Resurrection - Recap

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The episode begins with a young Emily riding with her mother, Kara, who then transfigures into Victoria. Emily wakes up with a start. Nolan tells her that it was a bad dream. She fell asleep monitoring Victoria. She then tells Nolan that Victoria lied about working with the government and her plan involves Charlotte at some point. She then calls Daniel and tells him that at the memorial Charlotte whispered into her ears that she was scared. She also tells him that she did some research on Jeffery Thomas, Charlotte’s doctor, and it appears that he has a history to keeping back his patients for extra money. Daniel then puts in a search and tells Emily that he appreciates her calling in.

Aiden is watching her. Nolan and Emily are watching the live feed where the white haired man tells Victoria that he has been trying to keep the Initiative off her trail. He then hands her the new passports for her and Charlotte. Victoria then asks him about Emily. He tells her that they need to get them out first. Emily tells Nolan that she wouldn’t let Victoria fly away with her sister. Emily is now going to let the punishment fit the crime. Victoria took her mother away from her and now she is going to take her daughter away from Victoria. Next, Trey stops by the marina to invite Declan to join his friends. But he has work at the bar, so he cannot get away as this is his life.

Next, Nolan is being audited and he wants to know why. He is on a video-con with his team. He doesn’t recognize one of his employees, Padma. She suggests that he should stop being a control freak and hire a CFO. But Nolan negates that suggestion. Emily leaves Nolan to keep a watch on Victoria and Amanda arrives to meet her. She tells Emily that she had a one night stand after Emily sent her away the first time. But she is sure that this baby is Jack’s. Emily then asks her which lab she is using for the test as she knows Amanda has come to her to change the test results. But Emily too needs a favor from her.

At the recovery center, Daniel threatens to sue Thomas for keeping his sister in the center under false pretense. He knows about the scam his father and he are running and he says that he will bring them down. He then goes to take Charlotte; but she doesn’t believe as he is late and Conrad now has Charlotte’s inheritance (he doctor claimed that she is mentally incompetent). She thinks that Daniel is trying to act like a hero after she has lost everything. Emily arrives and Charlotte rides home back with her. She wants Emily to take her to her mother. Ashley tells Conrad that Daniel was going through his finances in the morning and he did have certain doubts. He asks her to keep Daniel away from the investor’s meeting.

Declan is trying to fix the pipe in the bar but water gushes out from the crack. Jack and Amanda arrive. Amanda then gets a message from Emily and she leaves. Jack tells Declan about the paternity test. He tells Jack that if the baby is his it is great else, they don’t need an extra burden when their world is falling apart. Next, Emily tells Charlotte that she could stay with her. But she tells her that she and Victoria are leaving the country; but now since her father has drained her bank accounts, she doesn’t know what they are going to do. Emily then takes Charlotte to meet Amanda. Charlotte is happy to learn that her sister is back and that she is pregnant.

Charlotte then arrives at Victoria’s hideout. She tells her that Conrad drained everything by claiming that she is mentally incompetent. She says that she wants to stay as Amanda is pregnant. She has brought her things that she can sell for cash. But Victoria is still upset. She then tells Charlotte that her plan was to leave Charlotte behind as she needed someone to access the accounts. Charlotte calls her a monster and leaves. But somehow Emily isn’t convinced. Padma arrives at the beach house to meet Nolan. Nolan tells her that they could discuss about hiring a CFO once he puts his pants on. Daniel interrupts the investor’s meeting and confronts him in the hall about what he did to Charlotte. Conrad tells him that it is Daniel’s fault as he did not give him his inheritance; in that way he wouldn’t have had to touch Charlotte’s money.

After Daniel leaves, Victoria calls Conrad and tells him to do as she says or else she would haunt him all his life. Next, Conrad arrives at Victoria’s hideout. She tells him that whatever happens here on would stay between them. She then asks him to hit her. With pleasure! Padma is trying to convince Nolan for hiring a CFO and he decides to hire her for the post. Jack is waiting for Amanda with the results. She opens it and is relieved to see that the results show that Jack is the father. She then calls Emily to know if the baby is really Jack’s. But Emily tells her that she wished she could tell her the same. Charlotte is packing to leave to stay with Emily.

Daniel arrives and tells her that he has opened up an account for her which Conrad cannot touch and transferred his inheritance to her. She can even have the house and his car if she wants. He will move to the pool house. She is ready to stay. Next, the white haired man arrives at the hideout. He finds Victoria cuffed and beaten up. She tells him that he did it. She tells him to run as Conrad and the cops are about to show up. He leaves. Conrad and the cops find her. Emily arrives home and finds that Nolan isn’t home. She sees what happened at Victoria’s hideout and is shocked. Next, Daniel is shocked when he sees Conrad and Victoria walk in with the cops.

Conrad tells him that his mother was abducted and Charlotte’s inheritance was for ransom and he didn’t tell him as saving Charlotte’s life was his top priority. Charlotte tells Victoria that she has told Emily everything and she asks her to bring Emily to her immediately. Next, Trey arrives to meet Declan and asks him to hold on to some of his step mother’s jewelry that he stole. He is ready to give him $500. Declan takes it. Emily arrives at the Grayson mansion. Charlotte hopes that she can trust her and tells her that she needs her mother. She has a quick word with Victoria and leaves. Emily then gets a call from the white haired man and he tells her that she has got something that he needs.

Emily tells him that the Graysons are going to frame him for this whole thing. He knows where to find her. Emily arrives home and Nolan tries to defend himself. Emily says that he needs to have his own life and own place. She also tells him that she told Amanda that she fixed the results; so, she lied and Jack is really the father! She tells him that she needs the place to herself tonight. And we see why. The white haired man is at her place. She tells him that she could give him the tapes that would exonerate him. But in return she wants to know if the Graysons hire him to kill her as he killed her mother.

He tells Emily that her mother’s testimony would have brought down everything. Daniel had told her that he was going to marry Victoria. Cut to flashback where Victoria goes to meet Emily’s mother at the hospital. She tells Kara that David is a terrorist and she introduces the white haired man to her as a federal agent who would keep her safe. The plan was to kill her, but the man tells Emily that he didn’t follow orders. He then attacks her. But Aiden shoots him from behind. The episode ends.