Justice - Recap

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The episode begins at the 15th day of Daniel’s trial, and we see the bloodstained evidence being shown to the court. Everybody is anxious. Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, Ashley faces the media. Next, we see that Jack is still searching for Amanda in Boston. But it turns out to be ineffectual. Just then Jack sees Ashley talking about Declan in a news broadcast. He calls Nolan and asks him about the prosecution’s decision of putting Declan on the stand. Nolan confirms the news and tells him that he will take care of it. Jack tells him that he is coming back for his brother. Meanwhile, at the Manor, the Graysons are discussing the case. Brooks suggests that they should put Emily to establish an emotional connection with the jury and also so that the jurors be sympathetic towards Daniel.

Victoria has second thoughts about it, but Brooks tells her that she is Daniel’s fiancée and that it’s the best bet. Brook puts forth his observation about one of the jurors, Anne, and says that she is likely to convict Daniel. Next, Nolan arrives at Emily’s apartment and tells her that Jack is on his way back. Nolan fears that the Graysons would pin the murder on Jack, if he returns. But Emily has news for him; she has bugged the Queen’s Castle and makes him listen to the conversation Victoria has with Lee; the guy who she paid at the bar. Victoria has made plans for juror number three, Anne Woodbury and Lee would execute them. But Emily tells Nolan that it is time that Lee becomes her pawn. Next, Jack is back and Declan meets him. but he gets angry when he sees that Jack still has the jacket with him. Jack tells him that he might need it to prove Amanda’s innocence.

But Declan dismisses Jack’s opinion. Next, Victoria is with Dominik and he tells her that she has been a great inspiration for him and has helped him start painting again. She tells him about how her life turned out after she left him and how she met David Clarke. Next, Daniel is on the balcony and he sees Jack enter Emily’s place and is curious. Inside the house, Jack tells Emily that he feels that Amanda is in trouble and he wants to help her; but is unable to find her. He feels guilty about the fact that he is unloading all his trouble on Emily, when she herself is going to a rough patch. She tells him that she is managing fine. Meanwhile, Daniel is getting a little skittish about what is going on. Victoria tries to ease him down and tells him that things will work out.

But Daniel tells her that Jack is back and is at Emily’s place at the moment. Victoria sees Jack leaving. She immediately calls Brooks and tells him that Jack is back and can lead them to Amanda. She asks him to subpoena Jack as a hostile witness. Next, Victoria meets Charlotte and tells her that she cannot testify as her drug story could weaken the case. But she can help by getting Declan to corroborate her story. Next, Lee threatens Anne, the juror, with her son Matthew. As Emily has bugged the juror’s room as well, she sees what transpired in the hotel room. Emily tells Nolan that she will tackle this but he needs to see that Declan sticks to his testimony. Nolan realizes that she is trying to protect Jack. She tells Nolan that Jack is willing to sacrifice himself for Amanda and she doesn’t want to let that happen.

Next, Charlotte goes to meet Declan. She tells him that they can be together again if he tells the truth. She starts kissing him; and it would have gone further. But just then Nolan arrives. Nolan tells him that the Graysons are ruthless and they wouldn’t care if Jack takes the fall for all this. He tells Declan not to make it easier for them. Next day in the courtroom, Declan lies and tells the court that Charlotte was high on drugs and alcohol. He did protect his brother. Charlotte is upset and leaves. At the Manor, the Graysons return from the court. Victoria is furious and tells them that maybe Charlotte didn’t give Declan convincing incentives. Victoria tells Daniel that she doesn’t trust the porter guys and reminds him that Emily was sitting next to Jack in the courtroom. Daniel; now filled with doubt calls Emily and asks her to come over as he wants to talk.

But she says that she needs to prepare for tomorrow’s testimony and that she cannot come. But Emily senses that something is wrong. Daniel hangs up. Next, Jack is worried as he is unable to find Declan. He took off after court and Jack hasn’t heard from him since. Nolan tells him not to worry and that he will get him some good legal advice. But Jack tells him about the bloodstained jacket. Nolan leaves telling him that he needs to make some calls. He calls Emily and tells her about the jacket. Emily tells him to take Jack out of there for a while. Nolan comes back and tells Jack that they should go and look for Declan. Meanwhile, Daniel is drinking and watching over Emily’s house. He sees her leaving her house and calls her. But Emily cuts his call. Next, Charlotte’s old boyfriend pays her a visit.

She tips off her maid to keep her mouth shut. The boyfriend has brought her the drugs. He tells her that this is going to cost her a little extra and she tells him that money is not a problem. But he says that this time it is not money that he wants. She agrees for coition. Next, Conrad pays Dominik a visit. He tells him that he knows about his affair with Victoria. He also threatens him that he made some calls to the galleries that expressed interest in his paintings. He also threatens to expose him and Victoria for the fraud they have committed in the past. He wants Dominik to leave. Next, Emily rummages Jack’s apartment and finds the jacket. She takes it with her and arrives at her place. But to her surprise she finds Daniel sitting there. He is drunk. He has violated the house arrest.

He wants to know about her business with Jack and feels that his mom was right about Emily. Before they can have a conversation, the cops arrive and take Daniel with them. Victoria calls Brooks and wants him to make arrangements to get Daniel back home. Just then Emily arrives to talk to Victoria. Emily tells Victoria that Daniel suspected that she was having an affair with Jack. She tells Victoria that she isn’t that kind of a person. She says that she was getting closer to Jack for getting more information about Amanda. She tells Vic that she also searched Jack’s apartment and found nothing. She thinks that Jack is telling the truth. Jack and Declan arrive home and find the place in a mess. But Jack finds it strange that nothing is missing. He realizes that the intruder has taken the jacket.

Next, we see that Lee is getting into his car and the cops arrive. They find the blood stained jacket in his car. Nolan informs jack and Declan about Lee’s arrest. Jack is surprised that the Graysons knew about the jacket, as he had told no one other than the two of them. Next, Lee calls Victoria from prison and tells her that he will not take the fall for something he did not do. She tells him to stop threatening her; else she will go to the cops. But, Conrad hears the conversation and confronts Victoria. She tells Conrad everything and she feels that Lee is set up. Conrad is furious and tells her that she has risked everyone by doing what she did. He tells her that he will have to get this mess cleared.

He also tells her that by now Dominik must have left town. She rushes to Dominik’s apartment. Emily is listening into their conversation and records every word. Victoria reaches Dominik’s apartment and finds it empty. He is gone. Meanwhile, in the prison, Lee hangs himself in his cell. Brooks tells Daniel that Lee hanged himself and confessed to killing Tyler in his suicide note. Next, Nolan arrives at Emily’s. She tells him that the Graysons have a lot more to pay for. She makes him listen to a conversation which proves that Conrad has used his connections to get Lee killed; but its not just that; he also had David Clarke killed. The episode ends.