Illusion - Recap

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The episode begins with the Graysons preparing for the wedding. Aiden manages to get himself invited for the wedding. Emily is coaching Amanda to face mason Treadwell’s questions about her scars. Amanda wonders what if he doesn’t but their story and starts digging deeper. Emily thinks that by the end of this weekend, Mason’s attention will be focused on the Graysons. Victoria is looking at David’s photo in the prison and Kara arrives. Kara tells her that she is lucky to have a second chance at love. Victoria asks her if she is coming to the wedding and she tells her that she is spending the weekend with Carl and Amanda.

Kara then brings up Murphy’s topic and asked her as to what did they talk about when she was in captivity. Victoria tells her that Murphy tortured her and was evil Kara remembers Murphy telling her that he loves her. Victoria calls Murphy a coward and Kara thinks in that case it might be safe for him to go. Victoria thinks Kara should stay with them till the time they conform that they will never hear from Murphy again. Emily calls Aiden and asks for the gun he used to kill Murphy. He wants her to accompany him to the wedding. She tells him to meet her at an address. He knows that she is up to something and she tells him that she is taking a long term plan off, ice; she unzips the bag that holds Murphy’s dead body.

At home, Daniel tells Ashley that legal doesn’t have the copy of David’s contract; the government took it. Ashley thinks that Aiden’s theory is crazy and Daniel says that he must have found out about his CFO’s investigation and must have put an end to it. Ashley suggests that they should invite Nolan to the wedding as he is medically incapable of keeping himself away from a good party. Emily is watching them as they speak. Next, Jack tells Amanda that he is going to prove that he can have it all; a good marriage, and a good life. Just then Declan calls him and he goes to check on what is happening. He sees that Kenny is having trouble with jack’s liquor guy as Kenny feels that his prices are too high.

The guy then tells Jack that is father will be ashamed of them and he hopes that he knows who he is getting into business with. Kara is painting by the sea side and Emily walks up to her. Kara asks Emily about her breakup with Daniel. She tells Kara that Victoria didn’t want their relationship to work and it didn’t! Kara says that the Graysons will get what’s coming for them. Next, Amanda tells Mason the story of her scars. He then asks her why she is still living in the shadows of those who destroyed her. She tells him that she met Jack and that she didn’t want to jeopardize her family. She feels that someone else will pick up the torch against the Graysons. She quickly brings up Murphy’s topic and the fake kidnapping.

Mason tells her that he will be more than happy to pick up her torch and set the Graysons ablaze. At the mansion, Conrad complains that one of his cufflinks is missing. Charlotte gifts her mother a pendant that she had gifted her on the 16th birthday. She then tells her that she is not going to the wedding which is another PR stunt. She says that she is going to the Stowaway to help Declan as the bar is reopening. Next, Emily tells Nolan that he is invited to the wedding by Daniel as he is trying to dig deeper about her father’s investment in Nolcorp. Nolan says that he will find it out for himself. Mason calls Nolan and wants him to track a number (the one that Amanda gave him as a part of Emily’s plan). Nolan agrees and this is the beginning of the end of Mason Treadwell!

Aiden and Emily arrive at the wedding. Daniel is surprised to know that Emily knew Aiden and Aiden hopes that their breakup was amicable. Kara walks into Victoria’s room and finds David’s photo but the other half seems to be torn away. Mason knocks on a trailer door and calls out to Murphy. But on receiving no response, he opens the door and there is an awful stench. And also finds one of Conrad’s cufflink. Before the ceremony, Conrad gifts Victoria a gun- just in case he isn’t able to protect her, she can protect herself. Mason calls Victoria and we see cops storming into the mansion. Nolan arrives with Padma and Victoria walks down the aisle. After the ceremony, Conrad and Victoria are on the dance floor and Victoria says she wants to wake up in the house as a family.

On the other hand, the cops are searching the house. The Stowaway is now open and Jack gives a short speech and raises a toast to Kenny. Daniel takes his turn to dance with Victoria and she tells him that it is very important to him now that he proves himself worthy as Conrad’s successor. The cops find the gun in Conrad’s car. Next, Daniel talks to Padma and Aiden, Emily and Nolan see that. Emily interrupts their conversation and Daniel asks her to dance with him. He wonders what it would have been like if they were still together. Ashley and Aiden join them on the floor. Just then the cops arrive and arrest Conrad. Nolan then confronts Padma and asks her how far she is willing to go to protect “us”.

The news of Conrad’s arrest is all over the media and Charlotte arrives home to check what is going on. Kara is shocked when she watches the news. Mason confronts Victoria with the fake kidnapping story. Daniel knows that Victoria knew about Conrad’s arrest hours before. Mason talks about exposing the kidnapping story and also mentions Daniel’s relationship with Emily. But Victoria says that Emily is nothing more but a juvi girl who cleaned up very well. That gets his attention. Helen from the Initiative meets Conrad in prison. She tells him that they shall move forward and this time he wouldn’t know about the plane just like he didn’t the last time. Oh no!

This means he has a choice to make and she asks him if they can count on his services. Aiden talks to Daniel. He then asks Emily if really Ashley was as easy as she thought she was. Declan comes to meet Charlotte and they are back together. Kara arrives to meet Victoria. Victoria sees a sense of loss in her eyes instead of relief. On the boat, Jack proposes to Amanda and she says a yes. Next, at night, Victoria hears some noise and she pulls out her gun. But it is Conrad! He was released by the Initiative. What did he promise this time? He says that he will know that only after the ‘job’ is done.

At the beach house, Aiden tells Emily that the Initiative is pulling strings for Conrad. He then brings up her dance with Daniel. He then tries to tell her that he has changed and tries to kiss her. But she says that he needs to leave. He says that he will leave but he is not giving up on her. We then see how Emily plans the whole thing. Mason tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. He ends up with the final pieces; Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke. The episode ends.