Reckoning - Recap

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The episode begins with a terrified Emily calling out to Daniel. She tells him that a white haired man broke into the house and took away something with him. She saw him but couldn’t stop him. Well, it is the evidence; and there was no break-in. it is a part of Emily’s plan and Emily has hidden the evidence. Daniel informs Conrad about the incident. Conrad tells him that the white haired man has been keeping a watch over them. Conrad tells Daniel that without the evidence, he is a dead man. Meanwhile, Emily tries to go through the evidence; but it is password protected. She calls Nolan but she isn’t able to get him on the phone. She goes over to his place. She finds a note and calls Nolan’s number.

The white haired man answers the phone. Emily tells him that she is the one he is looking for and not Nolan. She asks him to let Nolan go. She tells him that she is Amanda Clarke and that they have unfinished business. Meanwhile, Conrad has the security seep the manor. They find two microphones in the study. Daniel finds the camcorder hidden in one of the books in Emily’s bedroom. Next, Emily meets the white haired man. She tells him that she has evidence implicating him for the act of terrorism he carried out on Conrad’s behalf on the American soil. She would give that to him in exchange of Nolan. He asks her to get into the car and inhale chloroform to ensure secrecy. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself tied next to Nolan. The white haired man threatens to kill Nolan if she doesn’t give him the evidence.

But Emily is too good at this game. She tells him an address where he could find the evidence and she tells him that he has exactly an hour to collect it; else an email would be automatically sent to the authorities and the cops would come for him. He leaves. Emily has a lock pick hidden in the sleeve of her sweater. She unlocks herself and Nolan. She asks Nolan to leave and tells him to deal with the evidence. She is going to stay. And also she tells Nolan that if she is killed, then she would want him to tell Jack that she loves him. Nolan leaves. Meanwhile, Jack goes to Grayson’s’ to return the check that Daniel gave him. Ashley tells Daniel that there is something about Jack and Emily that he needs to know; she is referring to the previous night where she saw the two kissing. Next, Charlotte arrives home and she calls up private investigator Dan Jenkins.

She calls as Victoria and wants to know everything about Jamie, Declan’s friend. Next, Conrad tells Lydia that they need to disappear to some place safe. He slips a ring on to her finger and makes her a promise that he would keep her out of harm’s way, as long as they are together. Meanwhile, Nolan plants the evidence in the detective’s trunk and sends him a message informing him that the evidence is in the trunk. Meanwhile, the white haired man returns and Emily is waiting for him. A fight ensues. She pins down the white haired man, but doesn’t kill him. She leaves. Next, the SEC detective thanks Victoria for delivering the evidence; but she tells him that it is her son who has delivered it. He also tells her that Lydia is no longer going to testify and Victoria was expecting this to happen.

He informs her that not only had Conrad framed David Clarke; but also contracted to get him killed. Victoria was unaware of this fact. Meanwhile, Daniel confronts Emily about Jack. She admits that she kissed jack and she returns the engagement ring to Daniel. Daniel leaves. Next, the white haired man meets Conrad and tells him that the evidence is with the federal agent and is being flown to DC. He suggests to Conrad that he should leave town. He knows that Emily is watching them and listening to this conversation; but he does not tell Conrad anything about it. He tells Conrad that he too is leaving town. Next, at the manor, Daniel tells Victoria about the breakup. She doesn’t want to see him hurt but she says that she is proud of the fact that he turned over the evidence. He tells her that he did no such thing and that it was stolen. He wants his mother to drop this whole thing.

She tells him that she has done some heinous things in her life and that nothing can stop her now. Next, Victoria calls Lydia and asks her to leave Conrad, as there is no hope with him. She tells him that the money is going to run dry soon and then her life with him would be miserable. She wants her old friend to get out of this mess. Lydia tells Conrad that her father had an attack and that she will not be able to go with him. She says that she doesn’t know when she would return. She says she is sorry and leaves. Next, Nolan and Emily are celebrating their victory. She tells Nolan about the breakup and also that she is going to tell jack the whole truth. At the school, Charlotte passes around some pictures of Jamie with her professor. Jamie is upset and she leaves.

Declan is furious and tells Charlotte that she should never talk to him again and that she truly is her mother’s daughter. Next, Emily visits jack and tells him that she wanted to return Sammy’s collar. He tells her that it actually belonged to Amanda. Amanda walks out and Emily notices that she is pregnant. Amanda tells Emily that they are having a baby. Emily leaves and she breaks into tears. Next, Victoria enters Charlotte’s room and tells her that she is leaving for Washington. She notices that Charlotte is upset and tells her that if at all she needs anything, then she is just a phone call away. Conrad arrives and tells her that she should not testify for the sake of their children. She tells Conrad that she knows that he was the one who ordered David Clarke’s murder. He tells her that David’s murder was ordered by people far above them and that if she testifies she too will have to face similar consequences.

He tells her that if she boards the plane, then that will be the last thing that she does. She is ready for anything and she leaves. Nolan calls Emily and Emily tells him about Amanda. Nolan tells her that he is on the way to her house and that she should wait for him. Meanwhile Lydia and Victoria board the plane and we see that the white haired man walks away from it. Conrad burns the picture of the two friends together. Next, Charlotte watches the News and learns that the plane her mother was on has exploded and that Victoria Grayson was killed in the explosion. Charlotte is devastated and she calls Declan. But Declan tells her not to call him again and that they are done. Emily is shocked on hearing the news. Conrad finds his daughter unconscious on the bed and with pills all around her. Nolan arrives at Emily’s. She is upset. All the evidence is lost.

But Nolan tells her that he had encrypted and backed up the mysterious hard drive before he gave it detective Mc Gowen. He shows her the contents of the hard drive. He tells her that the Initiative handled the entire cover-up and all this goes far beyond the Graysons and what they did to her father. In the video, Victoria is talking about Emily’s mother. Nolan stops the video and tells her that what Victoria is saying is that Emily’s mother is alive! Emily says “Let it play”. The season ends.