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Infamy - Recap

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The scene opens, and Emily is reading a book about her father written by Mason Treadwell. We see the image of her reading the same book as a child and crying. Daniel comes home and says he has decided to put business school on hold to stick with the family company; thus he plans to devote all his time to running the family company. He tells her he's thinking about moving back home, so he can devote more time to the business. He brings up them moving in together after the season, but Emily says she doesn't want to move in with anybody until she's married. Victoria, Emily and Nolan attend a Treadwell reading where Emily introduces herself and has him sign a copy of his book. She introduces him to Nolan and he seems interested in writing the biography of the young billionaire. He'll be reading excerpts from his upcoming memoir at Victoria's.

She wants them to have lunch; so they can talk things over. Emily calls Jack at the bar and thanks him for his help with Tyler. As he hangs up, Amanda pushes for a trip to Atlantic City. Jack declines and it seems she doesn't think he's fun, from the look of things. At lunch Victoria tells Treadwell she wants him to interview Amanda. He doesn't like the idea and she reminds him that she made his career; and hence he is obliged to fulfill her request. He reluctantly agrees, now that she has put things in perspective. Emily reads her father's journal. David thought Treadwell would be an impartial observer who could help him. She watches an old news clip where Treadwell practically says he thinks David is mentally ill; she is clearly hurt and angered by what she is seeing on the clip. She draws an X through Treadwell's picture on the dust jacket.

Treadwell drops by the bar and introduces himself to Amanda, explaining their history. He wants them to get together, so he can have a conversation at length with her. Huntley tells Victoria that Conrad is trying to strong-arm her out of her shares of the company. He suggests that she combine her shares with Daniel's, which are part of a trust from his grandmother; so Victoria’s interests can be safeguarded. Declan takes Charlie to visit her potential boarding school. It seems like they aren't going to have much time together and it bothers him; a fact that he makes absolutely apparent. Daniel asks Conrad about releasing his trust, calling it a show of faith and saying he wants "a seat at the table." Conrad sounds supportive, and down with the idea. Conrad's attorney Barbara Snow drops by and Conrad tells her to have release of the shares contingent upon Daniel marrying. Emily and Nolan stop by Treadwell's cottage. He shows them the only working copy of his memoirs, as well as all the audio recordings of his interviews.

He mentions the interview with Amanda. Amanda is getting pretty crazy behind the bar and Jack asks her to tone it down. She doesn't, and continues with her craziness. Emily stops and talks to the increasingly jealous Amanda. She asks about Treadwell and Amanda says "so what?" Emily tells her there is more to the story of her father, but needs Amanda's help, in finding out more about it. Jack tells Declan he's worried about being over his head with Amanda. Emily, Daniel and Nolan spend time at the shooting range. Daniel mentions a meeting with a prospective investor and takes off. After he leaves Emily tells Nolan she wants them to control the story with Amanda's meeting with Treadwell. We get a flashback to Treadwell's interview with young Amanda, when he used a different first name.

Back then Treadwell told her he didn't think David was guilty. Alone on the firing line, Emily coolly shoots the center out of the target; thus proving how a good a shot she is. Daniel meets with potential investor Sophie Arnault, the very young granddaughter of a billionaire. Instantly she seems interested in Daniel; something she makes quite apparent. Amanda speaks with Treadwell wearing a hidden earpiece. Emily is feeding her answers from a remote location. Emily has Amanda ask about why he didn't follow-up on what she told him when she was a girl. He says he just printed what he thought was the "most logical." She charges him with being in Victoria's pocket and tells him an upcoming public reading at Victoria's is his last chance to come clean. Daniel tells Victoria he thinks the meeting with Sophie was a "date" of some kind.

He mentions the wedding provision and says he's thinking about marrying Emily. He loves her and thinks this could be a sign. She is opposed and wants them to discuss it later; as presently there are more important things to deal with. Before the reading Ashley (on Victoria's orders) tells Emily about the terms of the trust. Treadwell arrives and tells Victoria about his meeting with Amanda. We flash back to an interview with the Graysons. When he begins to ask about Daniel, Conrad stops the interview. He tells them he's printing the story and has nothing to lose. Victoria stops him and says "perhaps there is an arrangement to be made." In present day Victoria threatens to expose him if he turns on her; thus threatening her to an extent. During the reading Treadwell mentions his interviews with young Amanda. Ultimately he confirms what was in his book, to the displeasure of Emily and Nolan.

Emily tells Nolan she never thought Treadwell would come clean; she is clearly surprised by this. She says she needs him to take Treadwell to dinner and talk about him writing Nolan's biography. After Nolan and Treadwell leave for dinner Emily shows up outside Treadwell's home in traditional "breaking and entering" garb. Huntley thinks Victoria should give Daniel her blessing to marry Emily. He reminds her that rushing into a marriage may not be the best recipe for a successful one; as thinking things over before such a big decision, is the best way to go. Jack apologizes to Amanda and says he should have followed her lead and tried to have more fun. He wants them to go to Atlantic City; so they can spend some quality time together, and basically have some fun.

Emily breaks into Nolan's stash of interview tapes. She flashes back to weeping while reading his book when she was a girl. Young Amanda was so upset she set the picture of her father on fire. In present day Emily sets a lit cigarette on the lone copy of his memoirs. She walks away as his cottage burns. Nolan and Treadwell come home to find his home ablaze; much to his horror and dismay. He drops to his knees and weeps; as he is clearly disturbed by this sight. Emily drops by to see Daniel, wearing lingerie under a trench coat. The next morning Emily goes through the tapes she stole from Treadwell. She plays one of her father telling Treadwell about being in love with Victoria. David tells Treadwell in the interview that Charlotte is his child. The episode ends.