Forgiveness - Recap

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The episode begins in the flashback, where David saves a drowning Amanda and yells at Kara asking her to stay off. Cut to the present, Emily wakes up next to Aiden and she tells him that she knows why her father lied to her; he wanted to protect her. Aiden tells her that the both shared the same protective instincts towards her. He then tells her that Gordon Murphy was not only her mother’s savior; but he was Kara’s husband as well. He wants to help Emily with her revenge. He asks Aiden to get into Grayson Global by acting as Takeda’s proxy. Next, Kara arrives to meet Victoria and she hugs her. She is glad that Victoria is safe. She then asks Victoria about Gordon’s whereabouts but Victoria tells her that she doesn’t know anything.

Kara tells her that Gordon saved her and taught her how to stay off the grid. And then he disappeared for twenty years. Kara is thankful to Victoria as she brought Amanda into her family in such a public way; else she wouldn’t have ever found her. Aiden meets Conrad. He tells him that Takeda is unsure about the management of his funds and Conrad sets him up with Daniel and asks Daniel to ensure that he delivers the transparency that was promised to Takeda. Just then Victoria calls with the news about Kara. Conrad asks Victoria to get rid of her and Victoria has asked Kara to stay for lunch. She tells him that she could be the source from where Amanda got the journals and the log sheet. She asks him to come home.

At the bar, Kenny arrives to meet Declan. He gives Declan a card of the crew that could fix the problem of the bar in half the price and twice the speed. He wants to help so that he can have his money back sooner. Nolan arrives at the hospital to meet jack and he is happy to see little Carl. But his smile disappears when he learns that Kara is back. Daniel is with Aiden when Ashley arrives and tells him that someone is looking for David Clarke’s employment contract. She suggests that a meeting would be prudent. Aiden suddenly shows interest in Grayson Global’s historic associations. Later, Aiden calls Emily with the recent update and he thinks it is Kara. He thinks that Kara is at the mansion as Conrad got a call from Victoria and he looked a little off.

Nolan arrives to meet Emily. He is upset that he isn’t aware of Kara’s emergence. He then tells Emily that she should at least check her messages and tells her about his father’s death. Emily is sorry and feels that she should have been there for him. She tells him that Kara thinks that Amanda is her daughter; good for the revenge and sad for her! They switch on the laptop and are shocked to see that Kara is at the Graysons’ having lunch with Conrad and Victoria. Jack calls and tells Emily that Amanda is out of coma. Emily looks worried as Amanda is not safe till the time Kara is around. Emily arrives at the hospital and is a little sad when she sees Jack with his family. Cut to the flash back where little Amanda wakes up in the hospital and asks about her mother.

David tells her that her mother was sick and she is dead. In the present, Emily tells Jack that Amanda and Carl can stay with her until the bar opens. Jack is thankful. She asks him to go home and change. Emily apologizes to Amanda for putting her in that situation. She tells her that Kara is back. at the mansion, Kara learns from Charlotte that Amanda is awake. Charlotte is surprised to see Kara and is happy that her mother let Kara stay with them; she feels that Victoria has changed. Kara goes to the hospital. Jack arrives at the bar and Declan gives him the card that Kenny gave him. Jack decides to give the guy a call. Next, Padma arrives at Grayson Global and meets Daniel. She wants to make sure that David wasn’t involved in Nolcorp’s finances.

Aiden is listening into their conversation. She wants to make sure that years ago when Nolcorp invested in Grayson Global, David wasn’t associated with the company as she doesn’t want a terrorist handling the company’s finance. Daniel tells her he will look into it. Ashley is relieved to hear this. But Daniel isn’t as he tells her that Tyler approached Nolcorp for the first time last year; this means they haven’t invested with them before. At the hospital, Kara meets Emily and Emily tells her that she is Carl’s godmother. They begin talking about Amanda when Mason Treadwell arrives. He is glad to be introduced to Kara Clarke. Treadwell tells Kara he is looking onto the truth of Amanda’s acceptance into the family.

And Kara’s arrival is a revelation. Amanda arrives and Treadwell helps her out of the wheel chair. He stares at her back. Emily tells Kara that they should leave and that since Amanda is staying with her, she could visit them at her place. Kara is upset that Amanda didn’t recognize her. Nolan finds the framed check from David on the table and asks Padma what she did with it. Padma tells him that she didn’t do anything. He then tells her that he will take her for breakfast and since it is only ten in the night, they have some time to kill. At the bar, Ashley tells Aiden that Emily and Daniel were engaged and she cheated on him. Aiden is glad that she did.

Aiden is at Emily’s place and he tells her that the inquiry about her father’s employment came from Padma. She tells him that this could be bad for Nolan. Just then Gordon’s phone rings and Aiden is pissed. Emily warns him from taking the call. He leaves. Emily calls Nolan and tells him that Padma was inquiring about her father’s investment in his company. Nolan is shocked but doesn’t say anything to Padma. At home, Emily tells Amanda that she needs to make Kara leave and tells her how Kara tried to kill her when she was five. It is the best for Carl. Amanda agrees. Aiden arrives to meet Daniel and tells him that he knows about the Nolcorp request.

He tells him that it is possible that Nolan came to David for start-up money and David would have given him from his personal account. If this is the case, then it means that Grayson Global still has a control over Nolcorp and if this is proven then Aiden gets a seat in the board and Daniel gets to sit behind his father’s desk. Kara arrives to meet Amanda. She tells Amanda that she was very sick and wasn’t in control of her actions. So, she and David decided to tell little Amanda that her mother died. Amanda tells Kara that she forgives her. Emily is in tears. Kenny tells Jack that he wants to buy the bar. He will forget the debt. Victoria tells Conrad that she found Kara’s phone in her room and it has Gordon’s number on it.

She fears that if their secrets surface, the Initiative will come after them. Conrad asks Victoria to marry him so that they can never testify against each other in court. Next, Emily tells Amanda that Jack is Carl’s father ad that she lied to her because she wanted to make sure that she is on her side. Amanda tells her that they should tell Jack the truth as he deserves to know it. Emily feels that if jack knows the truth now, it will only break his heart. Next, Emily is standing on the beach and Kara arrives.

Kara wants to know if Amanda really forgives her and she says that she thinks so. Treadwell meets Amanda. He knows that the real Amanda Clarke suffered from burn injuries at one of the foster care and he saw no marks on her back at the hospital. Amanda tells him that she had it removed. He tells her that she might be many things to many people; but she is definitely not David and Kara’s daughter. The episode ends.