The First Chapter - Recap

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The episode begins with Nolan’s voiceover telling us the story of the real Amanda Clarke; a little girl who was raised by a loving father David Clarke. David went to work for Grayson Global run by Conrad Grayson and his wife, Victoria Grayson was the queen of the Hampton society and David lived in a beach house next to the Grayson mansion. Victoria and David got into an affair and planned to run away together. But everything changed when Conrad’s ties to a terrorist group were in danger of being exposed. Victoria decided to protect her family and they both framed David for the crime. David was convicted and Amanda spent her childhood in foster homes and dreary institutions.

Years later, Nolan meets Amanda and he tells her about her father’s death. He tells her that her father was his mentor. He hands over David’s journals to Amanda so that she would know the whole truth and also forgive those who conspired against him. Well, instead of forgiving, Amanda planned a road map for revenge. She began with swapping identities with her roommate in prison; Emily Thorne. Amanda returned to the Hamptons as Emily Thorne. She then moved into the Hampton’s circle and began eliminating the people who destroyed her family. The first to go down was Lydia Davis; Victoria’s best friend and Conrad’s secret girlfriend. She had falsely testified against David.

Emily set a perfect stage where she exposed Lydia’s secret affair with Conrad and Victoria forced Lydia to leave the Hamptons. She then laid eyes on Daniel; an easy prey and her way into the Grayson’s inner circle. But we all learn that Emily still has feelings for a guy from her past, Jack Porter and his dog, Sam. Jack and his brother Declan owned a bar named Stowaway. Declan began an affair with Charlotte Grayson. Emily kept her emotions in check but Jack confesses about his feelings to her. Victoria has Frank follow Emily and he tracks down Emily’s roommate from juvi; the real Emily Thorne. But she kills Frank. Amanda arrives at the Hamptons and Emily is shocked to see her. Amanda tells Emily that Frank figured out that they swapped identities and so she killed him.

Amanda started creating trouble by hitting on Jack. Our fake Amanda took full advantage of Jack’s feelings for the actual Amanda. And they started seeing each other. Another meddlesome character, Tyler, Daniel’s Harvard roommate, enters their lives to complicate things. He was eyeing for a position in Grayson Global. Emily sensed something wasn’t right and so Nolan did some digging. He finds out that Tyler is gay and a bit of a con man. Now these ex-roommates were raising hell for Emily and she tells her mentor, Takeda, that she is losing control. She then decides to get married to Daniel.

Around the same time, a writer named Treadwell makes an appearance and Emily stole some tapes from his house. The tapes were the recorded conversations he had with David. She then torched his house. Emily then told Amanda the truth about her revenge and Amanda left. Emily then learned some shocking things from those stolen tapes. Charlotte is David’s daughter. Emily sent Conrad this recording. At the engagement party, Tyler arrived at the beach where Daniel was spending an alone moment. He had learned the truth about Emily and Daniel shot him. Just then Takeda showed up and finished Tyler off. But Daniel was the last man standing on the beach with blood on his tux and he was arrested for Tyler’s murder.

Brooks, Daniel’s lawyer, was in a damage control mode and so he set up a theory which suggested that there was a third person on the beach. A hunt began for a man in a hoodie and it turned out to be Jack Porter. But Declan tells Treadwell that he was on the beach with Charlotte and there was no one on the beach. Charlotte was on pain killers and she had alcohol with it. She didn’t know what she saw. So now that hooded man theory is shredded. And so was Daniel’s fate. But Victoria tried one last thing for her son. One of the jury members was likely to convict Daniel and so Victoria hired a goon to kidnap the member’s kid. And Emily devised a plan to get the heat off Jack.

She set up the goon for Tyler’s murder and he threatens Victoria. The goon is then found dead in his cell; he hung himself. Another David Clarke situation! With this incident, Emily realized that the Graysons murdered her father. Charlotte was in a bit of a funk and she began digging about her biological father. She found a picture odd avid in prison and there was a date written behind it; the day David died. Charlotte hands this to Emily and wonders how her mother got this picture. Charlotte was on a downward spiral and Victoria made a move; straight to the Feds. She was ready to become an informant in exchange of full immunity. Agent McGowan raided Grayson Global.

Daniel realized that the Graysons got Lee Moran (the goon) killed and that the suicide note was a fake. Emily thought that after leaning the truth about Lee and David Clarke, Daniel would tell the cameras the truth; but it turned out otherwise. Daniel supported his father. Emily went back to her research. In the tapes from the Treadwell archives, Emily saw a familiar face; the man who was in the picture that Charlotte gave her; a white haired man. So she put Nolan of “whitey’s “surveillance duty. Nolan didn’t want to risk Emily taking on whitey without knowing anything about him. So Nolan disguised a camera in the cable box and whitey got suspicious. On the other hand, Victoria was getting frustrated with the Feds. Sam passed away. Jack is at Emily’s house and they kiss each other and Ashley saw it.

After a round of family feud, Victoria had to answer to Daniel. Victoria couldn’t stand to lose her son and she returned the evidence that she stole to Daniel. Emily has been listening in to the conversation. Meanwhile, the whitey got hold of Nolan as he found out that he wasn’t a cable guy. The next day, Emily pretended that a man broke into their house and took something and Daniel understood that the evidence was taken. Emily then went to Nolan’s house to hide the evidence. She found out that whitey had taken Nolan. She called him and told him that she was Amanda Clarke. She then met him and told him that she had evidence that Conrad would use to implicate him. Whitey took her to Nolan and after whitey went looking for the evidence; Emily freed the both of them.

She then asked Nolan to deliver the evidence to the Feds. And it was delivered. The Agent told Victoria that Conrad ordered David Clarke’s murder and that was news to her! Victoria then convinced Lydia to testify with her. Conrad tried his best to convince Victoria against testifying. If she boarded that plane to DC that would be the last thing she would be doing. So be it; see you in hell! Victoria left. Emily got into a fight with Whitey but she remembered her promise she made to her father and she let him go. But when she returned home, Daniel was there and he confronted her about Jack. Emily admitted to kissing Jack and she returned the engagement ring to Daniel. She then went to the bar to meet Jack; to tell him everything. But there she saw a pregnant Amanda come out of the room. Her plans were shattered.

On the other hand, Whitey tampered the plane that Victoria and Lydia took to DC. The plane exploded and there were no survivors. Emily was upset that all evidence was gone. But Nolan had made a back up. When she saw the evidence, she got another shock; she learned that her mother is alive! Cut to the present, Emily starts her new chapter. Eager to learn about the Graysons’ connections to her “supposedly” dead mother, she arrives to pay tribute to Victoria; a year has passed and things have changed. Ashley and Daniel are together. Charlotte says that she is clean but there is some bad news; her blood reports say otherwise. As she is begin taken away, she runs to Emily and says something in her ear. The episode ends.