Grief - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily digging a hole in the ground; she is crying. Cut to 36 hours earlier; Emily is watching a video tape of her father where he tells his daughter that he had a great day and that he loves her. Next, Emily is listening into the conversation between Conrad and Daniel. Conrad tells Daniel that loose ends from his trial need to be tied up. He refers to Jack Porter and Daniel tells him that he has plans for Jack. Daniel tells Conrad that once they pass through this phase successfully, he must keep his promise. Conrad remembers his promise. Just then Nolan calls Emily asking her what Jack meant by having plans for Jack. Emily has no clue. That moment the white haired guy who killed David Clarke walks into Conrad’s office.

Emily wants to lure the white haired man into her trap. She has a plan. Next, Emily looks visibly irritated and Daniel tells her that Grayson Global has a huge image issue at the moment and that he wants to mend it as the damage was mostly due to him. Ashley is coming over to discuss the wedding plans. Daniel wants Emily to stay back for few minutes against her wishes. Next, Victoria is looking at the SEC immunity agreement. Just then Charlotte walks in and tells her that the therapist is here. Charlotte tells her mom that the therapist wants to do a family session meeting tonight. Vic tells her that it is not going to be possible. She goes to meet the SEC guy she had given information to. He tells her that the search warrant is restricted to his corporate offices only. Next, Daniel visits Jack. His plan was to pay Jack off.

But Jack doesn’t seem to be interested. Daniel tells Jack that he knows about his liabilities and that this money would help him. Next, Vic goes to talk to Conrad in one of her sexy outfits and there she sees a new painting on the wall. She then tells him about the family therapy session. Just then Lydia walks out in a very small robe. Conrad asks Vic to leave. Next, Declan has one of his friends at the bar for doing homework. She knows about Charlotte and she knows that Declan isn’t in a good mood these days. Meanwhile, Nolan and Emily are looking at a video of her and Daniel in bed. She wants him to encrypt it and send it to Conrad. This way Conrad will feel that the white haired guy is keeping a watch over his son. Just as she had expected, Conrad calls the white haired guy and asks him to meet.

Emily makes a note of the address. She is about to leave, when Ashley and Daniel walk in telling her that they have got a wedding to plan. She calls Nolan and tells him to got to the restaurant and track down the white haired man. Vic arrives to meet Lydia. She is there to warn her about the days ahead. She tells Lydia about the immunity and also tells her that she has managed to get one for Lydia as well. Vic then rips off the new painting and shows Lydia the evidence Conrad is hiding during the trial. Meanwhile, Conrad meets the white haired man and asks him to stay away from his family. Nolan follows the white haired man. Next, Daniel is angry that Emily is not paying attention tp their wedding planning. Emily tells him that all this is not her. Daniel walks out. Meanwhile, Jack is searching for Sammy, his dog. He asks Declan and his Yonker friend. Next, Emily asks Nolan the white haired man’s address.

Nolan lies to her and gives her a wrong address. Emily gears up and sets out to get the man who killed her father. Next, we see that the white haired man is talking to someone over the phone. he wants to find out who is threatening the Grayson family. Just then Nolan walks into the white haired guy’s house, posing as a cable guy. Meanwhile, Emily rings the doorbell of a house and Nolan’s aunt walks out. She tells Emily that Nolan couldn’t let her do it alone. Hence he has gone to the killer’s house. Carol tries to talk Emily out of her mission. But Emily refuses to. Meanwhile, at the house, the killer asks Nolan for his company’s card so that he could tell Nolan’s supervisor that how happy he is with the service. It appears that he is suspicious about Nolan/Burt.

He asks for his last name and Nolan tells him that it is Simmons. Next, Conrad arrive at his house and Lydia tells him that Vic tore down the painting and took something saying that it is evidence that Conrad was hiding. He leaves immediately. Emily talks to Nolan saying that he shouldn’t have done this. Nolan tells her that he is giving her options. She could now find out more about that man and then plan her next move. Just then Emily sees Sammy on her doorsteps. She calls Jack. Next, Conrad arrives at the family therapy session. The “I like I need” game gets a little too much for Charlotte to handle and she walks out of the session saying that it was hopeless with this family. She goes to meet Declan. She tells him that her entire family is awful.

She wants to spend the night with him. But just then she sees his friend in his t-shirt and walks out. Daniel talks to Vic and asks her that was she so blinded with her hatred for dad that she sidetracked both her children. She tells him that she always had the best interest for her children. She tells him that Conrad is guilty of heinous crimes. He tells his mother that if she destroys his father she is going to be dead for him. Next, Sammy passes away. Jack is in tears. Emily tries to comfort him. Later on, they kiss each other. Ashley is outside Emily’s apartment and sees the entire thing. Back to the first scene, they are digging a hole for Sammy’s burial. Jack tells her that it is nice to have somebody beside him during this period. He says that he always thought it would be Amanda. Next, Charlotte is upset with what happened at Declan’s place.

She is back to her drugs and this time we see her buying cocaine from some dealer. Next, Vic arrives in Daniel’s room. She tells him that she has agreed on his ultimatum. She hands over the evidence to him, saying that she was supposed to turn it over to the cops but now she wouldn’t do so. She tells him to have a look at it and then decide what he wants to do with it. Vic walks away but hides behind the door. Daniel calls his father and tells him that his mother buckled and she has handed over the evidence to him. Conrad appreciates Daniel’s good work.

Vic is heartbroken. Jack tells Declan that Sammy is gone. Emily calls Nolan to thank him. He tells her that now they have eyes inside the killer’s house as he rigged his satellite and got into the grid. Next, Nolan is checking the video footage from the killer’s house. He realizes that the time on his clocks is not right. Just then the white haired man comes from behind and strangles Nolan. The episode ends.