stupid of his brother to do something like that. But Declan tells him that he is at least doing something to be with the girl he likes; unlike Jack! He means Emily.

Jack tells Bull to handle the bar with Daniel. He tells Declan that they would be going to that party. Meanwhile, Frank sees Nolan in the video footage, trying to get into the elevator. At the party, Victoria tells Emily that she knows that it was Emily’s idea that Daniel should take up the job at the bar. She has sent Tyler to the bar to knocks some sense into Daniel. Emily apologizes to Ashley about the previous night. She also wants to apologize to Tyler; but he isn’t there. Just then Nolan arrives at the party with the Porter brothers. Tyler arrives at the bar. Tyler tells him that he is there to give him company. He wants Daniel to share a shot with him. Daniel agrees for just one shot. Tyler drugs Daniel’s drink.

Declan walks up to Charlotte at the party and tells her that he has no money and he cannot match up to her lifestyle; but she doesn’t care. Nolan tells jack that his brother is really fast. Jack approaches Emily and asks her if there is some other place they could go. At the bar, the drug is taking its effect and Daniel is feeling giddy. Jack tells Emily that he likes her. But she tells him that she is with Daniel and cannot accept his proposal. Jack is heartbroken and apologizes for his act. He walks away. Emily breaks into tears. At the bar, Tyler takes Daniel to a room upstairs and puts Daniel on a bed. He keeps telling Daniel that Emily isn’t right for him. He then leaves and slams his head against a beam until it bleeds. He then tells Victoria that Daniel did this to him. Emily sees Tyler whispering something to Victoria.

Frank confronts Nolan. He thinks that Conrad had set Nolan against him. He punches Nolan in his stomach. Emily and Tyler find Nolan on the floor. Nolan drags Emily out of the room. He tells her that Frank knows that he sent Conrad the tape; Frank is definitely better at this than they are. Frank sees Nolan talking to Emily. Nolan tells Emily that she is on her own. Jack arrives at the bar and finds Daniel on the bed. Declan kisses Charlotte. Emily returns home and finds that Jack has repaired the swing on the porch and placed it where Amanda always wanted it to be; facing the sunset.

Frank calls Victoria and tells her that Conrad had installed the camera without telling him; he thinks that all of them are being set up by Conrad. Conrad snatches the phone from her and tells Frank to lay off or he would kill him. Victoria now suspects Conrad. Emily is sitting on the swing, watching the fireworks; and Frank is watching her from the garden. The episode ends.