Absolution - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily visiting her father’s grave and she keeps a rose on it. Daniel’s trial has got a lot of media attention. Next, Nolan arrives at Emily’s house. Emily tells her that she has the list of all the prisoners present during the riots on the day her father was killed. She wants to find the guy who did the deed on the inside. She leaves to see Charlotte, as she is worried about her. Next, Conrad arrives to talk to Victoria. She is staring at Dominik’s unfinished work. They don’t have a pleasant conversation. Next, Emily arrives to meet Charlotte. Emily sees that Charlotte is having a father-daughter time; she is going through papers, magazines, everything she could find in public record; as Vic wouldn’t tell her anything about her father. She shows Emily a picture of David from the day he died. She says that she found it in Victoria’s jewelry box. Emily thinks that her father looks scared.

But Emily notices that David was writing something in a small diary. Emily calls Nolan and tells him that there is a journal missing from the infinity box. She tells him that David was holding one in the picture. We see that Nolan takes out a small journal from his safe. Emily sees that as she is standing right behind him. Emily is furious. But Nolan tells her that her father didn’t want her to know about the journal. He tells her that in the last few days of his life, David was extremely paranoid and he didn’t want Emily to see him in that state. Emily snatches away the journal from him and leaves. Next, Emily is home, reading her father’s journal. He mentions that he could hear whispers about his execution; he knew that he was going to be killed. At the end of the journal, he mentions a note to CM; asking her to come with proof. Emily searches the list of Graysons for a CM, and she finds Carol Miller. But she then Emily finds out that she died two days after her father was killed.

Next, Charlotte is at school and Adam supplies her with her drugs. Declan arrives but Charlotte doesn’t want to talk to him and she leaves with Adam. Next, Jack comes to meet Emily. He wants to tell her something. But just then the phone rings and its Daniel. He tells her that all charges against him have been dropped. Jack tells her that they could talk later and leaves. Next, we see Victoria meeting an SEC officer. She tells the officer that she wants full immunity against all the information she gives him about David. Next, Emily arrives at the prison to take Daniel back home. But the media seems outraged about his release. They arrive home. Ashley tells them that this news is not going to die anytime soon. Emily thinks that Daniel should not hide and instead get n front of the cameras. Conrad agrees. Ashley tells Victoria that she wants to resign and that she wouldn’t be able to find a suitable replacement. She is joining Mr. Brooks. Next, Emily finds out that carol isn’t dead. She finds out her address and goes to meet her. She tells her that she is a police officer and she is doing some investigation.

But Carol draws a gun at her and asks her to show her the id once again. To her surprise, Emily finds a picture of Carol and Nolan together. Nolan walks down the stairs and tells his aunt that he will handle. Yes, Carol is Nolan’s aunt. Emily is totally confused. Nolan tells Carol that Emily is actually Amanda, David’s daughter. Carol is shocked. Nolan tells Emily that his aunt was always on David’s side. When she heard about David’s death, she started investigating Grayson Global from the inside. She tells him that it was a man named Roger who figured out the discrepancies in the book and connected Conrad to the terrorists. Nolan tells Emily that when he went to the prison to tell David about their findings, he was already dead. He then asks carol to leave from Graysons immediately. Nolan had saved Carol’s life by faking her death.

Carol tells Emily about a white haired man who visited Graysons a lot of times. Next, jack comes to meet Daniel. He has Daniel’s phone with him. He gives it to Daniel and tells him that he found it in Tyler’s jacket when he dragged his body to the beach. He then heard gun shots and went to the waters and saw Tyler; but at that moment Jack thought it was Daniel. Just then he heard Declan and Charlotte and he panicked. He tells Daniel that he didn’t kill Tyler. And he also admits that the bloody jacket they found in Lee Moran’s car belonged to him. He tells Daniel that he is telling him all this because Emily will be marrying him and that he owes it to her that he not ignore this. Jack leaves. Next, we see that the school authorities find drugs in Charlottets locker. Declan had informed them about it.

Meanwhile, Brooks arrives at the Graysons’ and tells Ashley that he knows that she is the one who leaked Daniel’s photos to the press. He does not have the job offer open for her. Conrad overhears this conversation. Just then Conrad gets a call from his office saying that the Feds are at the office. The officer asks him to bring his lawyer along. Conrad tells Daniel that there is a catastrophe and that his mother is behind all of it. Daniel tells him that he is tired of having both his parents trying to play him against the other. Conrad tells Daniel that he owes him an apology. But Daniel tells him that he owes him the truth. Conrad tells Daniel that Victoria had paid Lee to arrange that beating in the prison, so that Daniel could be granted house arrest. Conrad admits that he is the one who got Lee killed in the prison. He says that he did it to protect the family.

He tells Daniel that when the feds come to get him; Daniel needs to rebuild the empire and take care of his little sister. He tells Daniel the whole story right from the beginning; from David Clarke. Next, Victoria confronts Charlotte about her suspension. Victoria wants to help her daughter. Next, Daniel is getting ready for his interview. Victoria comes to meet her son. He asks her about the house arrest. She denies. At the interview when asked about the SEC investigation; he tells the camera that the case was built on some baseless views and that the truth will come out one day; just as the truth of his innocence did. He says that he will stand behind his father as a son and next to him as a business partner; preparing to play his role in Graysons’ Global. Conrad thanks his son.

Next, as Ashley is about to leave, Conrad slips her a set of her new Lexus. He tells her that either she could drive out of Hamptons forever or she could drive into her new parking space at Graysons’ Global. She gladly slides into her new car. Next, Victoria and Charlotte visit David’s grave. They find a rose on his grave; the same one that Emily left on it earlier. They realize that somebody had been there. Next, Emily arrives at Jack’s bar. She tells Nolan that Daniel is one of them. Conrad confessed everything to him. She tells him that Daniel could have come clean, but he didn’t. Emily tells Nolan that she will marry Daniel and track down the man who killed her father. And when she finds him, she will kill him.

Emily is going through some old tapes and in one of them, she sees the white haired man Carol was telling her about. Emily sees that he is the same man she saw in the picture of her father; the one that she saw with Charlotte. Now we know he is next. The episode ends.