Duress - Recap

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The episode begins with Tyler standing at the end of the table with his gun drawn at the Grayson family; everyone is present. Emily too is present as it is Daniel’s birthday. He then walks over to Emily and points the gun at her. Cut to two days earlier, Emily asks Daniel about Tyler, and Daniel tells her that he did not come home last night. He also tells her that Victoria is preparing for his birthday party. But he doesn’t want anything big. Emily suggests that they should have something low key on the beach. Daniel likes the idea and will tell Victoria that this was his idea. Just then Conrad arrives and he wants to have a chat. Emily leaves. He doesn’t want his son to cut him out completely.

Daniel is pissed about Tyler and Conrad tells him to consider Tyler gone. Daniel is ready to return to the office. He calls Victoria and tells her that he is now in a position to enter office and get her all the necessary information required for her divorce. Daniel tells her that he wants a clambake celebration on his birthday. Victoria passes on this idea to Ashley and asks her to co-ordinate with Emily. Emily arrives to meet Nolan. She apologizes for her actions. Nolan too admits that he was wrong about Tyler. He tells her that he has stolen his flash drive with all the video files in it. Emily thinks that this could be good news. At the mansion, Conrad and Victoria are present with their lawyers, negotiating the terms. Victoria wants the mansion, few pieces of art and Charlotte.

But Conrad is seeking sole custody. He tells her that Charlotte came to him to live with him. Conrad’s lawyer brings up the pre-nup that Victoria signed. But then Huntley tells them that Victoria was pregnant when she was getting married and the court would consider this as “duress”. Conrad arrives at his office and finds Tyler sitting on his table. Tyler tells him that he has evidence that could incriminate the Graysons. He wants to negotiate. Huntley suggests that Victoria should go to trial and Victoria wants to settle this privately. Victoria tells Huntley that she lied about the pre-nup and her being pregnant at that time. He tells her that she cannot keep such secrets from him and leaves. Emily arrives at the mansion and sees Huntley. She tells Victoria that Ashley is taking Jack’s and Amanda’s help for organizing Daniel’s clambake.

She wants them to stay after dinner and Victoria agrees. She also wants the first picture that she took with Daniel at an event and Victoria tells her that she could try to arrange for that. She wants to collect something from Daniel’s pool house. She goes in and finds Nolan’s whale camera in Tyler’s bag pack. Nolan guides her to it. Emily cuts the call. Nolan tries to warn her that Tyler is just outside the house and that she should get out of there. But Emily did not get that. She instead finds the empty bottle of Clozapine in Tyler’s bag. She calls Dr. Kutsch’s office, the doctor who prescribed the meds. The office guy tells her that they have been looking for Tyler for weeks. She sees Tyler coming and hides. He is furious to see the drive missing and starts throwing things around. She then tells Nolan that the drug is a serious psychotic drug and when stopped can cause serious rebound effects.

They dig deeper and find that Tyler’s family is looking for him. They decide to call his brother Alex and tell him to come and pick him up. Nolan calls Alex and tells him that Tyler is off his meds. Alex tells him that his could get a little serious. Nolan arranges for a jet to pick Alex up. Victoria arrives to meet Charlotte and Conrad tells her that she is out. He then tells her about Tyler’s blackmail. Victoria doesn’t believe Conrad. Conrad finds out that Tyler isn’t even enrolled with Harvard since last fall. Ashley is discussing the birthday arrangements and Emily arrives and tells them about the empty bottle of meds. She also tells them that Tyler trashed the pool house. Daniel leaves to check. Daniel arrives at the pool house and finds Tyler waiting for him in the dark. He wants Tyler to leave.

But Tyler is a step ahead of him and tells Daniel that he has books a ticket to California and asks Daniel to go with him. They get into an argument and Daniel pulls out his phone to call the cops. Tyler leaves. Emily and Jack are on the beach preparing the clam bake. He tells her that he loves Amanda and will never let her get hurt. Emily is upset. Emily goes inside the house and finds Daniel with the gun; he is trying to be prepared just in case Tyler gets out of control. Nolan calls Emily and tells her that Tyler is on a flight and he is positive about that. She asks Nolan to come over for the dinner party. He agrees. After hanging up the phone, Nolan locks his front door. Just then he hears footsteps and finds Tyler inside the house; he has a blade in his hand. He wants every copy of the video Nolan made on that hidden camera.

He knows that Nolan has a backup. He also asks Nolan for the camera. Nolan tells him that he does have the back up. Tyler slashes Nolan’s arm. Just then the camera gets activated; it is in Emily’s beach house. Tyler sees Emily telling Daniel that Nolan has bugged Tyler’s phone and that he is on a flight to California. Tyler knew that Nolan was capable of such a thing and so he shipped his phone to California before him. Tyler leaves for the birthday party. Nolan is tied to a chair. Emily and Daniel arrive at the mansion. Emily tries to talk to Ashley about Tyler, but Ashley is a little cold with her. Victoria arrives with her gift for Daniel. Ashley introduces Amanda Clarke to the family. Declan and Charlotte arrive. They all head to the beach.

Meanwhile, Nolan is still struggling in his chair. Alex arrives and unties Nolan. Tyler is at Emily’s house looking for something when he hears her phone ring. He picks it up; it is Nolan and he tells her that Tyler is on his way to her house. Tyler tells him that he will pass on the message. Nolan is shocked. Everyone is ready for dinner and Victoria pulls out a scrapbook that she made for Daniel; well it was actually Emily’s idea and Emily is furious that Victoria stole her idea. Daniel loves the gift. Emily goes inside the house to get the cake and Tyler asks her about the camera. She tells him as to how horrible he is and slips Frank’s wallet into his pocket. He then pulls out her gun from the drawer. Emily walks to the dinner table with the gun still drawn on her.

Tyler then tells Conrad to tell the truth about what happened to David Clarke, else he would shoot Emily. Just then Alex and Nolan arrive. Alex talks to Tyler and taking advantage of the situation, Jack and Daniel throw Tyler to the ground. Tyler is arrested. Conrad tells Victoria that the cops found Frank’s wallet in Tyler’s jacket. On their way back, Amanda asks jack what Tyler was talking about. Jack tells her that it is some murder conspiracy about David Clarke. She thinks that there is more to the story than they are being told. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Huntley arrives and tells Victoria that he managed to find a doctor who is ready to forge documents about the miscarriage she had. The pre-nup is now null and void. The episode ends.