Chaos - Recap

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The scene opens with someone being shot on a sea beach. He falls flat on his face. The gun shots merge with the fire crackers of a party taking place only a few meters away. The story moves back 24 hours into the past. Emily (born Amanda Clark) and Nolan are looking for her dad’s tapes in a motel room. However, Amanda (born as Emily), is gone, and nothing is to be found. Emily calls on the phone she gave Amanda in a secret box. Tyler picks up the call, and speaks vile about her dad, calling her the daughter of a devil. What does Tyler want? Money would be nice, but he is also considering vindication. He wants to know about Daniel, which is when Emily tells him he will never get close enough to find out. He tells her to stay be her phone – he wants her to hear someone’s voice.

He has Amanda. And if she tries anything stupid like canceling the engagement party or call the cops, she can say goodbye to her dear friend Amanda. Meanwhile, Declan has put Charlotte to sleep at Jack’s bar. Jack is angry over Declan getting a 17-year-old drunk, and he better find another place the next time. Jack is not changing his opinions about what the Graysons deserve, and just as he is about to grab a drink, he finds a voice mail. It is from a Father Rick, calling from Port of Prince. He has funds and is about to raise a school. He would like Jack to be a part of it. Meanwhile, Conrad is complaining about the way Victoria has mishandled Charlotte. And besides, he is upset about his father Edward displacing him from the CEO’s chair, unless he and Victoria can reach a quiet settlement.

Victoria proclaims she is not the one who has to answer to Edward – it is he. Conrad lays into her saying who the hell is she to be playing hardball when Daniel has decided to take himself away. Victoria claims he will come back, like he always does. When Emily gets to the Graysons, Daniel is sitting up. He wants to cancel the engagement party, and he is worried about Charlotte. She won’t answer calls, and has gotten herself drunk. Besides, his grandfather, Edward has called three times already, and he is not picking up. Emily points out that Edward wants him to be the CEO of Grayson Global. That is wonderful. So Daniel should at least check out what he has to say. Daniel is not up to having to do anything with the family. He feels lied to. After Daniel leaves the living area, Emily fetches her gun from the drawer.

Meanwhile, Amanda, at Tyler’s farmstead, is trying to tell him Emily might have different identities, but it is for the right reasons. However, Tyler claims Emily is keeping Amanda in the dark. Then he flicks out a number of passports and throws them at Amanda. Tyler shows her the messages that Jack has been sending her, and makes her believe that Emily has been hiding them from her. Before long, he throws a box to her if she needs more proof. Meanwhile, Declan is trying to persuade Charlotte to talk to her parents. If she doesn’t, then she should at least see a therapist. Charlotte is engrossed in the oxycodone pills she has just found in the bathroom shelf. She opens the door, and asks for the therapist’s number.

Victoria meets Emily as the party preparations are in progress. She hopes Emily will facilitate a way she can earn back Daniel’s trust. Emily gets a call from Tyler. He claims revenge would be a waste of time, and he has decided to settle for a straightforward ransom. Emily has to get to the parking lot with a cashier’s check, and he will give her the box of secrets. He will also hand over Amanda. Meanwhile, Edward tells Daniel that he will have to meet Takeda and convince that his money is in good hands as long as it is in Grayson Global. And Declan and Jack talk about getting his life back on track. Declan also should be rejoining school soon. Later, Edward tells Charlotte that her idea of meeting the doctor is not a good idea, especially since she could spoil the family’s reputation by telling a stranger that her mother slept with a terrorist. And by doing that she will spoil their company’s reputation, and thus her future.

Emily arrives at the parking lot, and gets Tyler at gunpoint. Then she has his wrist tied up to a fence. She finds the secret box in the hatchback, but Amanda is standing with a gun pointing at her. Emily tries convincing her Tyler is crazy, but she shows she is betrayed, and frees Tyler. Emily puts her cashier’s check on the car, and keeps watching, as Amanda keeps glaring on. Later, Emily and Nolan meet Jack. He understands he is probably not supposed to hear from Amanda. However, he is leaving for Port of Prince – the place where Father Rick beckons him. After he leaves Nolan’s cottage, he tells Emily to sail away with Jack. She would be following her love. However, if Nolan promised Emily to help her, he should see that Jack gets on the boat safely.

Conrad arrives with a deed of the mansion for Victoria. However, she is not happy without a share in Grayson Global. Conrad promises cash equivalent of the shares, and hopes Victoria will at least think about it. Meanwhile, Daniel is visiting Takeda, before which he informs Emily about it. He will see her in a bit. Daniel tells Takeda he is going to get away with his fiancé, and he is preoccupied with travel plans. As a result, he wants Takeda to excuse him. Tyler is getting ready to leave for the party. He claims Emily killed a man named Stevenson, and framed Tyler for the murder. He wants Amanda to get dressed for the party, which has already begun. Back at the Graysons, Edward is chatting up with the guests, Amanda and Conrad are signing the settlements, while Emily is dressing up, and getting armed with a gun hidden in her thigh.

Meanwhile, Amanda attacks Tyler, and runs. He fires bullets, but she manages to run out.
At the party, Nolan checks Jack is getting on the boat. And Daniel is telling Victoria that unlike her, Emily is not driven by greed and insecurity, when she replies he only has to wait to see that. Daniel also announces his plans of eloping to Paris. Takeda meets Emily, and hands her a gift. It is something she desperately needs, and should hide. Daniel suspects something is wrong when Emily walks out of the hall with the gift. Meanwhile, as Jack boards his boat, Amanda arrives at the port. She is knows he deserves a lot of answers. She pleads him to take her with him, and promises she will never leave him again.

As Emily is almost done with burying a box in the sand on the beach, Daniel arrives to tell her he wants to leave with her for Paris. And, when Emily hesitates, he tells her may be his mother was right. Emily tries to balm his feelings, but he leaves. When Amanda tells Jack no one is fond of her, he replies Emily is. She told him to be careful of everyone – but Amanda. She trusts her. Daniel is sitting on the beach, when Tyler arrives with a gun. He tells him to call his bride, but as he takes out the phone, Tyler snatches it – he has this worked out. Meanwhile, Amanda has asked for money to pay off the cab driver, and just when she leaves the boat for the cab, Jack is shocked to find blood dripping from his hands. He gives chase after Amanda.

Meanwhile, Declan and Charlotte, who has just gulped a pill with champagne, venture out into the beach. Jack gets off where Amanda runs out of the cab, and as he enters the beachfront area, he hears gun shots. When he reaches the shores, he finds Amanda standing beside a dead body – face fallen flat. Jack drags the body into a ditch. He sees Declan and Charlotte jump into the sea, when his phone rings. Emily is calling him, as Victoria goes on with her speech approving Emily has her son’s bride. Before they know it, Charlotte comes running claiming her brother is dead. When everyone reach, it turns out to be Tyler. By now, Amanda has tried escaping in Jack’s truck, but couldn’t find the keys. Takeda arrives in his car, and helps Emily to get away from there. Tired and bruised, Daniel comes walking at the crowd, and Victoria hugs him scared he was dead. He shouldn’t say a word. The episode ends.