Legacy - Recap

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The episode begins with a young Emily, who is still Amanda Clarke, talking to a young Nolan, telling him that she does not believe her father as he is a murderer. Nolan tells her that her father was only trying to protect her and that she should read his journals. Next, we see her crossing the pictures of the people she had destroyed. It is 2002 and Amanda is in New York, in a bar, where Amanda is dancing with a guy in a club. When the guy tries to get fresh with her, she pushes him away. Then she sees him going into the men’s room with another girl. She goes in and beats him up. The guard drags her out of that place. Nolan arrives and asks her to get into his car. Next, they are at a restaurant having dinner. He tells her once again that she should read those journals to find out what her dad really was and that she should stop destructing herself the way she is doing now.

At Grayson’s’ Global Grayson calls for Victoria and shows her a card that he received in mail. It has SHAME written on it and there is red ink splattered on the card, signed by David Clarke. But Grayson points out that David has been dead for eight months and so this could be a threat from some insider who knows what happened. He tells her that Frank has made a list of people and they all will be invited to their annul party, where Frank would use his investigative acumen and narrow down the list of the suspects. Meanwhile, Amanda visits a bar and there she sees Jack for the first time. She then walks into an empty house; her old house where she lived with her father. She revisits some old memories. She has finally decided to read the journal. In the journal, David has written down the names of the people who betrayed him and sealed his fate. Next, we see that Amanda is outside Victoria’s house.

She remembers the time when she was a small child and she had seen Victoria stealing her father’s laptop and giving it to another man. She then enters the house, but Frank switches on the lights and comes out, suspecting an intruder. Next, Amanda goes to the bar once again. Kyle, jack’s girlfriend asks her boss for a day off as she wants to do the catering for the Grayson’s New Year party. But he turns it down. Amanda tells Kyle that she needs some extra cash so she could fill her up at the party and she could get twenty five percent of what she gets. Next, at the Grayson Manor, Frank tells Grayson that everyone is a suspect. Grayson sees that Victoria isn’t around and inquires about her. Meanwhile, Victoria visits David’s old house. She finds a picture of David lying on the floor. She thinks about the party where she first met David.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Grayson as he enters the house. She tells him that she is seeking calm before the storm of her guests. Grayson tells her that they will sell this place as Victoria is still in love with David. At the party, Amanda meets Mason Treadwell, the writer who offered her help in proving her father innocent when she was a kid. But today she doesn’t reveal her identity. Mason gives Victoria a picture of David in prison, taken on the day he died. Amanda remembers reading about Bill Harmon and Tom Kingsley in her father’s journal; both are corrupt. Just then Roger Halsted comes up to Amanda and asks her to make a seating arrangement for him away from all these people. He tips her. Frank sees this. Amanda remembers reading about Roger to be a true friend and a man her father completely trusted.

She tells Frank that he just wanted to switch tables. Frank leaves. Next, Amanda goes to Roger with a bottle of whiskey. She tells him that she is David Clarke’s daughter and she wants to know the truth. Roger is surprised to see Amanda. He tells her to drop the idea of punishing the people who wronged her father. But she tells him that she isn’t afraid of these people and he too shouldn’t be. At the party, Victoria spends some alone time thinking about David. At Jack’s bar, Nolan is getting friendly with Jack. Jack tells him that his family works and lives under the same roof. In Grayson’s office, Frank tells Grayson that Kingsley, Harmon and the Judge had nothing to do with the letter. But he doubts Roger Halsted. Grayson knows that Roger was thick fiends with David. Just then Lydia Davis walks into the room. She tells Grayson that she backed his testimony only to protect him, and saying this he kisses him. Grayson closes the door and spends time with Lydia.

Meanwhile, Roger gets drunk and Frank takes him out from the party. At the bar, Jack tells Nolan as to how his house was bought by some rich kid and how they lost it. Nolan meets Jack’s father and tells him that he is the one who had bought his ancestral house. He tells Porter that when he asked his manager to look for property, he didn’t know that he would be displacing so many families. Nolan is ready to give it back, but Porter declines the offer saying that he can’t afford to keep that place. He tells Nolan that his wife has filed for a divorce asking for half of everything he has. She didn’t bother asking about her own children. Now, if Nolan backs out of the deal, he might have to disclose everything to his children. Kyle listens to this conversation. Meanwhile, frank confronts Roger about the note. Roger tells him that there is no reason for him to send this note.

But Frank tells him that it could be his guilt and since he is afraid to do anything about it, he sent the note. Amanda gets some aspirin for Roger but Frank sends her back saying it wouldn’t be necessary. Next, Grayson announces that David’s house has been sold to the Davis’. They raise a toast to a prosperous 2003. At he bar, Kyle forcefully kisses Nolan and Jack lands a heavy punch on him. Victoria tells Lydia that Conrad was able to make a deal for the house as they are the owners of that house, she is sorry that she lied to Lydia. Victoria tells her that the house was the only thing of David that was left with her and that is why she didn’t want to sell it. Next, Amanda sees that Roger has left a note for her in her pocket. She then sees a worried Conrad Grayson talking to Frank. She senses something is wrong and goes to check on Roger, but she finds him dead in the bath tub.

Frank and Grayson tell Victoria that Roger committed suicide as he has left a note. But Victoria doesn’t believe them. Mason comes in and talks to Victoria. During their conversation, Victoria realizes that Mason had sent the bloody note. Next, Amanda calls Nolan and tells him that she knows that they framed her father and that one of his closest friends, who knew everything, has been murdered. She tells him that they are going to pay for what they did and Nolan tells her that she alone will not be able to bring the Grayson’s down. Next, Amanda is reading Roger’s note that she found in her pocket. Cut to the present day, we see Emily reading the same note once again. Just then Daniel enters. He tells her that he can’t imagine that she would make small talk with his father’s friends on New Year’s Eve. Actually she is looking forward to it. The episode ends.